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Franchising vs. Independent Ownership
Posted on Tuesday, January 15th 2019

The entrepreneurial path is one full of freedom, adventure and hard work. Owning a small business can be a long-lasting, fulfilling career, but starting out can be challenging at times. There are two main ways to launch a small business – invest in a franchise or pursue independent ownership. This crucial decision can ultimately impact your long-term success, so it’s important to understand the similarities and differences between the business models.


One of the main reasons many businessmen and women choose to become small business owners is because they crave freedom – financially, professionally and even socially. As a small-business owner, you have control over your environment, employees and work hours. However, there are some differences when it comes to franchise versus independent ownership.

With independent ownership, you may have more freedom to try new products and business methods; however, with experimentation comes costly risks. When starting a new business, there is typically little room for error. One misstep could serve as a devastating setback to your new business.

Franchisees are able to enjoy the new adventure of business ownership but have the added benefit of many resources and support from their franchisor. Should trouble arise, a franchisee can reach out for advice and assistance from the franchisor or from fellow franchisees. Having access to that wealth of first-hand experience can be tremendously valuable. While you will have guidance for best practices, and must adhere to brand standards, the business is ultimately still in your hands. A strong, reputable franchise will be open to franchisee feedback and work with you to help your business blossom.


Independent owners have to dive into the world of business alone or with limited support. While friends and family members may be available to offer some advice, they are likely not knowledgeable in launching a new business. Having an expert on your side can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Support is another major difference between investing in a franchise or operating independently. A reputable franchise can help ease the inevitable stress that accompanies entrepreneurship. A franchisor can help new business owners successfully navigate challenges such as negotiating leases, connecting with reputable vendors, acquiring necessary permits, establishing training protocols and building a long-term business plan.


Finally, never underestimate the power of effective branding. Through franchising, your business comes with a built-in reputation – another important reason to choose your franchise wisely! A good brand reputation will draw customers in from the second you open your doors. Independent owners have to start from scratch and build their own brand slowly over time. This can make starting out far more difficult, as customers are often skeptical of unfamiliar brands.

Fish Window Cleaning has spent more than 40 years supporting franchisees and establishing an incredible reputation for quality window cleanings. Today, there are 275 FISH franchise locations across the country, living out their entrepreneurial dream. For more information on how you can enjoy a thrilling new career in franchising, visit

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution for a Clean Home
Posted on Friday, January 4th 2019

With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. Determined Americans across the country are resolving to be more fit, financially-responsible and tidier in the new year. Unfortunately, according to U.S. News & World Report, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February! This epidemic failure rate most often stems from unrealistic goals or lack of planning. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips on how you can keep your resolution to maintain a nice, clean home.

It’s a Lifestyle Change

The first step in succeeding with any New Year’s resolution is to get in the proper mindset. Regardless of your goal, it’s important to think of the necessary changes as a new lifestyle. This is much easier to do if the change is realistic. In terms of maintaining a clean house, it’s impractical to set the goal of cleaning every inch of your home on a daily basis. Instead, think of it as turning over a new leaf. Incorporate regular cleanings into your daily life, but do so at a reasonable rate.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Game Plan

Next, develop a plan to maintain your clean house. You’ll find regular maintenance is much easier than letting your home get overwhelmingly dirty and then attempting to do periodic deep cleans. Instead, set aside time every week in your schedule to do maintenance tasks. Depending on the size of your home and your lifestyle, it may be a good idea to set aside an additional one weekend per month to tackle and deep-clean different sections of your house. Sectioning off your home can make the process of maintaining order seem much less overwhelming.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Finally, you may realize your lifestyle and busy schedule do not leave time for you to clean regularly. Don’t worry - all is not lost! Sometimes, it’s best to call in the professionals for help. In addition to hiring a maid or employing a gardener, you can also schedule a window cleaner.

Clean windows are visible from the inside and outside of your home – meaning it impacts both you and your neighbors. You will be amazed at the difference clean windows can make in your daily life. No more fingerprints, dirt or grime blocking sunshine and your view of the outside world. Unfortunately, cleaning windows properly can be a difficult and time-consuming task if you are inexperienced or lack the proper tools. It can even be dangerous if you attempt to clean exterior second-story windows. The most efficient way to maintain clean windows is with the help of the professionals at Fish Window Cleaning.

FISH can help you keep your New Year’s resolution of a clean house with regularly scheduled cleanings. FISH window cleaners will work with your schedule and come at a time that is convenient for you. It’s simple, affordable and a great way to stay on track with your goals.

