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Window Cleaning Franchise: 6 Reasons It's Clearly a Good Investment
Posted on Wednesday, April 10th 2024


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Window Cleaning Franchise: 6 Reasons It's Clearly a Good Investment

In 2023, the number of franchise establishments exceeded 800,000, a prediction by industry experts despite the headlines of economic challenges for small businesses. That breakthrough number – which is predicted to increase again in 2024 – tips the hat to franchise business ownership.

When considering an investment in a franchised business, there are key factors to consider that tip the scales towards a window cleaning business franchise. As a 40-year veteran of the industry, Fish Window Cleaning© will present those factors plus provide insight into how our model specifically has become a resilient leader amongst its industry peers.

5 Reasons Why a Window Cleaning Franchise Works

A window cleaning franchise has five factors that make it an attractive investment for someone looking to get into business operations for the first time or expand their current business portfolio with a complementary service.

1) A Year-Round Income

Window cleaning businesses usually offer both interior and exterior cleaning, and that makes it a year-round business. When researching window cleaning franchises, you can see the complete list of services provided which includes what the company offers indoors.

Another factor that contributes to some franchises’ year-round operation is whether they provide service to commercial properties. At Fish Window Cleaning we offer commercial window cleaning for properties up to three stories. That’s worth a look because it’s a solid revenue source year-round.

2) Low Overhead

Window cleaning doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get started, but it does require making sure you purchase the right equipment in the right quantities. Franchises will have this information laid out exactly for you, so you don’t have to guess what you might need or end up overbuying supplies.

Supplies and vehicles are your main hard costs in this business, so you’re looking at a lower overhead to get started, which can be an easier financial bar to meet.

3) Recurring Revenue

If you do a good job and provide excellent service, you have a strong opportunity to earn recurring revenue with regular contracts. The opportunity to have revenue you can rely upon each month makes for a nice financial cushion in a business and can help direct your marketing efforts to more repeat customer profiles.

4) Wide Employee Pool

Window cleaning is a position that can appeal to a variety of people which makes onboarding employees easier than it might be in other franchise businesses. The opportunity to work outdoors is often a bonus factor, as is the “no day is the same” element of the business. Individuals of all ages and abilities can be part of your diverse employee complement.

5) No Supply Chain Issues

The supply chain is a significant issue for many businesses, including franchises. A window cleaning franchise is not heavily impacted by supply chain concerns, and that’s one less (major) headache for you, the business owner. When looking at business opportunities today, being confident you can get the products you need to run your business smoothly (i.e. the supply chain) is an important consideration.

6) Business Model in Place

The core of franchising is that it is built on a business model that has already been proven to be successful. Franchise business models should show you how they provide support in every aspect of the business. This will vary with each franchise, so we can only tell you how we do it at FISH, and that’s what’s next!

4 Reasons the Fish Window Cleaning Franchise is a Good Investment

Beyond the benefits that come with a window cleaning franchise, we offer some additional benefits for Fish Window Cleaning franchise owners. They include:

1) Scaling Flexibility

You can scale your Fish Window Cleaning franchise in several ways:
• Further customize and expand your territory
• Add additional territories
• Become a multi-unit owner

You can also change your ownership role in the business from someone who works in the business to that of stepping back and managing the business with an operations manager. We can show you how all these options are possible.

2) Join Us From Any Background

You don’t need a specific type of background to join Fish Window Cleaning. We have a full onboarding and training program that covers every aspect of the business.

Tim Weissman is one of our franchisees. A clinical psychologist by profession, he was initially skeptical about being the owner of a window cleaning franchise. However, he investigated our model and it “checked all the boxes” he was looking for in a business. For him, that meant spending more time with family, having holidays and weekends free and not having to work 12-15 hour days to achieve that.

3) We Have Your Back

Our franchise owners run the business; they are not the window cleaners. While we provide training on how to achieve streak-free window cleaning, we also prepare the franchise owner with an incredible support program.

We have full tech and software support, marketing, employee management, and business-building programs. As franchise owners progress through our franchise, we tailor training and information to their future goals and opportunities. Being hands-on with franchise owners is very important to us – and we have one person at headquarters for every eight franchisees!

4) Lifestyle Priority

With Fish Window Cleaning, you work Monday to Friday with no nights, weekends, or holiday work. This is a full-time business with a great quality of life and that’s something our nationwide network of 975 franchisees really enjoy about our franchise model.

There’s More to Fish Window Cleaning

If you considered a window cleaning business before and didn’t think it provided enough of what you were looking for as a business owner, remember that not all franchises in this sector offer the same opportunities. Each franchise has something different about the type of customer they focus on, the services they provide, or how they deliver the business model.

For example, we offer a national accounts program to franchisees, we have great territory availability, and our web-based software provides 100% of your needs for scheduling and invoicing. Further, we are the world’s largest window cleaning company and that means you will join a very strong network of franchise owners in all stages of business ownership.

Fish Window Cleaning is a strong franchise in a great industry. We may be able to check a lot of your boxes for business ownership as well, so let’s have a conversation.

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