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6 Window Cleaning Tips for the Summer Season
Posted on Monday, June 5th 2023


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 Summer is here and you have things to do – window cleaning shouldn’t be one of them! But if you’re going to forge ahead with a DIY project, here are some window cleaning tips to help you achieve the best result.

6 Summer Window Cleaning Tips

Unfortunately, your windows can be the dirtiest in the summer when it’s hotter and more difficult to be keeping windows clean. However, following these six window cleaning tips will help with summer cleaning: 
  1. Choose an overcast or cloudy day:
    The sun shines brighter in the summer and that can result in your wet windows drying too fast, leaving unwanted streaks. If you choose a day when the sun is hidden by the clouds, you’ll have more time to do a better job.
  2. Clean in the morning: The sun rises faster in the summer, so you want to choose a morning for window washing. It might be an early rise so you can beat the heat, but you’ll have a much better experience if you start early.
  3. Remove sticky substances first: Droppings from trees and residue from bugs will stick and bake into your windows in the summer. Clear these droppings with a nylon scrub pad before washing the window.
  4. Use microfiber cloths: This is a tip for cleaning your windows all season long, but it is especially important in the summer when your windows are at their hottest temperature. Cotton cloths or paper towels will stick to the glass while a microfiber cloth will not.
  5. Consider a mop: By adding a small amount of liquid soap to a large bucket of water, a mop is an effective tool to clean exterior windows.
  6. Use a squeegee: These tools make it easy to reach the top of the window and clean the entire surface without having to work in sections. Using the proper technique can lead to a streak-free clean.

Why Use a Professional Window Cleaning Service

If you’ve never had a professional window cleaning service, the summer is a great time to see the difference it can make. There are a number of reasons to consider getting a free estimate from Fish Window Cleaning® for residential window cleaning services.

Saves You Time

Washing windows is a chore and in the summer, it’s one of the last things you want to have to spend time doing. Given the issues that arrive in the summer with cleaning windows, you’ll have to budget more time in case you need to scrape off tree sap, or you can’t get all the windows cleaned in the morning. Treat yourself to some extra time to relax by hiring a professional service.

Free Inspection Service

Professional window cleaners will inspect the sills, seals, and panes while they are cleaning the windows. In the summer, frames and seals dry out, and bees and other bugs can cause damage. Professional cleaners notice these things. Areas that might cause problems in later seasons, or during those summer thunderstorms can be repaired immediately.

Safety at Heights

You may need a ladder to reach some windows. Combine that balancing act with a washing cloth, pail, drying cloth, and scrubber. It doesn’t sound like much, but most of the time when you’re carrying those cleaning items, you have both feet on the ground. The last thing you want in the summer is a severe injury.

The Cost

How can the cost be a benefit when cleaning windows yourself is free? Well, your time has value, too! Fish Window Cleaning® offers free estimates so you know what you’ll pay for the service. Compare that to your time to do the cleaning and inspect the windows, sills, panes, and seals and you might find it’s well worth the cost.

Because Quality Matters

With 275 franchises in the U.S., we must be doing something a little differently than homeowners can do themselves! Fish Window Cleaning® is the world’s largest window cleaning company. We’re experts in this line of work, and it shows with streak-free windows that last longer than a DIY job. Add in the inspection service and you’re really getting a preventative maintenance review of some of the most expensive elements of your home.

Request a free estimate for window cleaning with us. We’ll provide a customized quote for quality service that includes a guarantee. Relax and enjoy the summer. We’ll clean your windows.

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