Owner: Juan and Judy Randazzo

Serving: Knoxville (downtown, UT Campus, Sequoyah Hills, West Knoxville), Farragut, Lenoir City, Loudon, Friendsville, Greenback, Louisville, Maryville, Alcoa, Rockford, Knoxville, Powell, Karns, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, Fountain City, Halls, South Knoxville, Seymour, Clinton, Kodak, Rockytop, Blaine, Heiskell, Strawberry Plains, Gatlinburg

We're located at:

11020 Kingston Pike Suite 340, Knoxville TN 37934

Residential Customer Testimonials

“Thank you! We will definitely use your company again for our window cleaning needs.”
   - Brennan M.
“We always have stellar work done by FISH.”
   - Kristina T.
“Great experience and very professional.”
   - Patty K.
“Chase and his partner are at our home today and did the best job of every FISH crew we have had! They are terrific and did a fabulous job, above and beyond and in extreme heat too!”
   - Leslie B.
“Austin was extremely courteous and polite. He did a wonderful job. We have out of state company coming this week and are thrilled to look through sparkling windows.”
   - Elton B.
“They did a fantastic job!”
   - Liz M.
“Did a quality job.”
   - David R.
“The cleaners were very professional and thorough with the job they provided. My windows look new again! Thank you.”
   - Jacquilyn F.
“Great service. Kind and professional employee.”
   - Penny S.
“The workers were efficient, thorough, very polite, and respectful of their surroundings.”
   - Phyllis W.
“John always does a great job!”
   - Lindsay B.
“Your employees are so nice and respectful.”
   - Janice L.
“Showed up on time. Office called ahead and verified the appointment.”
   - Alan S.
“Will call again!”
   - Lucinda M.
“I use Fish Window Cleaning company every year. I trust them, and they always do an excellent job. Highly recommend them.”
   - Kathy O.
“Beautiful, clean shining windows! The cleaner was efficient, thorough, and very polite! I so very much appreciated the results of his work!!!”
   - Dottie E.
“Great job.”
   - Kevin T.
“The cleaners were both very courteous, and our windows are super clean and so is the deck. We will call you next year!”
   - Joy F.
“Both cleaners did a great job. Thanks!”
   - Clifford R.
“Very professional and very good work. This is my second time using them and will be calling again. They did a exceptional job on a windy, chilly day.”
   - Linda A.
“Jeremiah and Austin arrived on time and did a good job of cleaning the outside of all my windows.”
   - Lindsay F.
“Cleaners arrived early and were courteous, efficient, and professional. We are pleased with their work.”
   - Charles W.
“They did a great job!!”
   - Dottie H.
“Appreciate Fish Window Cleaning, windows sparkle when they finish, they never leave a mess. Reliable, friendly service.”
   - Mary C.
“I wished I had hired them sooner. Their work was fantastic.”
   - Laura S.
“I have used FISH for several years. They do an excellent job and are timely and consistent in quality work. Marquis and Russell were the most polite and considerate contractors I've ever had to my home! What a great team! Thank you for being a company I can trust and recommend to my friends!”
   - A.B.
“The FISH team always does a fantastic job at our home. We wouldn't think of using anyone else!”
   - Kevin K.
“I was extremely pleased with how thorough and professional Joseph was. My sunroom windows look amazing. I highly recommend this company.”
   - Mary T.
“Very professional, on time arrival, and excellent cleaning.”
   - Steve C.
“Always very friendly and efficient.”
   - Lisa E.
“Ellis and Jen did an exceptional job. We are very pleased. We were originally scheduled for late December. Because they were willing to work a Saturday our windows were cleaned right before the holidays. We have always used FISH and have always been pleased with the finished product.”
   - Karen W.
“John is always great and professional. Thank you!”
   - Lindsay B.
“This is the second time we have had FISH clean our windows, and both times we have been keenly impressed with the quality and courteous people performing the work. Marquis and Zach were both extremely polite and conscientious about their work. They represent FISH extremely well.”
