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Franchisee Spotlight: John and Laurie Reinagel
Posted on Wednesday, February 20th 2019

John and Laurie Reinagel, Fish Window Cleaning New Orleans LA

A Husband-and-Wife-Team Pursuing Their Dreams Together

Pursuing an entrepreneurial dream is often a challenging, but incredibly rewarding, endeavor. Such was the case for John and Laurie Reinagel. The husband-and-wife team are thriving as Fish Window Cleaning franchisees in New Orleans, Louisiana. Their complementary skill sets and natural chemistry has played a major role in their long-term success.

John is no stranger to small business ownership, having started his own computer consulting firm shortly after graduating college. From there, John worked for two well-known brands doing merchandising, strategic planning and overseeing the opening of a new distribution center in Tucson. Along the way, John obtained his master’s degree and a wealth of business experience.

Laurie has a background in music and formally studied opera. After graduating from college, she primarily worked doing public relations, sales and marketing for nonprofit theaters and opera companies.

In May 2014, the Reinagels decided they would like to live closer to family; thus, the decision was made to move back home to Louisiana. Initially, the couple intended to purchase an existing independent business. However, during the search, John and Laurie met with a franchise consultant who encouraged them to consider franchising. After learning more about the franchising business model, John and Laurie decided that was the path for them. While searching for the perfect franchise, John and Laurie came across Fish Window Cleaning and were immediately intrigued.

“We considered many different franchises, but FISH was just different. The folks at corporate were kind and genuinely cared about our long-term success,” says John. “I also really liked hearing from the other franchisees already in the system. Their input was very reassuring, and I felt comfortable moving forward with the investment. Now that I am a FISH franchisee myself, I understand where they were coming from. The FISH support system and proven business model have helped us grow tremendously in just a few short years.”

While the Reinagels are happy, healthy and thriving today, the path to success was not without obstacles. During the franchise selection process, John and Laurie’s roles were unexpectedly reversed. Initially, John was going to take care of day-to-day operations for the franchise and Laurie would help as needed. However, John was offered an incredible job in the area. As a result, the couple decided that Laurie would take the lead with Fish Window Cleaning, and John would help with bookkeeping and strategy. Additionally, in November 2014, just six months after opening their franchise location, Laurie was diagnosed with cancer.

“We were just starting out when I found out I was sick. That was a very difficult time for us, but we never felt alone,” says Laurie. “I was basically out of commission for a few months while I was undergoing treatment, but the support we received from corporate was unbelievable. That is one of the things that I love most about FISH. They have a backup plan for every occasion – including my situation. It was hard, but we made it through, and now we are doing better than ever.”

Today, John and Laurie are thrilled to work collaboratively to bring quality window cleaning services to New Orleans. After a few years of building a reputation in the New Orleans area, the business was growing, and John decided to quit his outside job and work full-time alongside his wife at Fish Window Cleaning.

“We are thrilled to be able to pursue our dreams of small business ownership and financial freedom together,” says John. “Our business skills and management styles really complement each other. We work well together, and our relationships has gotten stronger, too. We absolutely love being a part of the FISH family.”

When John and Laurie aren’t working to grow the FISH brand, they are spending time with their two children or participating in community events. John and Laurie are both active members of their church, and Laurie enjoys utilizing her music background by singing in two choirs and serving as a worship team leader.

For more information on how you can join the Fish Window Cleaning team, visit FWCFranchise.com.

Fish Window Cleaning Nationally Recognized
Posted on Wednesday, February 13th 2019

2018 was a phenomenal year for Fish Window Cleaning, the nation’s premier window cleaning franchise, and 2019 is shaping up to be even better. For more than 40 years, Fish Window Cleaning has been providing customers with quality service and a top-notch window cleaning experience. Continual hard work by a dedicated network of franchisees and FISH team members has led to Fish Window Cleaning being recognized by two national Franchise media outlets. 

FISH Named to Entrepreneur 500 List 

Fish Window Cleaning started the year strong with a notable honor. FISH was featured in Entrepreneur’s 40th Annual Franchise 500® Ranking, the world’s first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking. Fish Window Cleaning was recognized for continued growth, exemplary support, expanding brand awareness and top-of-the-line financial strength and stability. 

