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Shop Local This Small Business Saturday
Posted on Tuesday, November 20th 2018

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Held annually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday is the perfect way to kick off your holiday shopping. Patronizing small businesses is a terrific way to support your neighbors and enjoy a more pleasant shopping experience. When preparing for the holidays, don’t be afraid to think outside the retail box – local restaurants and service providers can benefit greatly from your patronage as well.

Support Local Economy

Local shoppers make local businesses possible. Your patronage can have a sizeable impact on your neighbor, rather than just serve as a drop in the bucket for a faceless corporation. Your holiday shopping has the power to benefit a resident business owner while simultaneously helping to improve your town; quite a bit of the money you spend locally goes right back into your community. Beyond generating more tax revenue per sales dollar, taxes that are paid by local, small businesses are often used to maintain parks, repair neighborhood roads and aid schools in need. With the help of hometown patrons, small businesses can have a big impact on the wellness of your community.

Bring the Holiday Cheer

Holiday shopping is often a frantic, stressful activity as customers race to get the best deals. Unlike at big box stores, with small businesses, you will typically find a nice, pleasant shopping experience with shorter lines and happier store attendants. Additionally, by shopping local, customers can get helpful, in-person assistance when needed. With large corporations, shoppers often spend hours on hold waiting for a customer service representative to take their call. Finally, many small businesses go above and beyond to decorate their store and make customers feel welcome and cheery. Never underestimate the power of holiday cheer.

Think Beyond Retailers

Small Business Saturday is not just for retailers. All local businesses could use your support throughout the holiday season. If you are spending the day shopping, consider stopping for lunch at a locally-run restaurant. Need help getting your house clean and ready for company? Consider hiring a local service company, like Fish Window Cleaning.

Fish Window Cleaning has more than 40 years of experience serving communities across the country. All 275 Fish Window Cleaning locations are locally-owned and operated. Those small business owners would love to make your windows bright, shiny and holiday-ready. To find a Fish Window Cleaning location near you, visit