   - Cliff R.
“Great job! I have used Fish Window Cleaning and am very satisfied!”
   - Susan H.
“Very pleased; we are a repeat customer.”
   - Bob S.
“Our cleaners were punctual and professional! They took great care with my difficult screens. Within two hours, I had spotless windows. I appreciate that John was able to provide me with an on-site quote so quickly. Thank you!”
   - Beth P.
“Very prompt and professional.”
   - Nancy T.
“I liked the two men who washed my windows. Very polite and professional.”
   - Georgiana V.
“Very efficient, and they did a great job.”
   - Melanie V.
“The gentlemen did a great job, and my windows were spotless when they left.”
   - N.D.
“Good job.”
   - John S.
“So happy with the results! I got the recommendation from a friend, and I'm so happy that I did!”
   - Shawne M.
“Great pair of people that showed up today. They were very polite and worked very hard. Really enjoyed having them at our house. Excellent work!”
   - Karen M.
“Both Joseph and King were respectful and professional, and they did a great job. Very pleased with the work they did: huge improvement in the appearance of our windows!”
   - Buddy B.
“The work performed was great.”
   - Teresa B.
“Cleaners were very nice!”
   - Brenda C.
“These were fine young men and very polite and hard-working. They did an outstanding job! Just suburb and efficient. I will have them back again next year or so. Thanks again boys.”
   - Karen P.
“The two gentlemen were the best cleaners I ever had! Very respectful and hard working.”
   - Kathy O.
“Just wanted to express my superior satisfaction with the gutter cleaning at my home! Your crew is most exceptional and does great work. Will definitely recommend FISH to anyone needing their services! You are a most fine company! Thanks again!”
   - Randall D.
“King arrived promptly and did an amazing job! He took pride in his work and did an awesome job. I have never used FISH before but would highly recommend. Windows now sparkle.”
   - N.D.
“Did a great job.”
   - Roberta S.
“Two very nice and respectful young men who worked diligently to do an outstanding job on the windows.”
   - Al W.
“I have been a customer of FISH for years. First at our home in Georgia and now in Tennessee. I have always been very pleased with the quality of the work and the techs that have come to our home.”
   - Susan H.
“Fish Window Cleaners did an excellent job on our windows. They were prompt, courteous, and had attention to detail. I felt like the price was reasonable for the work completed.”
   - Pamela S.
“Always perfect. Thank you!”
   - Lindsay B.
“I have used you for many years and in all that time, I have never been disappointed. Excellent cleaners and fine work.”
   - Beverly S.
“Great service.”
   - Carol I.
“Professional, courteous service.”
   - Rich J.
“Very polite and respectful. Worked hard. Did a good job and was completed quickly.”
   - Barbara M.
“I was very impressed with the young men who came to do my windows. And VERY Impressed with how good the windows looked in the short time it took to get the windows washed. I'm so happy I called you guys to do the windows when I knew I would never do them! Thank you so much.”
   - Laura G.
“Very business like and did a good job.”
   - E.D.
“Highly recommend!!”
   - Carrie J.
“Both of your workers were professional and courteous!”
   - Ann N.
“The windows haven't been this clean in years...well, since the last time FISH cleaned them!”
   - George D.
“Very friendly workers.”
   - Marylyn A.
“The cleaners were meticulous and careful while working.”
   - Brenda B.
“Great job.”
   - Larry D.
“Excellent job and excellent price.”
   - Gail R.
“Our cleaners were great!!”
   - Beth X.
“This is my 2nd year using FISH. I have been more than happy with both experiences. I will continue to use them to clean my windows.”
   - Suzie B.
“We love FISH!”
   - Karen B.
“Service: Overall a good job. Cleaners: the cleaners were respectful, polite, & represented the company well.”
   - Bill E.
“WOW! Very impressive young man! Excellent work!”
   - Bob T.
“Always a great experience! Thank you so much.”
