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Cleaning Windows in the Winter: 6 Useful Tips
Posted on Wednesday, December 13th 2023


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Cleaning Windows in the Winter: 6 Useful Tips

Cleaning windows in cold temperatures is never fun, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. At Fish Window Cleaning, we’re used to working in cooler temps because our commercial clientele requires window cleaning year-round, so we have a good process in place for winter window cleaning. For homeowners looking to pull off this task themselves, let’s see what we can offer you in terms of advice.

6 Tips for Cleaning Windows in the Winter or Colder Months

Ideally, you’ll want to have your windows cleaned in above-freezing temperatures. It’s certainly easier and more comfortable. However, if you are cleaning windows in the winter, here are some tips we follow at Fish Window Cleaning as our best practices.
  1. Clean in small sections. Given that the water can freeze more easily, clean your windows in smaller sections. This applies especially to larger windows, but it’s a good practice for all sizes of windows. This helps ensure you can dry the section quickly to prevent streaking.
  2. Have extra towels on hand. Be sure to have extra towels on hand in order to dry the windows quickly.
  3. Prepare for the outdoors. Be extra vigilant in preparing to clean the windows. Ensure your ladder is firmly positioned and the rungs have no ice build-up on them.
  4. Dress accordingly. Wear gloves to prevent your hands from becoming too cold as you’re in and out of the window cleaning solution. This is probably the most uncomfortable part of winter window washing; cold hands are not fun when you’re outside in freezing temperatures.
  5. Try to Plan the Timing. If possible, try to plan to clean the windows during the warmest part of the day. This is usually late morning to early afternoon but check your forecast to see what might give you the warmest possible time.
Cleaning windows in the winter is not a fun task when you’re not in the business of professional window cleaning. These tips are our best suggestions for trying to do this project yourself, but we do recommend that you leave cold-weather window cleaning to the professionals.

Know When to Call the Professionals

If you’re not able to get a streak-free finish or you’re nervous about falling, please call a professional window cleaning service. Injuries can happen at the best of temperatures. When you’re uncomfortable, carrying extra supplies, and wearing extra clothes, it’s easier for accidents to happen.

Fish Window Cleaning offers free quotes, even in cold-weather situations. It’s worth knowing what you’re trading your free time to do when compared to the cost of hiring a professional service.

Fish Window Cleaning Can Help

Fish Window Cleaning has been in the residential and commercial window cleaning business for more than four decades. Between our nearly 300 franchisees, we have cleaned every type of window you can imagine, and we have solutions for all situations, including cold weather.

Contact us for a free estimate or to book a window cleaning today.

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