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Owning a Pressure-Cleaning Franchise: 8 Pros & Cons
Posted on Monday, November 14th 2022


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Owning a Pressure-Cleaning Franchise: 8 Pros & Cons

Making the decision to transition from working for someone else to working for yourself is a big step. To ensure you make the best decision financially and personally, it’s helpful to know a few of the pros and cons. A pressure washing franchise can seem fairly straightforward as a business opportunity, but there are a few considerations you should be familiar with that could impact your decision.

Pressure-Cleaning Pros

Here are some of the great things about owning a pressure-cleaning business:
  • Working for yourself.
    Being your own boss is a key reason that people seek out an opportunity to own a business, and a pressure-washing business would certainly meet that goal. You can choose to run the business yourself or expand with more employees and new territories. The business has flexibility for the type of entrepreneurial venture that has caught your attention.
  • Joining a network. When you join a franchise, you are immediately part of a network of other franchisees and have the backing of a franchisor team. This is a great benefit of franchising – to run your own business and yet have a group of people who can be advisors and mentors when you need them. Running a business can be a lonely venture at times, but with a franchise, you feel much more connected.
  • Location flexibility. A pressure-cleaning franchise has different options when it comes to locating the business. You could have a mobile business where you work from a home-based office, or you could have a storefront location where all vehicles are kept. You can choose which works best for you.
  • Multiple revenue streams. Depending on the franchise, you’ll be trained for a variety of residential and commercial pressure-cleaning opportunities. When you have more than one sector from which to grow your clientele, you have a greater reach for income opportunities -- and that makes for a good business plan.
You can also read our blog on how a pressure-washing franchise can dilute your savings. This provides more information to be aware of when it comes to considering this type of franchise opportunity.

Pressure-Cleaning Cons

Here are some additional factors that come with owning a pressure-cleaning business that you should consider:
  • Equipment expenses. You will need multiple pieces of equipment to handle different kinds of pressure-cleaning jobs. For example, concrete washing can take a different level of pressure than the siding of a house. You will also need a generator if you have electric pressure-washing equipment. A hot water unit is another likely piece of equipment that will be part of your fleet. For some pieces, you may wish to have more than one in case of a breakdown or malfunction. The upfront purchase of equipment for a pressure-cleaning franchise is one thing, and the repair or replacement costs are another. Extra costs can result from damage to the equipment, a malfunction or any number of things.
  • Damage potential. When you have 2,000 PSI in a pressure-cleaning tool, causing damage is certainly a factor to consider. Most of the items you’ll be washing have a high replacement or repair value if damaged, and that will not only erase any profits you might have earned but can greatly impact your opportunity for a referral.
  • Income considerations. Every business has to price its products and services accordingly. When you have a business with significant expenses, you have to consider that in the price you’re going to charge. Inflation and economic factors also play a role in the price you charge customers in order to earn the return you’re anticipating.
  • Safety and liability. Every business should have liability insurance, but the cost of insurance can rise significantly if the work is dangerous or highly regulated. As a reference, the Power Washers of North America lists safe practices for power washing, detailing some of the safety concerns in this type of business.

Fish Window Cleaning: an alternative to a pressure-cleaning franchise

Instead of a pressure-cleaning business, you may want to consider a window-cleaning business with a Fish Window Cleaning franchise. FISH has all the pros of the business listed here plus many more!

For example, our equipment costs are substantially less, which also reduces your repair costs, safety issues and inflationary impacts. It’s easier to attract people to join your business because of the low barrier to entry if you want to grow the business through more employees and territories. There is a significantly lower damage risk, and that will also be reflected in your insurance costs.

A Fish Window Cleaning franchise is a low-cost, high-return franchise investment, and we are the world's largest window cleaning company. Find out more about our business model by requesting more information today.

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