FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anybody buy a window cleaning franchise?

If anyone wants to be a window cleaner, they don’t need a franchise. FISH only awards franchises to candidates who want to be business owners and benefit from our 40+ years of knowledge and be a part of niche, recession-resistant market with fragmented competition and unlimited potential. We don’t want our franchise owners to be window cleaners, but rather run and manage the proven FISH business plan.

Do I need any special background to become a FISH franchisee?

No. We provide full training that will give you all of the management tools needed to begin and grow your business. FISH's training is extensive and taught by members of the support team, including the President, Randy Cross. Randy enjoys leading training school and spending one-on-one time with each owner sharing his franchisee experience.

Can I keep my job and open a FISH franchise?

No. We require our owners be full-time in the business getting started. However, FISH's owners work Monday – Friday during normal business hours and no nights, weekends, or holidays and there is a lot of flexibility in your week for family, leisure, church, volunteer work, etc. Also, FISH's business model allows the owners to step back over time and manage the business through an operations manager.

Do I need an office?

Yes. We require you to run your business from a small office outside the home, but not a commercial storefront. The best offices are found in light industrial areas and small office buildings on side streets. FISH has a proven method to help owners find great office spaces at the best lease rates.

What is FISH's support like?

FISH has been committed to providing the highest level of support in the franchise service industry. FISH has one person at HQ for every 8 franchisees to provide great support in all areas including: tech and software support, marketing, human resources, growth and business planning, bidding, employee management, etc.

What is FISH doing to be “green”?

The fastest growing area of FISH's business is using waterfed poles to clean glass. Waterfed poles are 100% environmentally friendly. Waterfed poles use purified water without any soap to clean windows. Windows dry streak-free and look great. FISH leads the industry in waterfed pole usage.

Does Fish Window Cleaning have protected territories?

Yes. Protected territories are built from zip codes. Working with a development manager, you have freedom and flexibility to customize your territory. We work together to build a territory based on population and business count ratios. The final size of the territory is based upon the geographic region and your desired size of business.

How does FISH differ from its competition?

According to extensive surveys from our customers, the number one reason customers choose FISH is RELIABILITY. They trust FISH will send professional and friendly window cleaners to their establishments who focus on attention to detail and great customer service, year-round regardless of rain, snow, or shine.

Who are FISH's customers?

FISH's customers include all low-rise commercial businesses and buildings as well as homes that have windows. There is glass as far as the eye can see, and FISH goes after every business that might only have one window and door up to large office complexes, retirement homes, and universities.

There are so many different types of windows; will I know how to bid glass?

Yes, over 1/3 of training school is devoted to pricing jobs. We go out in the market and bid both businesses and homes. FISH's intranet provides extensive direction on bidding practices, and we also come to your market to bid windows with you. In addition, we require our owners to have a digital camera in case you come across a configuration of glass you need help bidding. You can take pictures and we’ll help you with the bids.

Where do I find employees?

FISH has a propriety recruiting website and software that offers you a low-cost and proven resource to finding qualified employees. FISH has received over 140,000 applicants through our recruiting method. We also train you and provide the pay systems and employee support documents to help you retain good people.

What is the next step in finding out more information?

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