Owner: Vinnie Byrnes, Joe Cullen, & Chris Eberhart

Serving: Lansing, MI

We're located at:

1020 Long Blvd, Lansing MI 48911-6859

Residential Customer Testimonials

“Great job and fast, too!”
   - Suzanne L.
“We are very happy with our guy, Joe. On time, efficient. Handled complicated large windows well.”
   - Janice M.
“I'm always pleased with Joe's work!”
   - Carol M.
“Adam was great! He was professional, knowledgeable, informative, and friendly. He pointed out a few things that are in need of our attention. Thank very much.”
   - Kate H.
“Service included Sunbrella awnings, which had not been cleaned since they were installed more than 10 years ago. They look new!!”
   - Richard C.
“Excellent work. Will be calling you next year!”
   - Sarah R.
“We were very pleased with the quality of the work, the professional and courteous workers, and the price.”
   - Louis P.
“Dave has been here before, and as always, his work is outstanding. I have recommended FISH and will continue to do so. Everything from the office communication to the on-site cleaning is just excellent!”
   - Jackie M.
“Very courteous young man.”
   - Joel V.
“Prompt, efficient, and courteous.”
   - Fred S.
“Dane did a nice job of cleaning & explaining his process & the calcium on some of the glass.”
   - Felix E.
“Dane did an excellent job. He is pleasant and professional. This is our third service from FISH. I have recommended your company to a friend.”
   - Sandy S.
“Bob did a very good job on our windows, and we were very pleased.”
   - Karen B.
“I am very pleased!”
   - Tina R.
“Excellent company, and I would highly recommend them. On time, professional appearance, professional job, and I would recommend them to anyone especially in our condo association. Very fair pricing, and they were done within the allotted time.”
   - Jay C.
“Alex was our cleaner today. He called before coming to let me know he was on his way. He wore 'booties' over his shoes inside the house. And the windows are absolutely spotless! I will definitely have FISH do our windows next year! (And the price is totally reasonable for cleaning the windows inside and out!) Thank you!”
   - Sheila K.
“Great job, well done. I will recommend you to everyone.”
   - Valerie K.
“Both gentlemen were great.”
   - Jeff H.
“Great company and work! Easy to communicate with.”
   - Anja B.
“The cleaner provided fast and superb service. The windows are so clean! Will be using your services every year.”
   - Anne I.
“Exceeded expectation. Excellent job with even difficult to reach skylight and very high windows!”
   - Linda D.
“Love your company. We have been using you for many years.”
   - Linda B.
“Professional, friendly, and competitive!!”
   - Larry W.
“This is the third time I have contracted with Fish Window Cleaning. I have been very satisfied each time. FISH is my go-to to keep my window clean and shiny. Men are polite, efficient, and respectful.”
   - Josephine B.
“The quality of work was exceptional & far exceeded my expectations!”
   - Cyndi W.
“Very pleased with their work.”
   - William H.
“Dane was great. Everyone I have had from FISH has been excellent.”
   - Jackie M.
“Dane was super professional and did an excellent job!”
   - Mike K.
“We are very happy with our clean windows and the care given to cleaning the valleys in the roof.”
   - Connie R.
“Very pleasant.”
   - Ray E.
“We are impressed! Thank you.”
   - Paul M.
“The outside washing that we requested was done carefully and competently. Our service provider, Alex, was courteous, professional, and personable.”
   - Deb H.
“Alex was very courteous and professional, and did a good job. He represented your company well. I'll request him the next time we use your service.”
   - Chuck M.
“The cleaner was excellent and respectful. My windows are beautiful and sparkly. They have never looked so good!”
   - Michelle T.
“Fantastic job! The windows are so clean now. I definitely will use your services again.”
   - Kevin G.
“I thought Alex did an excellent job! I did appreciate the attention to detail, and he was very kind and gentle with my small dog. I will recommend him specifically to my neighbors....give that young man a raise :)”
   - JR G.
“Alex did a fantastic job and is an extremely personable employee. Hope to see him next year.”
   - Edmund C.
“HIGHLY recommend this company. Very professional and competitively priced. I've used them for 5 years now.”
   - Jodi H.
“Joe was excellent. I've never had inside window washing before and am extremely pleased.”
   - Jackie M.
“I would definitely recommend Fish Window Cleaning. As always, the cleaner was professional and friendly and quick to do the job and make my windows shine! This is my one treat to myself, and it's definitely worth it! Great job.”
   - Pam S.
“Been using Chris for several years...very happy with the service!”
   - Linda B.
“He was awesome! Very friendly and quick! Highly recommend.”
   - Marnee S.
“Joe is the best. I have used him for 4 years. I go nowhere else. Thanks.”
   - Chris K.
“The gentleman that provided us the service today was very professional, respectful and honest during the whole time he was here and did not waste a moment of time while here. We will be repeat customers as the need presents itself. The quality of the work done here is well worth the price. Thank you!”
   - Morrie W.
“Very professional team!”
   - Steve C.
“I've used FISH for several years and have never been disappointed!”
   - Kris G.
“It was a great experience - thank you!”
   - Denya M.
“Very professional, fast, and always courteous!”
   - Jodi H.
“Great job as always!”
   - Linda B.
“The windows really sparkle.”
   - Francis M.
“Keep up the good work! Chris and Joe have been cleaning my windows for years. I will call again next year!”
   - Kelly E.
“Awesome job!! In fact, my daughter is calling them next week after being over tonight!!! The guys were super friendly and did an outstanding job!”
   - Laurie O.
“On time, fast, friendly, reasonable.”
   - Christopher V.
“I would highly recommend FISH Window Cleaning. Joe was professional and thorough. He worked extra hard on a couple of windows with stubborn water stains from our sprinkler.”
   - Karen G.
“Very nice guys, fast and OMG we will use you every year. Fantastic job.”
   - Missy S.
“The cleaner was very respectful of wearing a mask and keeping a distance because of COVID-19.”
   - Janie K.
“Fantastic service and my windows look GREAT!”
   - Jodi H.
“I love this service. The cleaner was fast and efficient and did a great job cleaning the screens and window sills on top of making our windows look beautiful. I will definitely be using this company and service again. Thanks, Fish Window Cleaning.”
   - Pam S.
“We very much appreciate your professionalism in working in and around our home. Your work is very much appreciated. Thanks for your service.”
   - Doug C.
“Awesome job, I had the same window cleaner for 22 years and I was hesitant but so pleased with FISH!”
   - Linda B.
“I love the way my windows look and will definitely continue to use your service in the future.”
   - Linda G.

