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Skylight and Atrium Cleaning: 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro
Posted on Monday, March 29th 2021

Restaurant with Skylight AtriumFew workplace attributes can result in a more welcoming and productive environment than natural lighting.

For that reason, many businesses utilize skylights and even atriums to create that inviting atmosphere for employees, clients, and guests. But what happens when those skylights and atriums need cleaning? Depending on your business’s property mangement, it may be up to you to get the job done.

Some consider asking their usual maintenance teams to handle it, though window cleaning may not be their forte. Some even may consider asking employees to clean their skylights.

In most instances, hiring professionals to handle these jobs can not only save you headaches but also save you much more. Here are five reasons to let the experts handle any skylight cleaning and atrium cleaning.


While many household window cleaning jobs can be handled personally, it is almost always worth calling a professional for more complex jobs that involve heights. These are common in workplace tasks — especially skylight and atrium cleaning.

Not only do you need to navigate awkward angles and body positioning when cleaning from the inside, but this is a job that could certainly involve both indoor and outdoor cleaning. That means you or your employees would need to find a way onto the roof and handle the situation safely.

FISH Window Cleaner Cleaning Large Glass AtriumEquipment

In order to complete these necessary actions safely, certain equipment that DIY cleaners are not familiar or comfortable with using may be necessary. This includes tall ladders that don’t receive regular use or inspection, along with other safety equipment.

While certain at-home cleaning solutions can adequately get the job done, an additional benefit of hiring skylight cleaning and atrium cleaning experts is the confidence that they will use the correct products to clean your windows without causing any short- or long-term damage.


Just as equipment is needed to safely navigate the heights and associated dangers of the job, that equipment is not usually comprised of everyday office items. It’s possible your business would need to obtain the necessary equipment once the job becomes essential and cannot be put off any longer. That can result in some hefty price tags for a job you don’t often think about.

Additionally, consider the cost of not maintaining your skylight or atrium. Prolonged periods between maintenance and cleaning can lead to damage beyond the obvious aesthetic problems with streaking, debris buildup, and grime.

Avoid Insurance Costs

Though it is most often ignored — at least, until it occurs — the costs resulting from an accident should be a major consideration. Particularly if your business relies on employees to perform these tasks, which are most likely not in their job description, you should review any effects an accident could produce.

Does your business provide the correct insurance to handle such an event? Could your business be held liable for any worker’s comp or even legal damages should one of those unfortunate situations occur?

While it may seem like a doomsday scenario, these are important questions to consider before asking an employee to take on a task involving possible dangers.

Business Owner Relaxing In ChairSave Yourself the Time and Headache

Every situation is different, and every business makes its own decision on how to handle certain workplace tasks. Still, businesses across the nation have opted to save themselves the time, money, and headaches involved in skylight cleaning and atrium cleaning.

While hiring outside experts to handle these jobs does involve a cost of its own, there is certainly value in avoiding the dangers and any possible liabilities involved in doing it yourself. On top of the safety factor, consider the cost of time lost. By allowing the experts to handle these jobs, your business and its employees are free to focus on providing the products and services that keep the lights on.

The professionals at Fish Window Cleaning can offer peace of mind by relieving you and your business of those tasks. Contact your local window, skylight, and atrium cleaning pros at www.fishwindowcleaning.com or call 1-877-707-FISH (3474).

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