   - Lindsay B.
“Josh and Zach did our windows inside and out. They worked hard and were respectful, informative and a delight to have in our house.”
   - Mary M.
“Your two technicians were model employees--they showed up in a timely manner, explained to me exactly the order in which they would wash my windows (including some screens), and clean my gutter, and then did a wonderfully professional job with everything. When FISH cleans my gutters, I also know that the technician will notice any issues with my roof, shingles, or gutters and soffit. All of that is very helpful. I am totally satisfied with the service I received!”
   - Kathleen M.
“Fish Window Cleaning was an excellent experience. Their work, their professionalism, and their price is great. My windows look better than they did when they were installed just 3 years ago. The price was very reasonable for the work they performed. I would highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning, and I am going to send as many recommendations I can with a personal note of recommendation.”
   - Terry T.
“I was very pleased and impressed with the prompt, professional, and thorough service I received from FISH. I heartily recommend the team that provided my window cleaning.”
   - Robin R.
“Most courteous and professional service. I can now see clearly out my windows. The washers were thorough, thoughtful about [not] dragging debris into the house, and were pleasant and personable. Payment was easy and quick. I would recommend Fish Window Cleaning highly. Completely satisfied. Will soon have them come back to clean the gutters.”
   - Marilyn E.
“Very satisfied. Hector & Josh worked together & communicated well as a 2-man team. Did a great job in time efficient manner. They took good care of the window screens with no damage. They were respectful of the interior of the house to not track-in dirt or make a mess.”
   - Larry T.
“Very friendly guy. He did the entire house by himself. All the windows look great. FISH always does a great job.”
   - Cathy H.
“Very professional and quiet… will be calling you again before winter... great job.”
   - Brenda J.
“Fast, efficient, and professional!”
   - Mike B.
“This was a new experience for me. The process was painless, no ladders! Two men did my entire home, inside and out, (3100sq). In one hour. They were courteous and professional and were careful with my furniture, etc. Best window cleaning experience of my life. I learned they clean the screens on the porch too! I will book again and include the porch screens. Thank you FISH.”
   - Barbara M.
“Joseph and King did a good job.”
   - Donald S.
“Excellent service by those two young guys. Very neat and thorough.”
   - Sande M.
“Kyle did an excellent job. He was very courteous and efficient.”
   - Reba K.
“Very professional and even came early! Very pleased with the results!”
   - Ginger C.
“Very polite.”
   - Chris B.
“We received a phone call from Josh that he was on the way to the house to perform the window cleaning, much appreciated. Thanks.”
   - Gary B.
“This is the second time I have used Fish Window Cleaning service. I have been completely satisfied both times. The crew was respectful, courteous, professional, and efficient.”
   - Patricia B.
“Very professional and courteous!! Windows look amazing!!”
   - Karyn C.
“Everything looks amazing! I am in shock at how much of a difference this made!!! I highly recommend having FISH come clean your windows - inside and out!!”
   - Kristi J.
“I have a lot of windows and the inside was done fantastic.”
   - Linda R
“Very satisfied customer!!”
   - Janice C.
“Great job. Fish Window Cleaning is the best.”
   - Tom K.
“I was very pleased with them cleaning my gutters.”
   - Charlotte W.
“Best service we ever had. Wonderful service.”
   - Rhonda C.
“Always get GREAT service from FISH!!!”
   - Karen Z.
“Marquis and Jeremiah were professional and thoughtful and explained the process clearly before and afterwards. Thank you!”
   - Jennifer S.
“Hector and Ty did a wonderful job.”
   - Lee R.
“Efficient and excellent work. Wore a mask when requested, which we appreciate since daughter is immunosuppressed.”
   - Mary C.
“Very courteous hard workers that did an excellent job.”
   - Karen W.
“Really nice guys; great results; will hire FISH again.”
   - Julia C.
“Alec was very professional and did a great job. I will definitely use other services from the company in the coming year.”
