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Give the Gift of Clean Windows
Posted on Friday, December 7th 2018

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Every holiday season, Americans rush from shop to shop, purchasing presents for loved ones. In recent years, the gift-giving trend has shifted from material goods to practical or experiential gifts. Studies have shown that the old saying is true: “When it comes to giving gifts, it’s the thought that counts.”

Why Choose a Practical Gift?

Christmas Gift with Red BowThe Association for Psychological Science (APS) found that while many gift givers are looking for a flashy present with a big reveal, studies show that the average recipient is far more interested in a gift that adds value to their life. Researchers from APS recommend gift givers carefully consider the recipient’s needs and give a present that is both useful and appreciated.

Window cleaning is a unique, thoughtful gift that can enhance the lives of loved ones without adding to the ever-present clutter many Americans have in their homes. Fish Window Cleaning, the nation’s premier window cleaning franchise, even offers regularly scheduled cleanings. Window cleanings are particularly ideal for a busy parent, the student who is always on the run or an elderly loved one.

What Makes a Quality Gift? 

Many people believe a quality gift has to be expensive. According to Psychology Today, that is not at all the case. The quality of a present comes from the sentiment behind it. Practical, thoughtful gifts often come across as more genuine because it connects the gift giver to the receiver and is much more personal.

While it is reasonable to limit spending during the holiday season, forgoing presents altogether can be detrimental to relationships. Quality gift giving is an important part of human interaction and helps to define relationships and strengthen bonds.

Why is Window Cleaning a Great Gift?

Scheduling window cleaning services is a practical and thoughtful present. During the holiday season and harsh winter months, windows can accumulate grime and dirt. While many homeowners will attempt to clean their own windows, impatience and lack of expertise often lead to streaky or smudged windows — even after hours of cleaning!

Additionally, attempting to clean exterior, second-story windows without proper training and equipment is highly inadvisable. According to the Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, (ISHN), 500,000 Americans are treated for ladder falls each year, and approximately 300 people die from ladder-related injuries annually. When it comes to ladders, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. At Fish Window Cleaning, the cleaners are trained extensively and frequently use water-fed poles to aid with window cleaning on multi-story homes and businesses. By giving the gift of clean windows, you give the gift of convenience and safety.

This holiday season, show your loved ones you care with the quality, practical and thoughtful gift of clean windows. To find a Fish Window Cleaning location near you, visit