The Franchise 500 list was first published in 1980. Since then, the list’s prestige has grown tremendously as the franchise industry has expanded. Over the past 28 years, franchising has afforded thousands of driven entrepreneurs the opportunity of small-business ownership. This year, more than a thousand franchises were considered for this honor. The Franchise 500 list is designed to recognize the world’s best franchises, and Fish Window Cleaning is thrilled to be a part of it. 

Fish Window Cleaning Recognized by Franchise Business Review 

Though still early in the year, Fish Window Cleaning has gained tremendous momentum in 2019. In addition to the Entrepreneur 500 list, Fish Window Cleaning has been named as one of the Top 200 Best Franchises of 2019 by Franchise Business Review. This year, more than 30,000 franchisees from today’s leading franchise brands were surveyed. Because this recognition is based solely on franchisee satisfaction, survey participants were asked 33 benchmark questions to determine a brand’s eligibility. Survey questions covered everything from leadership to training to core values to employee satisfaction. From this data, Franchise Business Review compiled a list of the top and most-eligible franchise brands. This year, Fish Window Cleaning is proud to make the list. 

The FISH Difference 

Fish Window Cleaning has a proven track record of providing reliable service to customers across the country. Grateful for the recent recognition by Entrepreneur and Franchise Business Review, FISH plans to build on this momentum moving forward. Fish Window Cleaning has worked hard to stand out from the crowd in the competitive window cleaning industry. After decades of hard work, the FISH brand has now expanded to over 275 locations across 44 states. The proven, scalable business model has withstood the test of time and continues to grow day by day. For more information, visit FWCFranchise.com.

Love What You Do - The Importance of Job Satisfaction
Posted on Friday, February 8th 2019

Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is in the air. While showing loved ones you care is certainly important at this time of year, there is also no better time to evaluate your own happiness. Ask yourself - are you in love with your career?

An average American work week is 40 hours long, but many corporate jobs expect employees to work longer hours, stay late and even answer phone calls and emails on weekends. Those long, hard days can end up negatively affecting your quality of life. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs are able to break away from the drudgery of corporate America and take control of their career (and their happiness!) through franchising.

Unhappiness in the Workplace is an Epidemic

Dissatisfaction in the workplace is not uncommon. The 2017 Mind the Workplace Report, which was released by the nonprofit Group Mental Health America and the Faas Foundation, reported 71 percent of American workers were either actively looking for a new job or thought about switching jobs frequently. Almost half of the survey participants felt they were underpaid and often unappreciated.

Other factors that may contribute to workplace stress can include limited career growth and advancement opportunities, a lack of interest and poor management; all of which can lead to increased stress levels and a lower quality of life.

Dissatisfaction Can Have Multiple Negative Effects on Your Life

Unhappiness in the workplace can drastically impact your life in many unexpected ways, including your physical health, social life and emotional stability.

The American Psychological Association reports that prolonged stress can trigger stress-related disorders such as constant muscle aches and tightness, migraine headaches, chronic pain, weight gain and more. Stress can also cause your immune system to become less effective and lead to an increased susceptibility to illness.

Beyond not feeling well, prolonged dissatisfaction can cause a drop in mood that doesn’t end with the workday. Overwhelming feelings of sadness and discontent will inevitably impact your social life.

Your career is a major part of your everyday life, and your happiness may depend on it!

Take Control of Your Career with Fish Window Cleaning

Now is the time to make the change, and fall in love with your career. It is not too late to find happiness in your professional life by breaking away from corporate America and investing in a reputable franchise like Fish Window Cleaning. As a franchisee, you are often able to set your own hours, regulate your office environment and take control of your future.

Fish Window Cleaning is the nation’s premier window cleaning franchise. After more than 40 years of providing customers with top-notch service, FISH has expanded to more than 275 locations across 44 states. With FISH’s proven, scalable business model, you can rekindle your passion for business and your career. For more information, visit FWCFranchise.com.

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