   - Glenda D.
“Very professional!”
   - Mechelle C.
“The crew that did the work this year was excellent. Best crew we've had come out. They were detailed and cleaned out all the gutters. Even the hard ones to reach. They were amazing!! They can come back every year!”
   - Erin K.
“The guys were very good at cleaning windows, they answered all my questions. Will definitely use them again.”
   - Mitchell P.
“These guys did a great job! They were very courteous and really care about what they do! I will definitely continue having them clean my windows! What a difference it makes!!”
   - Lisa B.
“Really enjoyed working with the crew, Hector & King.”
   - Joe C.
“Our cleaners were really nice and did a great job.”
   - Yvonne T.
“Great guy. Did a terrific job.”
   - David W.
“On time. Great work ethic. Kept us abreast of issues. Windows are so clean that it looks there no window is there. Now that is CLEAN. We will be using you again.”
   - Steve A.
“Dave and Jeremiah were both excellent and worked as a great team.”
   - Vaughn R.
“The cleaner arrived on time, was very professional, and did an exceptional job cleaning our windows. We are 100% pleased with the quality of work!!!”
   - Gail R.
“They did a great job.”
   - Shirley S.
“The upper body strength required to do our outside windows was impressive. Thank you to both the inside and outside gentlemen, James and Lance, for coming to our home, dealing with our dog a bit, and making our windows sparkle!”
   - Stephanie M.
“Chris and King did an excellent job with some challenging windows. Very quality work.”
   - Eual S.
“As always, the representatives for Fish Window Cleaning were prompt, courteous, efficient and took pride in the work. We have used FISH each year for the past five years and the quality of service has been consistent. All interactions from scheduling to final delivery have always been excellent.”
   - Carlette H.
“Thorough, professional, and fast. My windows AND screens are very happy.”
   - Doug K.
“Incredible service; efficient and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend!”
   - Debbie H.
“The two young men who came to my home were outstanding. They were very professional and very nice. They did an amazing job. I hope they return for the next cleaning.”
   - Teresa B.
“On time, got right to work, all outside windows and around shrubs, very quickly got through job, less than an hour. Windows look great.”
   - Patsy H.
“On-time, knowledge-experience was obvious. Will use FISH again!”
   - James M.
“Very pleased.”
   - Robert S.
“Great guys, great communicators. A good reflection of the company.”
   - Chris M.
“Very polite young men; arrived on time and efficient with their work.”
   - Karen S.
“Always great service - Thank you.”
   - Lindsay B.
“I am already recommending FISH to my friends.”
   - Linda N.
“The guys did a great job. I will definitely use your services again.”
   - Susan B.
“Our FISH team arrived on time and did a very professional job.”
   - Charles L.
“Extremely professional. I would use these 2 again.”
   - Nancy B.
“Ty did an excellent job cleaning the inside and outside windows and sills on our 2 story house. I recommend Fish Window Cleaning and will use them again.”
   - Gary B.
“Great job! I'm a realtor and will recommend to all my clients when needed. Thank you!”
   - Jennifer G.
“The team did a great job working together, one inside on the windows and one outside on the decks and porches. They have always done a great job on the windows so when I found out they do decks, porches and patios, I added them to the work order. They did such a good job, I will never do the exterior again myself!”
   - Rebecca K.
“The guys were great, did a wonderful job!”
   - Barbara S.
“You guys did a good job! Look forward to next year.”
   - Lilly S.
“Good job!”
   - Sally C.
“Ty and Jerimiah were wonderful! Polite, hard working and very respectful! I am VERY happy with your service! Thank you!”
   - Dianne H.
“Great job, your employees are the best.”
   - Ken B.
“The entire staff was excellent and our cleaner, Jeremiah, did a fantastic job, was professional and courteous. This was our first time using FISH and we highly recommended this company!”
   - Karla D.
“Great Service. Very Professional.”
   - Mike H.
“Excellent job on windows that had not been cleaned in awhile.”
