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Window Franchise Opportunities: 4 Things to Look for When Choosing
Posted on Monday, July 12th 2021

Window Franchise Opportunities: 4 Things to Look for When Choosing 

Moving forward into the post-pandemic world, window cleaning remains an exciting franchising opportunity. And while there are other window franchise opportunities out there, you should keep an eye on a few key factors when making your decision about which franchise is right for you.

Set for Growth

As with any business decision, it’s essential to find a window franchise opportunity that blends a history of high performance with expectations of further growth. As impressive as its results were during the past year of economic uncertainty, Fish Window Cleaning is poised for even more success moving forward.

As businesses welcome their employees back to offices and customers back to stores, commercial window cleaning as important as it has always been, if not more. The residential opportunities remain as some employees continue to work remotely, not to mention the impact real estate trends have on sellers wanting to boost their curb appeal.

Female Fish Window Cleaning Franchise OwnerLow Overhead, High Margins

Costs are a major factor of any business’s chance at success and should be among the most scrutinized pieces of the business models you research. You should have a clear picture not only of the initial investment but your ongoing expenses as well. Window cleaning offers great profit margins due to the low overhead costs. Equipment is relatively inexpensive compared to many other home services, and with FISH, office space and staffing costs are affordable.

Ownership Style

There are a variety of styles that franchises offer their franchisees. Some require the owner to be present for daily operations, some allow for absentee ownership, and some blend the two with a semi-absentee model. These ownership styles will vary between window franchise opportunities.

Fish Window Cleaning franchisees can expect to be deeply involved in the daily business, especially at the start when building your staff and customer base. However, once the business reaches a certain point of success, it is possible to step back to allow an operations manager to handle the day-to-day.

No matter how involved FISH franchisees desire to be, there will always be a work-life balance thanks to the no nights and no weekends model.

Support From Your Franchisor

Aside from the proven business model and the foundation of brand recognition, one of the biggest benefits of franchising is the ongoing support. Many brands offer some form of training, along with providing certain technological or marketing assistance as well.

Fish Window Cleaning does all of the above. In addition to training franchise owners on the window cleaning business, FISH provides support through the staffing process, pricing and bidding jobs, marketing, software, and more.

Window Being Cleaned with a SqueegeeFranchise With FISH

When making your decision on which franchise to invest your money, time, and effort, it’s important to be confident in all of these factors. From the cost structure and business model to ongoing support and growth potential, the window cleaning industry is full of opportunities. As the market leader, with more than four decades of brand recognition and efficiency, Fish Window Cleaning offers the strongest package of benefits in commercial and home service businesses.

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