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Where Did that Smudge Come From? Most Common Types of Window Dirt and How to Clean Them
Posted on Wednesday, May 19th 2021

Where Did that Smudge Come From? Most Common Types of Window Dirt and How to Clean Them

Most homeowners want to make their houses look as nice as possible. Of course, there are plenty of reasons why life can get in the way of making that happen, and when things add up, certain tasks like window cleaning can start to fall out of priority.

Clean windows can do wonders for your home, from the outside curb appeal to the natural light that is so key to the indoor living space. But even those who commit and take the time to address dirty windows still might not see the results they want. Sometimes, windows just won’t stay clean for as long as you’d like.

So what’s making them dirty so often? Where is that seemingly random window smudge coming from?

There are many factors involved, some of which you may not anticipate. Let’s take a look at some common reasons for dirty windows and how to address those issues.

Modern Kitchen with Windows over SinkIn the Kitchen

It’s fairly common for kitchen windows to be some of the most frequently dirty windows in the home. That is mostly due to the build-up from steam and grease in the air. Keep an eye on the windows around your kitchen, especially the ones near any of your cooking action!

Window Screens

It may appear obvious, but a dirty screen almost assuredly leads to a dirty window. While you may clean your screens, doing incompletely could still leave some dirt, dust, or grime that might leave a window smudge when it rains. Be sure to clean window screens thoroughly so that your window cleaning efforts aren’t in vain!


There are several factors that could contribute to unexpected grime and build-up on your windows from the outside. For example, living on a busy street might mean dust could be kicked up into the air by cars driving past throughout the day. That dirty air could dirty up your windows depending on how close your home is to the street. During the spring months, pollen can build up on your windows leaving a yellow film. Pollen also attracts dust and dirt which can combine with rain water to create residue that can stick to your screens.

Pets or Children

No matter how often you clean your windows, it is tough to overcome the perseverance of pets and children who put their noses, paws, or hands on the glass — especially when it’s so clean! Can you blame them for wanting to get a better look? Be sure to check the windows that are within reach of your young children or their furry — or slobbery — friends!

Female Window Cleaner with Mask Cleaning Residential WindowCall the Pros

While it’s certainly recommended to address your dirty windows regularly, it can be truly beneficial to call in professionals every so often to take care of those small issues the everyday DIYer might overlook.

While many window cleaning services focus primarily on office spaces, the pros here at Fish Window Cleaning take pride in our home window cleaning services in addition to our commercial efforts. Rid your home of those frustrating mystery smudges by contacting your local residential and commercial cleaning experts at www.fishwindowcleaning.com or call 1-877-707-FISH (3474).

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