   - Gene H.
“They did a great job. I was very pleased. I have been using this service for 5 years and I am very happy with the service. Would not go anywhere else. Superb.”
   - Kathy O.
“I was very pleased with the professionalism, courtesy, and care with which your employees cleaned my inside and outside windows. They also examined my outside gutters near the upper windows and gave me good advice about their condition, which was very much appreciated. I will certainly plan to use Fish Window Cleaning on a regular basis!”
   - Kathleen M.
“Very nice guys... fast service, clean windows. Would highly recommend.”
   - Cathy H.
“The young men who cleaned my sunroom windows were very professional, conscientious, and thorough. Some of the windows reach a height of about 30 feet on a hill. They did an excellent job.”
   - Diane M.
“He was very efficient and courteous. He worked at a good pace and all the results were excellent.”
   - Anna R.
“Jeremiah and Marquis we're both professional and polite and did a great job! I will definitely be calling FISH again in the future. Thank you for the clean windows!”
   - Colleen D.
“We were very pleased with the quality of job as well with the timely manner in which they completed the job.”
   - Ann N.
“Definitely will use again in the fall! And the office team members have been awesome to work with! Went out of their way to get our home done before Easter! We had to reschedule twice because of bad weather!”
   - Tammy T.
“USE FISH!!!!! They are the best!!! John and Judy have integrity and run a quality company!!!”
   - Louise W.
“Chris was wonderful, did a great job and I am very well pleased with the results.”
   - Vivian N.
“Great service, certainly looking to use you again in the future.”
   - Lewis S.
“Tyler did a great job in both locations. He was very professional, on time for appointment, attention to detail and completed the process in minimal time. We highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning.”
   - Margie C.
“Jeremiah and Joshua were great. We would highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning.”
   - Michelle C.
“Excellent service. I have used Fish Window Cleaners for years. Always happy!”
   - Susan H.
“Both team members were very efficient and professional . They do a great job of quality control on each other's work prior to having the customer view the final cleaning. Will definitely recommend the company and crew. Great value.”
   - Phillip W.
“Courteous, efficient, and thorough teamwork. Great price, too!”
   - Robert J.
“We have used Fish Window Cleaning since moving to Knoxville four years ago. They always do a great job, arrive on time, and send courteous technicians.”
   - Michael F.
“The crew, led by Tyler, were exceptionally good, industrious workers and quite polite. They represent your company well.”
   - Cliff R.
“Joseph and Tyler were very nice. They did a really good job.”
   - Lori S.
“We are thrilled with our sparkling clean windows at The Gilded Gown. Our bridal and prom gowns have never shown up so well in our front windows. Thank you Fish Window Cleaning!”
   - Elizabeth E.
“Marquis and Tyler were courteous, professional, and efficient. They did a great job!”
   - Carol W.
“Great job. The windows look better than ever.”
   - Scott W.
“Awesome work!!”
   - Steven D.
“Thank you! Job well done.”
   - John M.
“Tyler was awesome and did a super job but he worked all alone for 2 hours. Then another guy came to help him finish the job. I appreciate how hard Tyler worked. He's an amazing young man.”
   - Shirley D.
“Great job!”
   - Lindsay B.
“King did an excellent job! He represents your company well.”
   - Elizabeth M.
“The cleaner wore his mask inside our home and was very courteous. They did a thorough job, and I'll definitely recommend Fish Window Cleaning.”
   - Janet S.
“I had my housecleaners there at the same time so was a bit distracted when the crew was done. Hector did point out on the 4 new windows recently installed where some leftover silicone from the installers was left and they could not do anything about those few areas, and I agreed. I am so glad he pointed those out. These guys showed up promptly - right on on time, moved quickly throughout, and were done much faster than I expected. The were quite a team. And pleasant to speak with as well.”
   - Lisa C.
“Hector and King were very professional and respectful. Masks all the time and booties when in the house. They made me aware of a window that has a broken seal where moisture is accumulating inside.”
