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How to Clean Your Business’s Tinted Windows
Posted on Thursday, December 10th 2020

How do I clean my business’s tinted windows? I've tried everything, but they're not coming clean. I need some expert advice.

Tinted WindowsCertain aspects of running a business can often be overlooked. Beyond the obvious bottom line, one of those underrated factors is a clean and welcoming workspace. Much like the boost a home can get from improved curb appeal, keeping an impressive workplace can charm any visiting clients while also raising the level of employee satisfaction.

Many businesses can benefit from regular cleaning, but that goes beyond the clutter on employee desks and bathroom messes. Tinted windows can also be cost effective thanks to reduced energy costs over time, meaning maintaining and cleaning tinted windows is a financial decision as much as an aesthetic one! Cleaning tinted windows can go a long way towards brightening a workplace and allowing for that welcoming environment so many businesses are after.

Let’s break down the ways you can get this job done yourself, or whether it’s in your best interest to have the experts take care of it.

Size of the Job

The first consideration when deciding on your ability to take on a window cleaning project is simply the size and scale of the task in front of you. Many businesses require more space — meaning more or larger windows to clean – than the average home.

But not all businesses, particularly on the smaller side, have these larger spaces. If cleaning your business’s windows appears to be a manageable task, it may well be worth saving the money and using some of your own time and effort.

For those wanting to attack this chore head-on, here is what to keep in mind!

Tips for DIYers

There are a few easy but important tips specific to cleaning tinted windows.

It is particularly important to protect the film that creates the tint, meaning the process is just a bit different than your everyday window cleaning.

To start, avoid cleaning tinted windows with strong or abrasive solutions. A simple, gentler mixture such as water and dish soap can get the job done — erasing much of the common buildup without compromising the window film.

There are also subtle differences between the tools you should use on tinted windows and those that would be necessary for your everyday window cleaning chores at home. Instead of using paper towels or other rougher cleaning supplies, a squeegee and a lint-free cloth would be the best way to avoid streaks and any film damage.

Fish Window Cleaning Commercial Business WindowsCall the Pros

While certain tinted window cleaning projects can easily be handled personally, there are always reasons to consider hiring professionals to take care of it.

The most likely reason is, of course, time and effort. You’re running a business and need to have your focus on dozens of other tasks. It’s likely that chores such as window cleaning would be among the first things to drop off the to-do list! Tinted windows can also be easily damaged so leaving it to the pros is often best.

For larger workplaces with multiple floors, the danger of heights can make professional help an imperative.

Whether your business falls into either category, Fish Window Cleaning offers several professional services, including tinted windows. Contact FISH today by visiting www.fishwindowcleaning.com or by calling 1-877-707-FISH (3474).