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Cleaning Tinted Windows: What to Use & When to Hire a Pro
Posted on Thursday, April 15th 2021

Cleaning Tinted Windows: What to Use & When to Hire a Pro

Three Tinted Windows on HomeEvery home and every office building are different. That means they have different uses, and therefore need to have some different features.

There are various reasons many home and business owners opt for tinted windows. But while this option provides several benefits to homes, offices, and especially cars, window tinting does alter the cleaning methods many do-it-yourself cleaners are used to performing. Of course, it’s important to learn those differences in order to protect the film of the window tinting you paid for so that you reap those benefits for as long as possible.

Here is a short guide to explain how to, and maybe more importantly, how not to properly care for tinted windows so that you get the most out of them!

What NOT to Use

Let’s begin with some of the mistakes DIY window cleaners often make with cleaning window tinting. The filters that keep out UV light and provide that protective shade are vulnerable to several common cleaning methods, meaning mistakes are common.

First is the equipment used.

Commercial Windows with Reflective Tint FilmSome DIYers also use razor blades to chip away at tough smudges and grime. Not only should you avoid using blades on any tinted windows, but you should also keep away from squeegees that have sharper edges. That way you can prevent any scratching or peeling of the film.

In addition to equipment mishaps, the solutions you use can also cause some damage.

There are many at-home cleaning solutions made with aggressive chemicals such as ammonia. That’s what contributes to the strong smell you encounter when cleaning inside! In addition to the harsh reaction those chemicals have on your nose, they have a harsh result on window tinting as well. Solutions with those rough chemicals could lead to the deterioration of the film that tints the windows, making them more likely to crack or scratch and reducing the effectiveness that you’re paying for when you buy window tinting. Essentially, the wrong cleaning solutions are exacerbating some smaller mishaps like the various equipment choices listed above.

What to Use

Fortunately, there are some fairly straightforward ways to get the job done if you prefer doing things yourself.

Starting with the cleaner itself, opt for products that have a milder set of ingredients. Specifically, look for products that are free of ammonia and other harsh chemicals. If you can’t find them, you can use a simple solution of distilled water with a mild dish soap. Vinegar is also a useful ingredient to add to your homemade cleaning solution.

In addition to using the correct solutions or cleaning products, remember the equipment that you plan to use for cleaning and drying your windows. When cleaning tinted windows, try to use a soft-edged squeegee or a soft sponge rather than any blades or sharp-edged squeegees. When you attempt to dry the windows, use a microfiber cloth.

If you are able to remember the correct steps and techniques for cleaning tinted windows, you should be able to avoid those costly mistakes. Though there is another way to ensure your windows and the film you paid for are protected.

Should I Hire a Professional?

Fish Window Cleaning Van and Cleaner Cleaning Storefont WindowsWhile the safest ways to clean windows with tinting on them may seem simple, it is also extremely easy to make mistakes that can damage the tinting and cost you down the line. Many of the methods used in more general window cleaning won’t apply to the specific needs involved in window tinting, and for some everyday window cleaners just trying to finish their tasks around the home or the office, that may be a little too much to handle.

For those who don’t have the time or the confidence to take on the task of cleaning tinted windows, there is always the option of outsourcing the job to professionals. Though paying for window cleaning services may not be your first choice, it may be the right one.

Professionals have proven experience working with tinted windows. That experience and skill not only saves you money by preventing harmful errors and damages but saves you the time and headache of window cleaning in the first place.

Additionally, professional window cleaners not only have the correct equipment and cleaning solutions but also have the safety knowledge necessary for these jobs. Ladder safety is a common issue for amateur window cleaners, so the cost of a professional window cleaner is often worth the peace of mind in avoiding long-term cost, stress, and dangers.

Hire Fish Window Cleaning

Whether you own a home or a business, it is important that your space looks the way you want it to and that you are able to use that space the way you need to use it. Fish Window Cleaning has been servicing residential and commercial customers around the nation for decades, helping them achieve those exact goals. That long history has introduced a variety of experiences and areas of expertise — including cleaning and protecting tinted windows.

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