   - Joseph M.
“Great job, very professional, and I can't believe the difference. I HIGHLY recommend this service!”
   - Randy M.
“The two young men were professional and respectful to us and of our home. They reflect well on your organization.”
   - Mike F.
“The 2 man team showed up earlier than first expected (which was ok and unusual for any type of maintenance) went straight to work and did a very good job. I am pleased with job and will use Fish Window Cleaning again.”
   - Connie T.
“Your employee pointed out that we have broken seals in almost all our windows which made them seem dirty when actually they were cloudy inside because the argon gas had leaked out. We were grateful that he brought that to our attention and have already started the process to replace the windows. We will definitely be calling FISH again for future work!”
   - Anne M.
“Very courteous, helpful and professional.”
   - Charles L.
“Excellent professional service.”
   - Rich J.
“Technicians were attentive and professional.”
   - Karen W.
“AJ and Jeremiah were our cleaners and they did a very good job. Very professional and informed us of a few stain issues on our back windows. I will request these gentlemen again. Great job....I can actually see out my windows without streaks and dirt!”
   - Judy G.
“Very courteous.”
   - Sarah C.
“Jeremiah is an outstanding young man with a remarkable work ethic.”
   - Michael S.
“My porch looks spectacular.”
   - Marylyn A.
“FISH exceeded our expectations!”
   - Lee Ann C.
“Great work - I am so happy with the result. The cleaner did an amazing job and answered every question I had. I really appreciated it and gave me some tips to help going forward.”
   - Ron G.
“Very courteous and efficient! Came in and immediately got to work. I am thrilled!”
   - VIckie C.
“Great experience! Will use again in the future.”
   - Paul S.
“I have used your Fish Window Cleaning for two years and can recommend them to do what they promise!”
   - Barbara S.
“Very professional and courteous. I appreciate the great service that I receive!”
   - CJ M.
“Very pleased with the speed and effectiveness of the work done today.”
   - Kathleen P.
“Great work and courteous cleaner. Would highly recommend.”
   - A. S.
“King was very professional and he did a great job!”
   - Becky W.
“My windows look great!”
   - Alice B.
“My cleaner was very professional and courteous. Exceptional!”
   - Lauren V.
“They were quick and did a great job! I will be recommending to all of my neighbors.”
   - Carrie G.
“The young man who cleaned my windows was polite, respectful and did a great job.”
   - Judy D.
“Wonderful service. Hardly know they are there. In & out in no time-Thank You!”
   - Lindsay B.
“King and AJ did an excellent job. They showed up on time, and worked efficiently. They were friendly and respectful of our home and everyone inside. I'd definitely recommend them for hire. Our windows look beautiful, inside and out.”
   - Christine S.
“Great job! Excellent cleaning of siding and windows even though we have a 2-story home. Workmen arrived on time and were very courteous.”
   - Trent P.
“Our window cleaner, Robert, was great!”
   - Terri H.
“Your employees were very nice!”
   - Sherry B.
“Thank you!!! You guys were easy to work with, the estimate was super helpful and the whole process a breeze. My windows look great!”
   - MJ K.
“Very professional. I have a house full of windows!! They all sparkle. Highly recommend”
   - Karen Z.
“The guys were amazing! I am so pleased with their work.”
   - Susan H.
“The Fish window cleaners did a fantastic job. We have used them regularly. Excellent service!!”
   - Larry H.
“I am very happy with the work and will use Fish in the future. I advised them that I want them to pressure wash my driveway in the spring.”
   - Sharon R.
“AJ was great. Showed up at the time he was supposed to. Was very polite. Touched up a couple of windows after my review. Told me about an issue he saw with one of my windows (which didn't impede his ability to do his job). Very happy with my service.”
   - Sherri M.
“Both cleaners were professional, courteous, and extremely polite. I felt completely comfortable with them in my home.”
   - Tiffany M.