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Make a Resolution to Take Control of Your Career
Posted on Tuesday, January 1st 2019

The new year is upon us, which means thousands of Americans are making New Year’s resolutions to better their lives. Every year, the most-popular resolutions tend to be geared towards improving health and finances – both of which can be bettered by a strategic shift away from an unsatisfying career.

Break Away from an Unfulfilling Job

Forbes recently reported that employee unhappiness is a prominent problem in workplaces across the country. In fact, nearly 70 percent of employees felt disengaged and unsatisfied at work. 79 percent of people who quit their job cited “lack of appreciation” as their main reason for leaving.

Unhappiness in the workplace is not just a minor inconvenience – it can negatively affect your health. Weight gain, tiredness and irritability may all stem from workplace dissatisfaction. Work-related stress can even spill over into your personal life, negatively impacting your relationships. If you count yourself among those who are dissatisfied with their career, now is the time to make a change for the better.

Pursue Your Passion

This year, take control of your career and chase your entrepreneurial dream. According to a study conducted by The Society of Behavioral Medicine, pursuing your passion can lead to lower stress levels and greater overall happiness. Why wait to start down the path of success? If you’ve always wanted to be a small-business owner, start fresh this new year and resolve to break away from the mundane, corporate job that is holding you back from reaching your full potential. As you search for the right self-employment opportunity, bear in mind that you don’t always need a passion for a specific industry to succeed; rather, it’s important to keep an open mind when selecting the type of business in which to invest. A passion for business ownership and an entrepreneurial mindset will go a long way.

Consider Franchising

Entrepreneurship can often seem overwhelming at first. There are countless details to consider. Fortunately, franchising offers the freedom of small-business ownership combined with the support of industry experts. You are in control of your work hours, office environment and ultimately your success. Your work ethic, resolve and commitment to the brand determine your success. Just be sure to do your research and invest in a reputable franchise, like Fish Window Cleaning. A strong franchise brand can lend credibility to your business and help manage the startup details such as negotiating contracts, connecting you with reliable vendors and generally providing support.

Fish Window Cleaning has more than 40 years of experience helping driven entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality. The business experts at Fish Window Cleaning can help guide you to a satisfying and fulfilling new career. For more information, visit

A Day in the Life of a Fish Window Cleaning Franchisee
Posted on Friday, December 14th 2018

Becky and John Carswell, Fish Window Cleaning Franchisees of the YearJohn and Becky Carswell, Fish Window Cleaning’s current Franchisees of the Year, start their workday with a sense of purpose and satisfaction. For John, the alarm goes off at 4:45 a.m., and he is at the office, ready to work by 5:30 a.m. Each morning, John takes the time to personally connect with his staff. He strives to build trust and develop a relationship with each employee to ensure that daily operations run smoothly. He also brings along the family dog to boost employee morale. The Carswells believe that animals can make a notable difference in a work environment and help increase employee happiness and job satisfaction.

After a busy morning, John returns home around 7 a.m. to have breakfast with his wife, Becky. Because the Carswells have worked hard to establish their business and have a dependable, capable management team in place, they have the luxury of free time in the mornings. Most days, John and Becky relax at home and spend time together until 10:30 a.m. John then heads out to collect the mail and check in with the office staff.

While John is out and about, Becky is able to troubleshoot and help with the business remotely. The Carswells have set up a home office for Becky, so she is able to do her day’s work from the comfort of her own house. The freedom and flexibility to work in an environment that is best for you is one of the biggest advantages of being a small business owner.

Meanwhile, John spends his afternoon working with their office administrator, Shelby, to ensure all is well. Shelby handles customer calls, general emails and incoming inquiries. After a bit of paperwork, John will usually follow up on warm leads - typically there are four or five per day. These leads may require John to drive to each location and evaluate the property and provide potential customers with quotes. In between leads, John helps troubleshoot any issues that may arise, such as delivering any additional equipment needed to a crew member.

By 3 or 4 p.m., the Carswells are finishing up their work day. While it has taken years of hard work to build their business to this point, John and Becky are now able to set a work schedule that fits their preferred lifestyle.

Through franchising, John and Becky have the ability to spend plenty of time with friends and family. No longer do they have to worry about vacation days or overbearing bosses; John and Becky are able to go on several vacations and/or mission trips each year. Through their investment with Fish Window Cleaning, John and Becky are able to enjoy exciting careers while simultaneously leading fulfilling personal lives.

