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Window Cleaner Quote: What to Consider When Comparing Vendors
Posted on Monday, July 10th 2023


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Professional window cleaning can make a huge difference in the presentation and maintenance of your home. Depending on the experience and services offered by a cleaning company, window cleaning can become a regular part of your home cleaning schedule. Fish Window Cleaning® has been providing professional services to homeowners and small commercial outlets for more than 40 years.

If you have never gotten a professional window cleaner quote before, here’s an overview of the services that are commonly provided:

   (1) Interior and exterior window cleaning
   (2) Track and sill cleaning
   (3) Inspection of windows for damaged areas

Each company has its own list of services, so be sure to ask about them when obtaining a quote. Having one company do a few of your odd jobs can save you from having to hire and schedule several different people.

Important Questions to Ask a Vendor

In addition to knowing what services are provided when seeking window washing quotes, there are some company questions that you should also ask.

    (1) Is the company insured, licensed, and bonded?
          This is a minimum requirement for a professional service that is being provided on your property and potentially inside your home.

    (2) What is the company’s experience?
          Experience means the company is sustainable, and that means they have a happy customer base. When companies are new, they should be able to provide references and offer a
          satisfaction guarantee to instill confidence.

Fish Window Cleaning® has a lot of experience, but we also offer references and a satisfaction guarantee. As new franchisees are fully trained in our system, they bring a higher degree of knowledge and can offer professional, high-quality services.

For additional information, we have a list of 13 questions to ask a window cleaning company before you hire them.

How Window Cleaners Charge

A key part of obtaining a window cleaner quote is understanding how they charge for services. There are some general rules in the industry when it comes to quoting.

     (1) Specialty windows can cost more to clean: Skylights and double-pane windows take more time to clean and will have a higher cost per window than single-pane windows.

     (2) Ladder work can increase the price: If cleaners need a ladder to reach windows, that can be reflected in the cost simply because it takes more time to move the ladder, scale it,             and clean the window. However, the alternative is that you are on that ladder doing the cleaning yourself, so the extra charge is likely well worth it.

If you don’t want to worry about how to count windows for cleaning, request an estimate from the companies you’re considering. Some window cleaner quotes will be based on an hourly rate or square footage as opposed to a per-window price. This is why an estimate is helpful when comparing vendors.

Additional Services in a Window Cleaner Quote

Some companies offer additional services that complement window cleaning. This can be helpful to get a few property cleaning chores handled in one visit. For example, Fish Window Cleaning® offers the following additional services for residential customers:
  • - Chandelier cleaning
  • - Mirror cleaning
  • - Ceiling fan cleaning
  • - Storm window cleaning
  • - Skylight cleaning
  • - Screen cleaning
  • - Outdoor light fixture cleaning
  • - Gutter cleaning
  • - Awning cleaning
Some of these services can be done more often than others, so if you decide to make window cleaning a regular part of your home maintenance, work with the cleaner to schedule all the services you want them to provide and how often you want them looked after.
For example, gutter cleaning may be more of a seasonal service whereas your outdoor light fixtures may need to be part of the more frequent window cleaning schedule.

Most companies will also provide specialty cleaning if you are hosting an event at your home, or even preparing your home for sale.

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