“We reviewed as he cleaned not just at the end. The cleaner was professional and courteous.”
   - Melanie H.
“The employees working in our home were very polite and respectful of our home. They were willing to go back and look with me to make sure everything was to my satisfaction with a great attitude.”
   - Stephanie H.
“As usual everything was great. Thank you so much!”
   - Lindsay B.
“The cleaners were so very neat, fast, and did an unbelievable job! We were thrilled with their work! We have already told friends about our experience! Thank you for an excellent crew and a wonderful job! You have reliable cleaners!”
   - John R.
“I really appreciated them using shoe covers when they came into our house to clean the windows!”
   - Ashley M.

Commercial Customer Testimonials

“I just really appreciate your service. It keeps our windows and mirrors at the studio sparkling clean!”
   - Liz C.
“Exceptional service! Our work windows were beyond help, but somehow Fish Window Cleaning came through and our windows have never looked better.”
   - Sandi C.
“Joseph was a new face at our location, and he did a fantastic job; everyone always does good but he went places I had never seen FISH go before, such as our viewing window backside in lobby. Great job.”
   - Dakota G.
“Your team always does a great job.”
   - Ken K.
“Fast and efficient. Many thanks.”
   - Y. C.
“The young men who came to do the cleaning were very professional and efficient. Windows look amazing. Also, kudos to Ben who came out and did the estimate. Super nice.”
   - Sandy M.
“Absolutely love having Fish Window Cleaning! They're quick and professional. You hardly know they're there, except when they finish and your office feels fresh and clean!”
   - Dana M.
“Fish Window Cleaning does an excellent job and is always on time and very professional. Highly recommend them for any business.”
   - Holston Hills Country Club
“Thank you!!! Best those windows have looked.”
   - Liz C.
“These folks always make our windows sparkle. Quick, efficient, and friendly.”
   - Judi C.
“We were extremely pleased with FISH from beginning to end. Outcome exceeded expectations, and we would have no problem recommending them. The amount of glass in our office is huge, and they were done in a fraction of the time we thought it would take.”
   - Lee L.
“We've been a customer for many years and have always been satisfied with the cost and quality of the work.”
   - George D.
“The service was good, and the guys were polite and early.”
   - Aundrea S.
“After swapping to FISH from another company, I was very impressed even on the first cleaning. Very well done.”
   - Shawn W.
“Always extremely pleasant and courteous while doing a phenomenal job. Our storefront always sparkles afterwards.”
   - Major W.
“They did a good job. Would highly recommend.”
   - Raymond P.
“Very friendly and efficient! Did a great job on all windows interior and exterior!”
   - Madison P.
“First time using your service. We are very pleased!! Windows are spotless!”
   - Cathy S.
“Very pleased with the quality of the work.”
   - Ken K.
“The entire process of scheduling, receiving invoice, and receiving the window cleaning service was top notch.”
   - Sara B.
“Staff is always friendly and accommodating. They do a great job.”
   - Leslie W.
“FISH always does an awesome job for our church! Much appreciated.”
   - Chad R.
“We use FISH at several locations and we have always been more than pleased with the service.”
   - Sue W.
“Always very prompt, friendly and professional. Great job!”
   - Major W.
“They are very professional, have always done a great job for us. The cleaners have always been very professional and courteous. Thank you all for great job you do!!”
   - Miranda F.
“Very easy to work with us and around us during the cleaning.”
   - P. C.
“They are always polite and quiet. You don't even realize they are there, so no interruptions to your business day! When they leave, the windows look so nice in the office! I actually love to se them every quarter!”
   - Dana M.
“Great job. Timely. Communicated really well before, during, and after window cleaning”
   - Chris D.
“We have worked with Fish Window Cleaning for several years and found them to be reliable and perform quality work. Kind and courteous people each time they come to our location.”
   - Steve H.
“Great service and super great technician.”
   - Tommy D.
“Would highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning. Services exceed expectations a great price!”
