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Window Screen Cleaning: Safely and Effectively Clean Your Screens
Posted on Thursday, July 23rd 2020

Window ScreenMany people think cleaning windows is a tedious task. Wait until you try and clean the screens!

Window screen cleaning is a project many people put off as long as possible, if they even tackle it at all. Keep in mind, this is not an inside job. We recommend taking down all the screens and taking them outside.

Before you get started, here are some recommended supplies for your window screen cleaning project: 
  • - Drop cloth or large sheet
  • - Scrubbing brushes
  • - Rubber gloves
  • - Bucket
  • - Garden hose for cleaning outside
  • - Lint brush
  • - Vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment or cordless handheld vacuum
  • - White vinegar
  • - Dish soap
  • - Soft cloth
  • - Toothbrush
  • - Sponge

Determine the Dirt Level

Dirt Level One

If your screens are just a little dusty, use a lint roller brush. You probably have one of these in your closet. Roll the lint brush over each screen on both sides two or three times to remove the loose dust. Do a quick rinse with water and let the screens air dry on the drop cloth.

Dirt Level Two

If your screens are covered in dust, loose dirt and maybe even pollen, it’s time to bring in some heavier artillery; a vacuum cleaner or a cordless handheld vacuum. If your vacuum cleaner has a hose attachment with a soft bristle brush, it’s the way to go. Only use your vacuum cleaner if it has a soft brush attachment. Otherwise, use the cordless handheld vacuum. Vacuum against each screen with light pressure to avoid tearing the screens then rinse with a hose and allow to dry.

Dirt Level Three

If you have caked-on dirt and grime all over your screens, they will need a little elbow grease. Mix a solution of one tablespoon dish soap to a half-gallon of warm water and scrub the screens using a sponge. You can also replace the dish soap with a tablespoon of white vinegar. Rinse well with water and air dry.

Dirt Level Four

If you have stubborn dirt (or possibly bird poop) stains on your screens, grab a toothbrush. Using the solution suggested above, wash the screens and gently brush the dirt off the screens. Rinse with the hose and return the screens to the drop cloths and allow to dry.

Inspect for Damage

Taking the screens down and cleaning each one by hand gives you a great opportunity to check the screens for any damage or signs of wear and tear. Holes and gaps can allow bugs or small critters to creep in.

It’s best if you aim to clean your window screens at least twice a year to keep the air flowing and reduce allergens. It can also extend the life of your screens.

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