Owner: Monte and Debra McKee

Serving: Wichita, Andover, Bel Aire, Derby, Goddard, Maize, Mulvane, KS

We're located at:

4959 Lulu Court #30, Wichita KS 67216

Residential Customer Testimonials

“I have used FISH for several years! They've always done a fabulous job, and I'm comfortable with them in my home whether I'm there or not!”
   - Tamara M.
“Both cleaners were very courteous and did a fantastic job! I will use Fish Window Cleaning again. I believe their names were Andrew and Grayson!”
   - Judi H.
“The cleaners were great: very respectful and thorough.”
   - Stephanie G.
“I always appreciate the work your staff does for us.”
   - M.P.
“Customer service is hard to find, but I sure found it today! I would recommend FISH to anyone I know! Thanks for your great service.”
   - Linda R.
“I have used your services on a number of occasions, and your team has always done exceptional work in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend using Fish Window Cleaning for your needs.”
   - Mark T.
“We've used Fish Window Cleaning 3 times. You guys are awesome!”
   - Vicki H.
“Just thrilled with the professionalism of the employees and the superb quality on cleaning the windows. See you in 6 months.”
   - Dan B.
“Repeat customer, always 100% satisfied. Thank you.”
   - Tima C.
“The guys did a great job, and they were friendly and professional!”
   - Dawn S.
“Chuck made my windows so clear! He was friendly & respectful. 10/10”
   - Haley B.
“Very pleased with how fast you quoted and cleaned the windows. Extremely happy with how good they look now.”
   - Vicki H.
“The team was very courteous and professional. I can't believe what a difference clean windows make! Wish I had done it sooner!”
   - Leslie E.
“The cleaners were very respectful. They came to me with any questions. Just super great! Super appreciate their attention to detail.”
   - Catherine H.
“My mom was very pleased. She is notoriously picky and hard to please and was very happy with the service.”
   - Patty C.
“Very courteous young men. And they did a great job!”
   - Karen U.
“Very good service: worked hard and very fast. Excellent crew.”
   - Garry C.
“Great work!”
   - Sharon E.
“My cleaner did a wonderful job. I am very happy with my clean windows.”
   - Brenda G.
“Chuck is great, I highly recommend him; he does a great job cleaning my windows and is very friendly.”
   - Rosie D.
“The guys who cleaned my windows were great.”
   - Rosie D.
“My windows had not been cleaned in a very long time. The men made my windows sparkle! I had windows with overspray which they were able to remove.”
   - Stephanie F.
“Grayson and Camrun were just fabulous! I can not say enough positive things about both of them!”
   - Tina F.
“Very polite young men. Windows are nice & clean.”
   - Karen S.
“He was good to work with... did an excellent job!”
   - Marty P.
“Another quality window cleaning, inside and out! Trent did a great job and was very thorough and respectful. This is the 2nd time we've used Fish Window Cleaning and will continue to do so. Their reasonable pricing and quality work are a winning combination!”
   - Barb H.
“Quick and easy!!”
   - Robin U.
“Just a really good professional experience. Top notch workers. Excellent results. Highly recommend.”
   - Cherie C.
“Windows look so much better. He did a great job!”
   - Sarah S.
“Our cleaner was professional, friendly and did an amazing job! We've already recommended your company to 3 people.”
   - Denise C.
“Grayson was excellent! My husband could hardly believe the difference!!”
   - Sharon E.
“The people you have working for you are very professional and do a wonderful job.”
   - Paula M.
“Twice a year now for five years and always impeccable workmanship and service. Wouldn't go to or recommend anyone else.”
   - Paul H.
“Morris did a great job and made sure we were satisfied before leaving. Thanks.”
   - Dan M.
“Very professional and quick service. I'm looking forward to using FISH again!”
   - Sarah S.
“We have used your service prior and very happy with our view through spotless windows. Thank you.”
   - Tina C.
“I can't remember his name, but the gentleman that cleaned our gutters was very nice and professional. He assured me before he left that he got all of the downspouts cleared and didn't miss any. It rained very heavily two days later, and everything flowed beautifully. It was a relief not to hear the rain pouring over the gutters! I used another service last year that was a little less expensive but they were not as thorough. I am glad I switched back to your company. I also was pleased with the pleasant service I received when I called in to schedule the appointment.”
   - Heather P.
“My cleaner was outstanding. I definitely want him next year!”
   - Trudy R.
“He was very professional and did a great job.”
   - Dani H.
“Very nice guys.”
   - Sarah S.
“They were so quiet and fast I hardly knew they were here. My windows are spotless! Thank you!”
   - Robin U.
“The person that cleaned my window this did an awesome job.”
   - Dan Y.
“The cleaner did a great job!”
   - Gail H.
“Mason, your employee who cleaned my windows on Thursday, June 2, did an excellent job. He was very respectful and worked hard to complete the job as I asked. He missed a skylight which I called about, but that was a minor factor. I feel I needed to contact you and let you know what an incredible job he did on the windows of my house. He is one of the best I have ever had clean here. Thank you for hiring such a competent worker.”
   - Nancy W.
“FISH Window Cleaning is absolutely the best I have ever experienced. We just moved here from California and bought a house in Derby, KS. We had to get our house cleaned within two weeks in order to host a large Christmas party. Called FISH Window Cleaning and explained the situation. They got us booked and cleaned within five days during one of the busiest times of the year. We have a large ranch style home with over 30 windows. The crew worked in 10 degree weather not once complaining. There was a problem with screens and the owner came out to resolve the problem. It was well worth the money and will be calling again this Spring. Thank You FISH Window Cleaning.”
   - Collette A.
“[The cleaners] are so professional and so very sharp, I was really impressed and it takes a lot for me to be impressed. I noticed [my windows] coming down the road, two houses before I got home....they were glistening in the west sun!!!!”
   - Shana H.
“Taylor and his crew did a great job. They were courteous, fast, and efficient. Thank you!”
   - Melinda L.
“The gentleman did such a good job on the windows! They look wonderful! He was extremely kind and polite! We will definitely have you guys back!”
   - Susan P.
“(FISH Window cleaner) came out today and cleaned windows (2 story home), a chandelier, and a ceiling fan. (He) did great job cleaning, working quickly, but carefully. He was pleasant and respectful. I really appreciated his professionalism. In the past, window cleaners from other companies have been sloppy, dirty, and often rude. Now that I found (FISH), I'll have my windows cleaned more often. Very Impressed! Thank You!”
   - Melody B.
“You can tell the difference. It's fresh. It's clean. I think the first impression is very important. The key is I don't want (visitors and patients) to be noticing that my glass is dirty when they drive up. I guess what they don't see is important to me. You can notice my neighbors to the side of me, some of them adopted Fish Window Cleaning too"”
   - Dr. J. Wheeler
“My windows look beautiful. A super job by Clint. Thanks”
   - Vivian R.
“Clint and Andrew were WONDERFUL - can't get over how great the windows look! Thx for all -”
   - Brenda B.

