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Stand Out to Shoppers This Holiday Season
Posted on Friday, December 14th 2018

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The hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us! Shoppers are out and about, ever on the hunt for the perfect present for their loved ones. In this day and age, shoppers have countless stores from which to choose; small business owners have to work hard to differentiate themselves from the competition. One such way to stand out from the crowd is to invest in a franchise. Franchise ownership comes with built-in support and guidance on providing a quality customer experience. Brand reputation, customer service and shopping atmosphere all play a role in a small business’ holiday (and long-term) success.

Community Matters

Your role in the community starts with your brand. If you choose to build an independent business, it will take years to develop a reputation. As a franchisee, your store will likely already be known among locals before you even open your doors. This can be great for business as shoppers will be familiar with your brand and feel comfortable giving you their business. However, it’s important to invest in a reputable franchise because a negative brand reputation can scare shoppers away.

Additionally, participation in community festivals, parades and Christmas markets can solidify your status as a festive, friendly business. Just remember community involvement should not begin and end with the holidays; year-round participation is important!

Customer Service is Key

One of the biggest challenges for shoppers is poor customer service. When it comes to large businesses, getting in touch with an associate for help can be difficult. Whether you are dealing with a supersized brick-and-mortar store, online retail giant or a massive service provider, getting answers can take hours.

These notorious inconveniences can actually work in your favor as a small-business owner. This holiday season, you can offer your customers exceptional, stand-out service by minimizing wait times, promptly addressing customer concerns and following your franchise’s recommended best practices.

Holiday Spirit Makes All the Difference

Finally, go above and beyond to bring your customers a fun, holiday experience by sprucing up your storefront or office location with festive décor. Doing so will not only boost employee morale, but it will increase customer satisfaction as well. You can also encourage holiday spending through special promotions.

As a small-business owner, there are countless ways to approach the holidays. Keeping up with the latest trends and growing customer demand can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, with help from a reputable franchise like Fish Window Cleaning, the holiday craze can become much more manageable.

As a FISH Franchisee, you won’t have to develop your holiday game plan alone. Fish Window Cleaning offers unparalleled support for franchisees all year round. With more than 40 years of experience providing quality window cleaning service, the Fish Window Cleaning business model has withstood the test of time. For more information on joining the Fish Window Cleaning franchise, visit