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Window Cleaning Startup Costs: What to Expect
Posted on Wednesday, December 13th 2023


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Window Cleaning Startup Costs: What to Expect

According to Bob Vila, the average window cleaning cost is $213. It is possible to create a career that includes a good salary and the flexibility of working for yourself. However, there are expenses to running a business that need to be considered, and they’re divided into three categories: supplies, office, and financial.

Window Cleaning Startup Costs: Supplies

Your supplies will be dictated by the type of services you plan to offer. Many window cleaning companies offer additional services such as cleaning sills and frames, gutter cleaning, awning cleaning, and inside mirror or chandelier cleaning. Some of these additional services require specific equipment.

Generally, here is an overview of the window cleaning supplies you will need to get started:
  • Squeegee: A t-shaped tool with a rubber blade, is essential for window cleaners, offering a streak-free method to remove dirt and cleaning solution from windows.
  • Water-fed pole: A long and extendable pole with a brush head and built-in pump that dispenses water as needed.
  • T-bars and sleeves: Akin to window mops, sleeves scrub off dirt and clean stubborn spots. They fit on various-sized T-bars, suitable for cleaning windows of all sizes.
  • Buckets and towels: A variety of bucket sizes, and types of towels will help you do the job easier.
  • Ladder: You probably won’t be able to reach every window, even with the poles, so a good ladder is important.

Window Cleaner Business Startup Costs: The Office

In addition to supplies, you also have some office equipment needs for your business. Here’s a guide to get you started:
  • Furniture: This includes chairs and desks for workers and customers; trash bins, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and some décor such as rugs and mirrors.
  • Storage: You’ll need filing cabinets or storage containers for cleaning supplies and customer files.
  • Computer and printer: Purchase a reliable computer that has enough bandwidth for accounting and customer relationship management programs, plus a printer.
  • Internet and phone services: You may find a separate phone for work is helpful when maintaining a work-life balance. You also may need to upgrade your internet service depending on its current speed.
  • Software: You’ll need accounting software to track payments and invoices, antivirus software to prevent hacking, and scheduling software to manage your customer appointments.
  • Stationery: It’s always beneficial to have business cards and flyers on hand.

Window Cleaner Business Startup Costs: The Business

Establishing a business requires certain financial elements that need to be in place before you start attracting customers. These include a bank account for your business, a credit card or line of credit, and a contingency fund to ensure you can cover business costs in the first few months prior to generating revenue.


Advantages of a Window Cleaning Franchise

Fish Window Cleaning is a franchise business. If you choose to become a franchise owner with us, you will get all the training and benefits that come with an established brand and business, which will allow you to become a business owner faster and with more confidence.

Included with the franchise cost of becoming a FISH franchisee are these benefits:
  • Proven business model: This includes everything you need to start and launch your business with reputable suppliers and systems in place.
  • Training: Bidding jobs is more than one-third of our training because being able to bid well is imperative to a good window cleaning business. Other training programs focus on customer service, efficient scheduling, and streak-free window cleaning.
  • Marketing: From strategy to social media, we provide the marketing services that keep the FISH brand at the forefront of someone’s mind when they’re looking for window cleaning services.
When you grow as a business owner, your needs change, and we have helped franchise owners scale their businesses, transfer ownership to their children, sell their franchises, and retire.

Explore Fish Window Cleaning

As you explore window cleaner startup costs, take some time to research an opportunity to start your own business with Fish Window Cleaning. We can talk to you about how our franchise model works for hundreds of other business owners; many of whom started with no business experience when they joined FISH.

Fill out our franchise form and a member of our franchise development team will be in touch.

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