Commercial Customer Testimonials

“Kai did a great job explaining the process and made sure I was happy once the job was complete.”
   - Jim M.
“Zach was phenomenal when speaking to a young client that was in our waiting room. He was kind, compassionate, and included this client because the client had a lot of questions. Zach was so sweet even when the little one asked for his phone number, he gave her a signature piece of paper and this child hung onto it the whole session beaming with happiness. He did not bat an eye to include this young client in wiping a surface off even though he had just wiped it off, just to include them. It is important when coming into an establishment that have mental health cases that each person is treated as an equal and Zach did just that. The caring attitude, going above and beyond to make this an easy interaction, was exactly what Zach did. He did not have to include this young client, and he did not have to go above and beyond to have a full conversation with them without any doubt or hesitation.”
   - Leigh S.
“Always very friendly and professional. Thank you!”
   - Joe G.
“Our cleaner was very professional, did an amazing job, and was happy to answer our questions! Our windows were so clean, staff said it looked almost like they weren't even there!”
   - Robyn G.
“Professional, courteous, and thorough! We would highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning!”
   - Kelly L.
“Please send this [cleaner] again. He was awesome.”
   - Anita O.
“They are the best. On time, courteous, very friendly. Highly recommend them.”
   - Pam S.
“He was very professional and had the job done in no time.”
   - Tina S.
“They have always done a very good job for us. Valuable service - great price.”
   - Charlus B.
“They always do a fantastic job!”
   - Ken M.
“I appreciate the communication. I always know what's going on, which is important when managing 3 locations. Their work is excellent as well.”
   - Dallis C.
“Your guys did an awesome job!”
   - Anita O.
“Amazing customer service! Thank you so so much.”
   - Paige A.
“The cleaners are always nice and fast.”
   - Tina S.
“Always polite and the windows look great when the work is done!”
   - Carol I.
“Having Fish Windows come to clean is one of the best decisions we have made. Didn't know they were dirty until they were clear. Always on time and they get the job done and gone.”
   - Terrie E.
“They are always nice and are very quick!”
   - Tina S.
“Everyone that has come out to do our window cleaning has been kind and professional and gets the job done in a timely manner!”
   - Ciara H.
“AJ did a GREAT job today. He was so efficient and asked questions about the areas needing attention that he may have been unsure of. He also pointed out that we have some hard water spots on some windows that couldn't be removed. This helped us identify a few roof leaks, where we have had past issues. AJ was very personable, polite & thorough.”
   - Brenda H.