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Professional Window Cleaning: How to Know When to Hire a Pro
Posted on Friday, July 15th 2022


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Businesses know the value of making a good first impression, and one of the ways they do that is with professional window cleaning. But businesses aren't the only ones who can benefit from this service — there are many benefits to homeowners in hiring a pro to clean windows.

Clean windows plus an inspection service

When a professional window cleaning service tends to your windows, they are also noticing your frames, sills, and
problem areas that might otherwise go unnoticed. Making homeowners aware of damaged glass, painted-shut windows, broken seals, or bad screens is part of the window cleaning process with professional services. This can lead to prevention of pest issues like bees, hornets, and ladybugs. 

After the spring and before the winter are prime times to have your windows cleaned. Even if you only hire a professional window cleaning service for those times, it can give you time to address any window issues that the cleaners might bring to your attention. When the service comes on a regular schedule, you have a built-in reference to any issues that the crews come across so you can prepare to have them looked after before they become a problem.

Selling your home or hosting an event says that curb appeal is one of the most important features a buyer considers when looking at a home. The exterior of your home (which includes window washing as
a given") will either add value or diminish value in the real estate market.

HGTV agrees, saying that buyers have already judged your home before walking through the door. Your home is an investment, and whether you are selling or renting, making a good first impression includes sparkling clean windows.

You may also want to make a good impression if you are hosting an important event at your home. For special occasions — a wedding or reception, family gathering or community mixer — streak-free and shiny windows will add to the presentation of your event. Plus, if you're hosting, your list of things to prepare for that day is likely long enough without adding window washing to the duties.

Additional services

Many window cleaning companies offer additional interior and exterior cleaning services that might be a good idea when preparing your home for sale or for an event. Ask about gutter and awning cleaning outside or chandeliers and ceiling fans inside. Ask your window cleaning company about the additional services they provide in case you want to capitalize on those cleaning options as well.

No one cleans like a professional

While you may be able to do a good job with your window cleaning, the professionals will always provide a better result. They have the right tools, knowledge, and experience in using those tools to deliver a hireable service. If professional window cleaning companies didn't do a good job, they wouldn't have much business, and yet, there are almost 40,000 such companies in the United States!

Your home is a key financial investment in your life's portfolio, and windows are an important part of that investment. It's one of the areas where a professional service can truly make a difference.

For better value of your time

Finally, when it comes to contracting out home improvement or maintenance projects, windows should be at the top of your list. The cost is likely less than you think, and the return on investment is more than you may appreciate. If you have always cleaned your own windows, you might be thinking that you don't have to hire a professional service. However, for the inspection service they provide, in addition to sparking windows, you might want to benefit from that experience.

Delegating projects will give you more time to focus on the projects you can do more easily, and perhaps that you enjoy doing. Washing windows is not normally on any homeowner's list of favorite projects, so spend the time you would normally use to wash windows on a project you prefer to do. You can even ask for a window cleaning gift certificate for Mother's or Father's Day, your birthday, or Christmas. (It makes an appreciated and useful stocking stuffer!)

Fish Window Cleaning

The time to hire a window cleaning professional is when presentation matters or when you're ready to move that chore off your list. In addition to windows, Fish Window Cleaning also offers gutter and awning cleaning for additional outdoor benefits. Inside, we can do light fixtures, skylights, mirrors, chandeliers, and ceiling fans, too.

You can request a free estimate of our services on how we can make your day a little brighter. With 275 locations nationwide, the odds are there is a location near you! Our fully insured and bonded professionals will deliver superior service to every customer, every time.

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