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Commercial Window Cleaning Supplies: 12 Types of Equipment Needed
Posted on Wednesday, February 14th 2024


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Commercial window cleaning has some similarities and differences when compared to residential window cleaning. At Fish Window Cleaning, we do both types of properties, and commercial structures are often more varied than residential ones, which can be a challenge when starting.

We provide commercial cleaning but only for buildings up to three stories as that works best from a profitability model in our franchise. Before you take a look at our franchise opportunity, here are our tips on the types of equipment you will need when it comes to addressing the commercial window cleaning market.

Commercial Window Cleaning: Supplies You Definitely Need

There are some key items you will need to run a window cleaning business. These are:
  • Squeegees: choose different sizes and be sure to have a few on hand for each person who will be using them.
  • Waterfed poles: depending on the heights you will be working with consider the length of waterfed pole you will want, and how many you will carry as regular inventory.
  • T-bars and sleeves: there are various sizes and attachments so choose the ones that will be the most efficient commercial window cleaning supplies for the sizes of windows you will most often encounter.
  • Belts and holsters: you want sturdy holsters that can handle multiple items so you can be more efficient in your work; a belt that can accommodate multiple holsters is preferable to a single holster belt.
  • Cleaning solution: this will be a regular item in your inventory, so you want a product that does the best job and at the best price for regular purchases.
  • Buckets and towels: another staple for window washing, your buckets should have a comfortable and sturdy handle to avoid spills. Towels should come in a variety of materials and sizes for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Sturdy ladders: you don’t want to skimp on your ladders because safety is of paramount importance when working at heights. Test out a few ladders to see which ones feel best and do some research to see which ones have the best reviews.
When calculating your window cleaning start-up costs, these are your basic items, but there are certainly other items to choose from as well. In addition, there could be some other pieces of commercial window washing equipment you would find helpful, so we have included those for consideration.

Start Your Business with a Trusted Franchise

Fish Window Cleaning is a window cleaning franchise, and if you’re looking to get into this business, you should check out how a franchise might provide you with more peace of mind when it comes to ensuring you have considered everything and made the best decisions. Franchises provide a business model that covers everything we have talked about here, so you don’t have to worry if you have chosen a good cleaning solution or purchased the appropriate length of waterfed poles.

We Provide an Entire Business Model

The other thing a franchise provides is a solid marketing plan and administration program. For most people who become business owners, marketing and administration are not their strengths, and certainly not their reason for getting into a business. With Fish Window Cleaning, those items are looked after on your behalf by franchisor staff who are designated in those roles.

A franchise allows you to start a business under a brand that people already know and trust, and that provides you with a level of industry expertise that would take years of dedication to accumulate. It can be a faster way to own a business than starting from scratch.

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