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How Often Should You Clean Your Windows? 8 Factors to Consider
Posted on Wednesday, November 15th 2023


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Clean windows have a lot of benefits from enhancing a property’s appearance to delivering natural light to those inside. When we provide customer quotes, the number one question we get at Fish Window Cleaning® is: how often should you clean your windows?

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

When planning your window cleaning schedule, you want to know how often, should you clean your windows yourself or hire professional window washers, and how much it will cost. Here are some factors that help provide answers to those questions:

1. Preventative Maintenance

From a preventative maintenance standard, we recommend having your windows cleaned twice a year – once in the spring and once in the fall. This allows cleaners to spot any damage that has occurred over the winter and should be repaired in the spring, and likewise, any damage that occurred throughout the summer should be repaired before the colder weather sets in.

2. Location

In our experience, homeowners most often choose to have windows cleaned an average of four times a year, but that can vary based on the weather and geographical location. Most often there are two to three cleanings during the dirtiest part of the year along with the start and end of the warm weather seasons. Customers located near salty water often experience more fogging which results in a higher window cleaning frequency. How often should you clean your windows for commercial buildings? Commercial windows are cleaned more frequently – from weekly or bi-weekly cleaning to a minimum of monthly cleaning. Commercial properties are usually in high traffic areas which results in more dust and debris on the windows.

3. Special Events

Property owners also have special event cleanings if they are hosting an event or preparing their property for sale. An article in Realtor noted that when you’re looking to sell your home, having the windows washed is “a given” in creating curb appeal for prospective buyers.

4. Environmental Considerations

If you have a lot of trees or foliage in and around your yard, tree debris, sap, pollen, and other debris can wreak some havoc on your windows. Also, if you have a lot of insect activity, your windows should be examined for any damage or insect nests.

5. Weather

A dry season can mean more dust than usual on your windows, while an overly wet season can make a consistently streaky mess. Weather is always a factor in the condition of your window frames as well. Dry, hot weather can eat away at frames and cause cracks to appear, which can allow water to seep into areas that should remain dry.

6. Additional Services

Many homeowners bundle window cleaning with some of our other services, such as cleaning gutters, ceiling fans, and chandeliers and that can impact the schedule for cleaning. We also provide additional services for commercial buildings such as the cleaning of awnings, indoor and outdoor light fixtures, and skylights. When we provide a customized quote for the property, we include recommendations on frequency and how to manage any additional cleaning services they might need.

7. Appearance Considerations

The preferred appearance of the home or commercial property is a factor in the window cleaning schedule, especially if your home has a lot of windows that create part of its curb appeal. Commercially, restaurants, for example, want to make sure windows are clean because of how it reflects on the dining experience – no one wants to be seated by a window with dirt and grime on it.

8. Natural Light Factors

Office buildings also prioritize cleaning schedules to provide a safe and healthy workplace for their employees and a welcoming environment for customers. There is research that natural light boosts productivity in offices and now for individuals working from home. Natural light provides exposure to vitamin D, wards off seasonal depression, improves sleep, and is a preferred alternative to fluorescent lamps and lighting.

Customized Quotes Can Help

When we provide customized quotes to our residential and commercial customers, we also provide recommendations on the frequency of the service and can discuss factors that contribute to our recommendations. Here is some additional information on obtaining quotes for window cleaning that you may find helpful.

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