   - Shellie W.
“I have used Fish Window Cleaning services for over 6 years for the cleaning of several commercial buildings we service. I find all the staff members to be courteous and professional, from the office staff to the staff in the field. They provide excellent service, and they will always be at the top of my list to recommend to any one who needs their windows and pressure washing done for both residential and commercial.”
   - Delnise M.
“I have used FISH four times now ~ three times for windows and once to pressure wash my entire back porch, patio and pergola. They were awesome! Every single FISH worker was professional, friendly, respectful and efficient. Everything sparkled when they left, and each job was very reasonably priced! I will absolutely call FISH every time I need these services in the future!”
   - Anne S.
“Windows look great! Our technician showed up on time, was professional and did an excellent job.”
   - Dawn F.
“The FISH crew is awesome! This is the best window cleaning company in Knoxville, hands down. They cleaned our windows at K Brew Coffee & Bagels, and left them like new. I highly recommend FISH for your window cleaning needs.”
   - Pierce L.
“Fish Window Cleaning did a wonderful job. Completed the job with short notice of needing it done. They have been cleaning windows for my company for several years. Always great job.”
   - Lora B.
“Extremely courteous and polite. We're always very pleased with our storefront after a FISH visit.”
   - Major W.
“We love the service! Our windows and doors are clean for our store front! FISH employees are always nice and get the job done correctly.”
   - Ashley B.
“Always great and fast work.”
   - Steve G.
“King was a master with the squeegee! He did a great job!!!”
   - Doug J.
“Great services and pricing. They are reliable for scheduled cleanings. I recently leased an additional suite and the windows were extremely dirty and had old decals and stickers. After FISH completed, they look like new. Thanks so much!”
   - Warren S.
“We've continued to use Fish Window Cleaning services for years. As a small business, we appreciate the courteous staff, timeliness, and, of course, the fresh clean windows!”
   - Lindsey B.
“Professional service and reasonable prices. Windows look great!!!”
   - Michael M.
“Great customer service from the first call until completion of the work.”
   - Lyn S.
“Thank you for the very quick turn around and working us into your schedule to meet our needs!”
   - Rita M.
“Our first servicing and we were extremely pleased. The front windows have never looked better. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our restaurant, especially in these times, and are over the top with how FISH adds to our sparkling impression.”
   - Major W.
“You guys do a great job.”
   - Bobby D.
“Each person that has come to clean my windows has done a wonderful job!”
   - Lynnette C.
“Fish Window Cleaning is consistent and they do a great job!”
   - Sandy K.
“Professional, courteous and did a fabulous job cleaning the windows at my real estate office. I highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning!”
   - Leann H.
“Excellent service, the guys were very nice. Hope to have the same 2 guys next year.”
   - Tommy D.
“He did a great job and explained what to expect going forward! We are so happy we chose Fish Window Cleaning!”
   - Jamie G.
“Tim is always very professional, friendly, reliable and they do a fantastic job! We hire them for all of our cabin windows!”
   - Shana L.
“Easy to work with and they do a great job! Friendly and fast service! We will use them every year!”
   - Shana L.
“They are extremely polite and courteous and do a fantastic job.”
   - Nicole C.
“Jonathan and his helper were very professional and thorough. They even noticed and re did areas where after they cleaned, people put fingerprints on glass areas at a doorway and smudged it. Everyone in the office commented the entire afternoon after they left about how perfect the windows looked. Never looked better!”
   - Trish W.
“I highly recommend Fish Window Cleaning to others! The cleaning professionals went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and that each and every window was spotless. They were kind and courteous. I am enjoying our sparkling clean windows!”
   - Melissa M.
“We are an office location and the Cleaners went out of their way to make sure they did not inconvenience any of the employees!”
   - Evelyn S.
“I have always enjoyed the relationship with John Randazzo. He provides great feed back on what the services we've asked for and is able to recommend additional or other services as needed.”
   - Angie P.