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How to Clean Your Business’s Tinted Windows
Posted on Thursday, December 10th 2020

How do I clean my business’s tinted windows? I've tried everything, but they're not coming clean. I need some expert advice. Certain aspects of running a business can often be overlooked. Beyond the obvious bottom line, one of those underrated factors is a clean and welcoming workspace. Much like the boost a home can get from improved curb appeal, keeping an impressive workplace can charm any visiting clients while also raising the level of employee satisfaction.

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The Best Way to Clean Window Screens
Posted on Wednesday, November 11th 2020

When taking the time to clean your windows, it’s (usually) not because you enjoy doing intensive work for the sake of doing intensive work! It’s because you want your house to offer as much curb appeal as possible and to allow the light to grace the home inside.

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How to Clean a Chandelier: DIY or Hire a Pro?
Posted on Friday, October 2nd 2020

Everyone wants to impress when welcoming visitors into their home. It’s no secret that one of the grandest and brightest statement pieces in many houses is the chandelier. But in order to truly shine, chandeliers must be cared for in a way that differentiates them from other pieces in the house.

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Window Washing Tools: 6 Tools You Need for Spotless Windows
Posted on Wednesday, August 12th 2020

Cleaning windows is not an easy task. It is a big job, especially if you have a two-story home. In order to get good results, you have to have the right tools. Professional window cleaners have a lot of tools in their arsenal to get those panes perfectly clean.

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Removing Water Spots on Windows: How to Fix & Prevent Spotting
Posted on Wednesday, August 12th 2020

Water, water, everywhere, but not every drop is the same. In many areas of the country, hard water is the norm. This is simply water that has a high mineral content — mainly magnesium and calcium. This type of water is filtered and treated to make it drinkable and potable, but the softening process doesn’t remove all traces of the minerals.

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Window Screen Cleaning: Safely and Effectively Clean Your Screens
Posted on Thursday, July 23rd 2020

Many people think cleaning windows is a tedious task. Wait until you try and clean the screens! Window screen cleaning is a project many people put off as long as possible, if they even tackle it at all. Keep in mind, this is not an inside job. We recommend taking down all the screens and taking them outside.

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ABCs of Spring Cleaning
Posted on Wednesday, May 27th 2020

It's not too late to do some spring cleaning! Cleaning may not be everyone's favorite task but Jamie Hitmar, owner of Fish Window Cleaning in Durham, NC, shares some tips to make it go smoothly and make it a little more fun for the whole family. Need help with your spring cleaning? Of course we can check window cleaning off your to-do list but did you know that we also clean gutters, chandeliers and outdoor light fixtures, mirrors, ceiling fans, skylights, and more? Let us help make your spring cleaning easy!

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