With more than 275 locations in 44 states, Fish Window Cleaning franchisees across the country have been finding freedom through franchising. For more than 40 years FISH has been providing quality window cleaning services to American communities. To learn more about joining the Fish Window Cleaning family, visit


Stand Out to Shoppers This Holiday Season
Posted on Friday, December 14th 2018

The hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us! Shoppers are out and about, ever on the hunt for the perfect present for their loved ones. In this day and age, shoppers have countless stores from which to choose; small business owners have to work hard to differentiate themselves from the competition. One such way to stand out from the crowd is to invest in a franchise. Franchise ownership comes with built-in support and guidance on providing a quality customer experience. Brand reputation, customer service and shopping atmosphere all play a role in a small business’ holiday (and long-term) success.

Community Matters

Your role in the community starts with your brand. If you choose to build an independent business, it will take years to develop a reputation. As a franchisee, your store will likely already be known among locals before you even open your doors. This can be great for business as shoppers will be familiar with your brand and feel comfortable giving you their business. However, it’s important to invest in a reputable franchise because a negative brand reputation can scare shoppers away.

Additionally, participation in community festivals, parades and Christmas markets can solidify your status as a festive, friendly business. Just remember community involvement should not begin and end with the holidays; year-round participation is important!

Customer Service is Key

One of the biggest challenges for shoppers is poor customer service. When it comes to large businesses, getting in touch with an associate for help can be difficult. Whether you are dealing with a supersized brick-and-mortar store, online retail giant or a massive service provider, getting answers can take hours.

These notorious inconveniences can actually work in your favor as a small-business owner. This holiday season, you can offer your customers exceptional, stand-out service by minimizing wait times, promptly addressing customer concerns and following your franchise’s recommended best practices.

Holiday Spirit Makes All the Difference

Finally, go above and beyond to bring your customers a fun, holiday experience by sprucing up your storefront or office location with festive décor. Doing so will not only boost employee morale, but it will increase customer satisfaction as well. You can also encourage holiday spending through special promotions.

As a small-business owner, there are countless ways to approach the holidays. Keeping up with the latest trends and growing customer demand can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, with help from a reputable franchise like Fish Window Cleaning, the holiday craze can become much more manageable.

As a FISH Franchisee, you won’t have to develop your holiday game plan alone. Fish Window Cleaning offers unparalleled support for franchisees all year round. With more than 40 years of experience providing quality window cleaning service, the Fish Window Cleaning business model has withstood the test of time. For more information on joining the Fish Window Cleaning franchise, visit

Why Franchising is a Sustainable Business Model
Posted on Tuesday, December 11th 2018

Countless franchises have been around for decades – and for good reason! The franchise business model, when done well, is a successful business structure. Though it may take careful preparation and a good deal of effort to get off the ground, once a franchise brand is established, the model is often sustainable. A well-run franchise comes with a franchisee support system, extensive resources and an inclination for steady growth.

Competitive Advantage

Once a franchise has built a sturdy foundation and established solid brand awareness, franchisees can use that to their advantage. Customers will quickly be drawn to the new business based solely on the brand’s name and reputation. This can give new franchisees a leg up on their independently-run competition who have to build their brand from the ground up.

Additionally, franchisees don’t have to know every aspect of opening a new business. Unlike most independent business owners, franchisees are backed by a team of knowledgeable industry and business experts. Those advisors can help franchisees avoid common mistakes as they work to grow their new business.

Expansive Resources

A strong franchise system will contain wealth of resources. Franchises have proven training programs to help franchisees learn the ins and outs of their business. That additional manpower can make the difference between a successful, long-standing new business and one that closes within a year or two.

Beyond training assistance, corporate support can include connections to reputable vendors, a guide to maintaining brand standards, access to a set of standard operating procedures and tips for best business practices. Having an expert you can turn to for help when trouble arises can make all the difference.

Sustainable, Controlled Growth

Finally, sustainability is often associated with controlled growth. The franchise business model creates equity for both franchisors and franchisees. Through extensive market research, careful analysis, and a business practice that works in a variety of markets, franchising drastically reduces risk for new business owners.

Fish Window Cleaning is one such franchise that has withstood the test of time. With more than 40 years of experience serving communities and cleaning both home and office windows across the country, FISH has established a strong, reputable brand. Over the years, FISH has fine-tuned their unique business model to excel in a wide variety of markets. Now, Fish Window Cleaning has 275 locations across 44 states. For more information on how to join Fish Window Cleaning and pursue a fulfilling career, visit
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