Owner: Bob Johnson

Serving: Lincoln, Seward, Wahoo, NE

We're located at:

6121 S. 58th Street Suite C, Lincoln NE 68516

Residential Customer Testimonials

“I love their service, and my windows look great!”
   - Carrie S.
“I had to put things in the windows so the birds won't go through them: looks wonderful inside and out, including the screens.”
   - Pauline Q.
“Appreciated FISH going the extra mile to fit us in.”
   - Monica B.
“John did a fine job.”
   - Veronica T.
“We really appreciated the marvelous work.”
   - Diane N.
“Always so impressed with the courtesy and quality of work. I know this is not a big job and appreciate the attention I get every month and of course, clean windows! Thanks!”
   - Julie P.
“I love being able to see out our windows again. They did a great job!!! I'm already on the schedule for next year.”
   - Yvonne D.
“Love how my windows look. Will definitely schedule again.”
   - Juanita T.
“Overall, I'm pretty pleased. It is nice to have clean windows, finally. I thought the price was very reasonable considering my husband and I no longer have any business climbing ladders. The young man was neat, clean, and respectful, projecting a good image for your company.”
   - Jeanne B.
“This was my first time to have my windows done professionally. I am pleased with Fish Window Cleaning. A friend recommended them, & they did not disappoint!”
   - Lana A.
“Absolutely thrilled with the results.”
   - Melanie D.
“Just thought the [cleaners] you sent out were so nice and polite!”
   - Jaime T.
“So appreciative of the service and the communication I receive when FISH comes. Highly highly recommend!!”
   - Julie P.
“They did a great job!”
   - Anne H.
“We just moved into our home. The previous owners had 5 children, 2 dogs and a cat so we knew that FISH had a big job in front of them. The crew was on time, stayed focus on the task at hand, and did a phenomenal job. All of the windows looked amazing in the end! Thank you!”
   - Heather R.
“We had FISH come out in June to clean the inside and outside of our windows of the entire house. Not only does it look beautiful, but we couldn't have been more impressed with the crew. There were four men who were professional to us, careful with/on our property and extremely kind. We have hard well water and gravel roads and our windows look like our (6 year old) house was just built! I am scheduling them to come back at least twice a year. I highly recommend!!”
   - Staci D.
“They were all very friendly and did a FANTASTIC JOB. I will be calling them again in the future.”
   - Christie B.
“Austin and his crew were extremely polite and professional. They did a fantastic job on my outside windows and I look forward to hiring them for outside and inside windows in the future. Thank you.”
   - Holly H.
“My cleaners were excellent, polite. Best cleaning of my windows.”
   - Jo P.
“We want the same cleaner back next year. He was professional, honest, courteous and just a nice guy.”
   - Tim G.
“Very respectful. As always, awesome job. Greatly appreciated!”
   - Jon P.
“They were kind and friendly! They did an awesome job.”
   - Amanda H.
“The cleaning crew were professional, quick and very courteous. I will definitely be using your service again.”
   - Aaron B.
“I love these guys! They do a fantastic job!”
   - Carrie S.
“Thank you! We will definitely use you again.”
   - Carrie K.
“Cleaners were friendly & did great work!”
   - Teella P.
“Very polite guys.”
   - Carol R.
“All great. Will have you come back in the spring!”
   - Nathalie K.
“Always polite and easy to work with. The transom window was missed and they were right back the next day to take care of it.”
   - Yvonne D.
“We were thrilled with the window cleaning!”
   - Becky E.
“He did a great job and I have asked to be put on a bi-annual cleaning schedule. As always a great job done and Lee was exceptional!”
   - Jon P.
“Great job. The young man who did the work was professional, knowledgeable,courteous, and respectful. Won't hesitate in using you folks again.”
   - Brad T.
“Our windows look amazing!”
   - Aimee O.
“So very happy at how quick, efficient and high quality your work was! Thanks for working me in!”
   - Kelly R.

Commercial Customer Testimonials

“Your staff is very friendly and professional. They do an amazing job and are very efficient.”
   - Michael R.
“If I could use you guys at more of our store locations, I 100% would. You compete on price with the one-man shows somehow, but the service is generally much better and more consistent. When you have 30 stores there is always a fire somewhere, but I have never had to worry once about our storefronts looking great.”
   - Tony M.
“Prompt, polite, and professional with all of it. Initial visit and assessment was great, and the work was done very quickly. Thanks for fitting us in!”
   - Mike H.
“Always good to work with.”
   - Tracy S.
“Dill is the best!”
   - Tawnya D.
“Landon was very nice and did a great job!”
   - Becky H.
“Your crew does a great job: quick, efficient, and our windows look great!”
   - Scott R.
“Appreciate the great service.”
   - Tracy S.
“We had a few minor issues which were resolved the next day. A big shout out to Jagger: he was very polite and courteous and willing to fix the issue we had. He did a great job.”
   - Rachel P.
“Fish Window Cleaning is very professional & quick to respond.”
   - Michael R.
“Every employee is friendly and courteous, always with a smile no matter the weather. We value their professionalism and highly recommend.”
   - Kelly D.
“The two young men who came to our location were polite and professional. They did a fantastic job!”
   - Amy S.
“Please continue your great services with highest integrity.”
   - Mahak C.
“Everyone at Fish Window Cleaning is professional, courteous and friendly. They show up and do what they need to and always try to stay out of the employees way or will ask permission to access the area they need. They are flexible and accommodating to fit the cleaning schedule that works best for you. Give them a try...You won't be disappointed!”
   - Shaunna W.
“Great cleaner and service.”
   - Karla H.
“This was our first time having Fish Window Cleaning and we will definitely have them return! We had hard water deposits on our windows at our retail store from the lawn sprinklers and they were able to remove all the residue and make our windows crystal clear again.”
   - Brenda C.
“Our windows were extremely dirty and had adhesive all over them. The gentleman who cleaned our windows, Mark, did an amazing job and spent a great deal of time making sure our windows looked brand new. The results surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning services.”
   - Sarah L.
“Our windows look great! Thank you!”
   - Ashley S.
“Great, friendly workers!!”
   - Trish J.
“Great response to our needs regarding schedule, windows look great”
   - Mark S.
“I appreciate that Fish Window Cleaning is always prompt and complete in their window service for their customers. They always do an excellent job for us.”
   - Shawn C.
“Rick did a excellent job coming out and biding the job and fast scheduling the work.”
   - Chris W.
“Crew was on time and extremely courteous. They had to do some extra items and help move stuff. They were extra careful and helpful. We will be using your company again.”
   - Shawn C.