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Window Cleaning Insurance: Needs, Cost, and Types of Coverage
Posted on Wednesday, July 8th 2020

Window cleaning is a profitable venture, as owners of residences and businesses are in constant need of these services. Most businesses carry risks and require insurance coverage, and window cleaning is no exception.

Personal injury—to workers and others nearby—is a common risk in window cleaning, as workers use ladders, scaffolds, and other means to access hard-to-reach surfaces. Insurance is a must for window cleaning companies, and it is important to make sure the policy covers what it should.

Having coverage isn’t just important for your own protection. Many corporate clients entering into a window cleaning contract with your business may require proof of a certain amount of coverage, to protect themselves as well in the event of property damage or personal injury caused in the course of your providing the services.

Here are a few types of policies relevant to protecting a window cleaning business.

General Liability Insurance

Just about every business needs a comprehensive general liability policy to cover loss in the event of property damage, personal injury, and other liabilities that may arise.

If a worker breaks an expensive window or drops equipment onto a pedestrian below and causes bodily injury, general liability coverage will help protect the business against financial loss and make the injured party whole.

This coverage should include legal costs involved with defending against a lawsuit related to property damage or injury.

Workers Compensation

Your employees are your greatest resource. If they are injured while working for your window cleaning business, you may be responsible for the consequences medically and legally.

If an employee is hurt on the job, workers comp insurance will cover his or her medical care and lost income.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Injuries and damage don’t just occur in the course of climbing and cleaning. Your employees must travel to and from jobs, possibly in a vehicle owned by your window cleaning business.

It is critical for your operation to have commercial auto insurance coverage, which will cover damage and injuries caused in vehicular accidents as well as theft, vandalism, fire, or other damage. Without this coverage, your business could be stuck paying out of pocket.

Inland Marine Insurance

“Inland marine” insurance is not the same as “marine insurance,” which would cover losses suffered when transporting items across water. Instead, inland marine insurance covers products, materials, and equipment when transported over land, such as in a window cleaning van, or when temporarily stored.

Your business will invest in expensive equipment. Inland marine insurance will protect it from damage or theft.

The cost of these various types of window cleaning insurance policies will vary based on the size and scope of the business, what kind of equipment and vehicles it uses, how much coverage you need, and other factors.

If you are opening a franchise window cleaning business, your franchisor can help guide you and connect you with insurance companies familiar with the window cleaning industry—and possibly help you get a good corporate rate. If you are opening an independent venture, consult a local insurance agent to evaluate options.

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