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When The Smudge On Your Window Just Won't Go Away
Posted on Monday, November 26th 2018

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A home filled with sunshine is a happy home. Windows let natural light into the house and can drastically change the feel of a room. Unfortunately, windows sometimes develop a smudge that just won’t go away! That smudge hinders light from entering the room and blurs your view of the outside world. Often that unwelcome blemish on your window is something called “screen burn.” Screen burn occurs most frequently when aluminum window screens corrode and are plastered onto the window by wind and rain. Even after the screen is removed, it can leave an imprint or bleary stain that is almost impossible to clean.

Here’s some information about this irritating screen burn and some tips to return your windows to their full, sparkling potential.

What is “screen burn” and how does it happen?

Screen burn is a mark on a window, often in the shape of a window screen. It is similar to a stain but with a unique texture. The imprint is a result of corrosion from aluminum window screens. When there is harsh weather, that screen may press against the window and transfer that corrosion to the glass. Aluminum doesn’t rust; but it does corrode, forming a light-colored, crusty oxide which moves from the screen to the window. That oxide will build up on the glass, particularly when the windows are not cleaned often.

What can a professional window cleaning service like Fish Window Cleaning do about it?

Usually, household window cleaners don’t do much to get rid of this aluminum corrosion build up on your windows. However, there are some stronger cleaning solutions that can do the trick! Unfortunately, some of those cleaning solutions paired with improper cleaning techniques can lead to unwanted scratches that can make your windows even harder to see out of! To avoid this, a professional can assess the damage and determine an appropriate course of action.

Regular window cleaning can help you avoid future screen burn.

Screen burn is built up corrosion — so cleaning your windows regularly can prevent this buildup. The rate of oxidation can vary greatly, depending on the quality of your windows and where you live. Luckily, regular window cleaning by Fish Window Cleaning will ensure that this screen burn will no longer be a problem plaguing your home’s windows. You’ll be free to enjoy a sun-filled room with friends and family.

Next time your windows are less than sparkling, call in a professional from Fish Window Cleaning. You’ll be back to seeing clearly in no time!

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