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Storm Window Cleaning: Here's the Best Way to Do It
Posted on Monday, February 13th 2023


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Storm windows can be aesthetically pleasing and provide better energy efficiency to your home; however, cleaning them is often a difficult task. It is advisable that you have professionals clean these types of windows as they are tricky to manipulate effectively.
If you decide to pursue the cleaning yourself, we have some tips to help you. Read them fully before you begin so you can have the proper tools available and understand the steps that will provide you with the best results.


What type of storm windows do you have?

There are different types of storm windows and knowing which one you have will make your storm window cleaning process easier to accomplish.


Aluminum window frames

Aluminum or vinyl windows will have thinner panes of glass that are held in place with metal or plastic tabs. This type of window can be found inside or outside the home and you turn the tabs to remove the window. Be very careful removing these windows as the thin glass can easily break.

Some aluminum windows will have a sliding track which indicates they must be removed from the inside. The track is spring-loaded to allow you to pull the window out - bottom first, top second. Label the pieces so you know how they go back in place.

Wood window frames

Wood-framed windows will have thicker glass which is held in place with sturdier snaps or screws. Most often, the thicker glass will be found on the outside of the home because it is sturdier. However, that means it is also heavier. Often, wood windows are impossible to remove without the help of a professional.

Removing storm windows

Before cleaning storm windows, you need to remove them. To get started you need a few things:
  • • Utility knife
  • • Putty knife
  • • Flat head screwdriver
  • • Heavy gloves, such as leather
  • • Goggles
  • • Long sleeve shirt
  • • Tape and marker to label the panes of glass
Here are some tips to do that safely and to ensure the best way to clean storm windows.
  1. As you remove the windows, label each one so you know where to replace them.
  2. As you remove the windows, if there are any chips or cracks, take note. You will need to fix them before cleaning them.
  3. Sweep the windows and frames with a broom or bristled brush to remove any dirt and debris.
  4. Using a utility knife, score the painted surfaces to loosen the windows. Wooden frames can warp or swell so you may need to pry the glass out with a putty knife or screwdriver. Be sure to hold the window in place.
  5. For indoor storm windows, turn the tabs to loosen the window.
  6. For sliding aluminum windows, remove each pane of glass one at a time.
  7. When the window opens, the spring-loaded track will detach so you can remove the screen.
  8. Lean the windows against a flat wall.

Storm Window Cleaning: The Steps

While you can clean storm windows without removing them, you will have better results with both energy efficiency and aesthetics if you remove the windows to clean them.

For this step, you will need a bucket of warm water and mild soap, a rag to do the cleaning, a squeegee and some microfiber cloths for drying the windows.
  1. Using a towel or mop, give each window a thorough cleaning with the warm water and mild detergent solution.
  2. For difficult spots, apply pressure carefully to scrub the spots.
  3. Squeegee each window to remove the soapy solution and dry it completely with a microfiber cloth. The windows must be completely dry to prevent fogging.
  4. Once dry, the windows can carefully be replaced.

You should perform storm window cleaning at least once a year and preferably in the spring and fall seasons.

Fish Window Cleaning: For All Your Window Cleaning Needs

Storm windows are always a challenge. Thin glass can chip, scratch, and even break easily. Thick glass can be heavy and difficult to handle without help. When we clean storm windows, we also look for cracks in the seals and frames so any repairs can be addressed before the windows are put back in place which helps with energy efficiency and prevents moisture from getting inside the glass. Storm windows are part of our window washing services.

Window cleaning is not everyone's favorite task. Call us for an estimate on having your windows cleaned, and we can create a schedule for your cleaning so you don't have to do it. We are the world's largest window cleaning company and we would love to have you as a customer.

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