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Window Franchise: 3 Types to Consider
Posted on Wednesday, May 15th 2024


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Window Franchise: 3 Types to Consider

2023 was a record-breaking year for franchise ownership with more than 805,000 franchise establishments in the U.S. The projection is that the upward trend in franchising that began in 2020 will continue.

As you look at franchise opportunities, you’ll find that there are many different options within the same industry. Using window franchises as an example, there are options for window repair, window treatments and window cleaning, each with advantages and perhaps disadvantages when it comes to business ownership.

Let’s look at how these three window franchises compare.

Window Repair Franchise

Windows get broken in any number of ways and in this window franchise, you will be focused on repairing different kinds of glass that comprise certain windows.

Some of the pros include:
  • Multiple revenue streams as you could also repair mirrors, shower enclosures, doors, screens and more
  • You can provide services to both residential and commercial customers
Some of the challenges include:
  • It’s often less expensive to replace the entire window or broken glass item, which is a competition factor for the business
  • You could need a larger facility to work from if the broken glass needs to be fixed off-site, depending on the size of window you intend to repair; you will also need storage for materials
  • This may be an emergency business if glass is broken on a weekend and the property owner needs it to be fixed immediately
  • This is a one-and-done type of business so you need a strong marketing plan

Window Treatment Franchise

Selling window treatments can be a rewarding business as you help property owners improve their homes. Window treatments include blinds, shutters, shades, draperies and other window coverings.

Some of the pros include:
  • Since you will do the work at the client’s property, you may be able to operate from a home office if the franchise is mobile (i.e. a van with samples)
  • As an owner-operator business, you will be able to choose your work schedule
Some of the challenges include:
  • You will need to be well-trained in how to choose window treatments as it pertains to design and functionality
  • You will likely have to work evenings and possibly weekends to accommodate working homeowners
  • You may need to organize people to install the window treatments if you are unable to do that on your own

Window Cleaning Franchise

Window cleaning services clean indoor and outdoor windows for residential and commercial clients. Some franchises specialize in large commercial buildings, while other franchises, like Fish Window Cleaning, offer residential and commercial (up to three stories) services.

The pros of a window cleaning business include:
  • Multiple revenue streams for indoor and outdoor window cleaning plus ancillary cleaning services
  • A recurring revenue stream with clients booking regular window cleaning
  • Window cleaners can be onboarded easily so your employee recruiting pool is larger than those requiring specialized skills
The challenges with a window cleaning business can include:
  • Being comfortable working at heights
  • Knowing how to quote jobs profitably
  • Having to sometimes work in difficult outdoor weather

As FISH is a window cleaning franchise, we can expand more on how our window cleaning business operates, including sharing franchisee testimonials of why others chose to become part of our window cleaning franchise.

Explore Possibilities with Fish Window Cleaning

With over 270 franchisees across 45 states, Fish Window Cleaning is the world’s largest window cleaning franchise. We are a family-friendly business, started by someone who cleaned windows himself before creating a franchise that would give other people the opportunity for entrepreneurship. Here are some of the additional benefits that come with joining our franchise:
  • Territory rights: You have rights to your territory even if the number of households and businesses within it increases.
  • Training value: More than 25% of our training is on advertising and bidding jobs so you can be confident in providing free customer quotes.
  • Ongoing assistance: In addition to assisting with your business launch, we visit your business throughout the year, host conventions, offer continuing education and we are always available for our franchisees
  • Three packages: We offer three different franchise packages based on population which makes us a flexible franchise choice for large and small communities
As you research what window franchise is best suited to your goals, start with Fish Window Cleaning. We have been franchising since 1998 so we are a well-established franchise system that you can use to compare other opportunities.

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