Commercial Customer Testimonials

“Dane was very professional, polite, and did a great job! We were all very happy to have our windows washed. It's lovely to see out and let the sun in.”
   - Vanda V.
“Thank you for the great job!”
   - Mike R.
“They were very quick, efficient, and professional.”
   - Laurie W.
“Love this company and would highly refer them to any one. They are like family and show up faithfully. If there is a problem they always call.”
   - Jan H.
“Excellent communication and service. Very efficient. Would definitely recommend FISH to my neighbors!”
   - Jim S.
“Been using them for several years now at my restaurant. They always do a great job. Very friendly and professional.”
   - Sherry R.
“I am extremely happy. Thanks for coming through. I look forward to a great relationship. Blessings!!!!”
   - Jan H.
“Always on-time, professional, and courteous! I only use Fish Window Cleaning!”
   - Ann W.
“Windows look great! They were quick, through, courteous and pricing can't be beat! Will definitely recommend to clients, family & friends. Thank you!”
   - June R.
“We have had our windows cleaned 2 times now, and both times our expectations were exceeded with the kind and professional manner that Fish Window Cleaning brought!”
   - Ashley F.
“I have worked at multiple businesses that used FISH for their window washing service, so I knew I could trust them to do a great job for my office. They gave us a courtesy call ahead of their early arrival and didn't balk when I informed them of our office mask protocol.”
   - Tony P.
“They are very professional, courteous, get the job done and will work with you on any changes or additions that you may want/need. Great customer service!!”
   - Tina H.
“Very nice people and courteous.”
   - Rick A.
“Dependable, reasonably priced, friendly and does a great job. Highly recommend.”
   - Sherry R.
“Great work at a great price!”
   - Steve C.
“This was FISH's first time at our community and we were impressed with how professional, quick, and efficient they were. They also helped us identify areas that we could repair and what was needed to make those corrections - that was definitely going above and beyond!”
   - Meghann B.
“Plain and simple, Fish comes in and cleans our windows inside and out at all of our campus buildings without any hassles or disruption to our associates. Thanks for your fine service at a very competitive rate.”
   - Tim M.