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The Best Family Business to Start: 3 Types to Consider
Posted on Wednesday, January 10th 2024


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The Best Family Business to Start: 3 Factors to Consider

Fish Window Cleaning® was started by Mike and Linda Merrick, a couple who each brought different skills to the business. Linda remarked that she knew the business would work because of her husband’s work ethic. In return, Mike said Linda was the detailed and systematic thinker who drove the couple to develop the business into a franchise.

What Makes a Family-Friendly Business Idea?

There are certain characteristics of a business that can make it more family-friendly in terms of creating a financial future for the people closest to you.

1. Transferable Skills

The best family business to start will be one where the knowledge and skills required to learn the business can be easily acquired. If the business you choose is too focused (i.e. engineer, electrician, hair stylist, etc.) you will likely eliminate family members from wanting to join the business because their interests lie elsewhere.

When you choose a business that is adaptable to any skill set, you have a better chance of providing an attractive area of interest to family members. Plus, a family member can use their skills in ways to benefit the business and feel confident in their contributions.

2. Wide Opportunity

Ideally, the business you choose should have opportunities for the future. This could be in ways to expand and grow with more customers or to expand and grow with additional services. When there are new paths for the business, family members can be more engaged and invested in the outcome and will be more encouraged to be part of the succession planning exercise as well.

3. Good Mix of Roles

A business that offers a variety of roles can be attractive to growing a family enterprise versus a business that is run by a single dominating role. When you have areas of the business that family members can specialize in, that gives more opportunity for them to see a future in the business.

Tips on Operating a Family Business

Startup Nation offers keys to striking the right balance in a family business. When we reviewed these tips, many of them resonated with us as we onboarded family franchisees to Fish Window Cleaning.
  • Communication: Business is business. Family is family. Talk about one separate from the other.
  • Roles: You can make big decisions together, but each person needs to be in charge of and accountable for their responsibilities.
  • Boundaries: The tendency will be to talk business all the time, and there needs to be a break from that.
  • Fairness: Ideally, you have a mix of family and non-family members in the business. Treat everyone fairly in pay, promotions, scheduled shifts, praise, and criticism.
  • Management: Develop clear lines of leadership to ensure the business runs at its full potential. Get outside advice when you need it as a fresh perspective so one voice is not dominating the management style.

Why Fish Window Cleaning is a Good Family Business

The first reason why Fish Window Cleaning can be the best family business to start is the low barrier of entry. No matter what your role is in the business, the operations and how you generate revenue is straightforward. Businesses that are easier to understand are easier to grow, and a window franchise is one of those.

 Many Skill Opportunities

Another benefit of Fish Window Cleaning is that it offers a variety of skill sets. A single franchise has labor and crew management, marketing and customer relations, and financial administration. Within each of those areas are unique responsibilities that present an attractive career choice for a family member with transferrable skills.

Smart Financial Investment

The FISH franchise also has a lower financial commitment which lessens the stress on a family investment. We have a low-overhead business model with recurring revenue streams and longevity in the industry. With a smart investment level, we also encourage multi-unit ownership for those families looking to grow their portfolio in the brand.

Outside Advisory Benefit

With a franchise, you have automatic access to outside advisors who can help you grow the family business. Our franchise development team offers incredible support for franchisees, and we regularly discuss family ownership challenges and successes in our franchisee meetings and conventions. Many FISH franchisees run their businesses with family, so we have significant experience with how to bring resources that best serve our family operations franchise owners.

The Fish Window Cleaning Franchise Opportunity

Reach out to our franchise development team and let’s get a conversation started on how Fish Window Cleaning can meet your goals in starting and growing a family business.

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