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Window Washing Tools: 6 Tools You Need for Spotless Windows
Posted on Wednesday, August 12th 2020

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Cleaning windows is not an easy task. It is a big job, especially if you have a two-story home. In order to get good results, you have to have the right tools. Professional window cleaners have a lot of tools in their arsenal to get those panes perfectly clean.

If you decide to do it yourself, here are just a few of the tools you should consider buying.

Fish Window CleanerSqueegee

This is a great tool for removing water from your windows. Choose a high-quality sturdy squeegee with a replaceable rubber blade. The size of the squeegee depends on the size of the window. If you have multi-pane windows, measure the pane before you buy the squeegee to ensure it will fit inside.

T-bar and Mop

This tool looks very similar to a squeegee. Instead of a rubber strip, it has a mop head that allows you to wet the window to dampen bits of dirt and residue that may be stuck to the glass. Some strip applicators come with an optional nylon scrubbing pad to help with the removal of more difficult substances.

Fish Window Cleaning BucketBucket

The size of your bucket will depend on the size of the t-bar and mop you will be using. You want the head of those tools to fit into the bucket. You need to make sure you will be able to move it around when filled with water.


There are a few things to consider when selecting a ladder. Choose a ladder that is tall enough to allow you to easily reach the windows you are trying to clean. The ladder should be sturdy and thoroughly inspected before use.


A large sponge is great for getting into corners to remove any trapped dirt. It also holds a lot of water, which reduces the need to keep dipping into the bucket.

Fish Window CleanerLint-Free Cloths

Soft lint-free towels are great for drying any last spots on your windows that might be left behind from the squeegee. You’ll want to have several cloths on hand and switch to a dry one as the one before gets damp to avoid streaks.

If that shopping list seems too long and expensive, consider leaving this tedious task up to the professionals. There is value in hiring a window washing service.

Fish Window Cleaning has been making homes and businesses shine for more than 40 years. Not only do we have the proper tools to do the job, but we also have the proper training. We can get in those hard-to-reach places and remove those stubborn spots and buildup. Our services are probably more affordable than you think. So why DIY when we can do it for you.

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