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Property Maintenance Franchise: 5 Types To Consider
Posted on Friday, February 3rd 2023


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Property Maintenance Franchise: 5 Types To Consider

Owning a franchise focused on property maintenance can be a good fit for people who want to spend more time outdoors and run their own schedules. While all franchises provide a business model, there are always pros and cons for different types of property maintenance work.

Fish Window Cleaning has been a property maintenance franchise for over 40 years. Not only do we do outdoor cleaning, but we do inside cleaning as well! Here are some other options our franchisees considered before signing on with us.


1. Pest Control

With a pest control franchise, you have recurring revenue as pest management is often used annually and sometimes more frequently. Most franchises have a low cost of entry and you can expand as the customer base grows.

To succeed, you need a pesticide license which requires an understanding of safe chemical use around people and pets. This is a physical job, especially if you are setting traps and removing animals. As you will be investing in chemicals and equipment regularly there are some higher costs here to consider.

2. Lawn Care and Landscaping

Cutting lawns and providing landscaping services is also a recurring revenue business and it is easy to cross-sell services to existing customers. The business can be a single owner-operator or expand based on customer demand, or if you get into the commercial market.

There are some challenges to meet when considering this type of property maintenance franchise.
  • Competition. There is tremendous competition in lawn care services, from high school students to other franchise and independent businesses.
  • Knowledge. For landscaping, you will need to be sufficiently knowledgeable about plant diseases, seasonal plant issues, design, and pesticide use. A background in botany or plant education is required to do this job well and earn repeat customers.
  • Equipment. For larger lawns, you will need equipment that allows you to be efficient in the time per job. If you pursue commercial work, costs can increase. In addition to the upfront equipment costs, you have to budget for repairs, transportation, operational costs, and storage.

3. Hardscaping

Hardscaping involves pavement and concrete work including driveways, foundations for outdoor patio areas, and related hard surfaces. In most cases, you will be targeting a more affluent clientele that is investing in fire pits, curb appeal additions, and the like.

The other side of this business is that your clientele can be limited; not every homeowner will choose to hardscape their property. It is important to price the job accordingly as there is no recurring revenue in this work. Knowing how to do proper site preparation is a must to provide a high-level end product, and you will need the appropriate equipment. Insurance premiums are higher in this type of operation.

4. Repair Services

A property maintenance repair business is a good option if you are knowledgeable about carpentry and other repair-related tasks. Repair services can focus on traditional handyman jobs, painting, fencing, swimming pool and hot tub maintenance, and more. You can operate from home and set your own hours (for the most part.)

A repair property maintenance franchise will compete with DIYers and depending on the work, you may need a license or special training. It is possible to be called out for emergency repairs if you decide to offer that service. Pricing can be a challenge as the job can end up being more than what was initially anticipated.

5. Window Cleaning

When franchisees choose Fish Window Cleaning, they recognize that they can serve both the indoors and outdoors of a home. FISH provides indoor window cleaning services plus mirrors, skylights, chandeliers and cleaning of other interior features. We also provide outdoor window cleaning plus we look after gutters and awnings too!

When you own a franchise business like FISH Window Cleaning, you have multiple streams of revenue, recurring revenue, and fewer seasonal issues. Cleaning franchises usually offer a low cost of entry and are also flexible and easy to scale when a franchise offers multiple cleaning tasks.

One challenge with this business is that you need to be comfortable working at heights. It is physical work but is often in short amounts of time which makes it a more appealing business model. While DIYers may do cleaning themselves, a job such as cleaning hard-to-reach windows may not be everyone's favorite task.


FISH Goes Further For Franchisees

In many parts of the country, a property maintenance franchise that only serves the exterior of the home can limit your revenue potential. At Fish Window Cleaning, we are truly proud of how well we match potential franchisees to this business. Request more information from our professional franchise team and let's see if we would be a great fit together.

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