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4 Outdoor Business Ideas You Might Not Have Considered
Posted on Monday, September 4th 2023


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Owning a business doesn't have to mean being cooped up inside. At Fish Window Cleaning®, the ability to work outdoors is a factor that has attracted people to discuss franchise ownership with us. Running an outdoor business is different from businesses that are mostly indoors, especially when it comes to revenue generation.

Profit Factors in Outdoor Business Opportunities

There are two important things to think about when evaluating the viability and potential of an outdoor business:
  • Seasonality. Be sure you can generate a comfortable annual revenue in a shortened season. Another seasonal factor is retaining and recruiting seasonal employees, so inquire about those supports with a franchisor.
  • Revenue streams. Multiple revenue streams are good for any business and can certainly help offset a seasonal operation. If some or all of those revenue streams can lead to recurring visits, that helps maximize your time generating income versus working to attract new customers.
Keep seasonality and revenue streams in mind as you look at franchise options.

Exploring Outdoor Business Ideas

Outdoor business ideas tend to fall into certain categories, which can help narrow down the options for an outdoorsy entrepreneur.

1. Children’s Sports Programs

Kids need activities to keep them busy, and there are plenty of outdoor franchise opportunities available in the youth sports program industry. The entry level of this type of franchise can certainly be affordable, so if you enjoy working with children, this could be the outdoor business for you. You’ll need to ensure large numbers of participants to maximize your costs. In addition, you will consistently need to recruit new families as your target audience ages out of the programs.

2. Hospitality: Tent Rentals

Festivals, weddings, and other outdoor events supply tents and related rental equipment to provide value to their guests. Being in this business can be fun, but it’s also labor-intensive and comes with some high upfront costs to secure inventory. You’ll need installers and assemblers to set up and take down the tents, and they have to be willing to work on evenings and weekends, when many of the activities requiring tents will take place. You will also need a space to store equipment between bookings.

3. Outdoor Property Maintenance: Pool Services

If you have been researching outdoor business ideas, pool maintenance has likely emerged as a possibility. While it is certainly a seasonal business in most areas of the country, it scores high on revenue generation factors. There are a variety of maintenance options, sales of both products and services for multiple revenue streams, and you can build a recurring clientele base. This business can be equipment-heavy, so being smart with preventative maintenance is key.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Property Maintenance: Fish Window Cleaners

Franchise owners with Fish Window Cleaners have benefited from an indoor and outdoor business that generates revenues in several ways as part of the property services market. The indoor nature of our business also ensures year-round operations, which alleviates the strain of a seasonal opportunity.

When it comes to outdoor franchise opportunities that provide a solid financial business model, we’re one to seriously consider.

Some of the key highlights of our business model include:
  • A strong network of 270 franchisees and a franchise history of more than 40 years.
  • Our training program, which focuses on bidding jobs accurately to secure both residential and commercial customers.
  • The marketing and operational support we provide franchisees for promoting their services, running their business operations effectively, and attracting employees.
  • We have multiple revenue streams and a strong recurring customer base that leverages your best opportunity for positive financial outcomes.
We can guide you through every step of how to start a window cleaning business that provides an outdoor business opportunity you might be overlooking.

How to Request More Information

We work every day with future franchisees looking for outdoor business opportunities with a strong, proven business model. We’d love to go over our franchise opportunity with you and answer any questions you have about the industry and our long-term success.

Request more info today and let’s get started.

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