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Prices for Cleaning Windows: What to Expect from a Service Company
Posted on Sunday, July 31st 2022


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For more than 40 years, Fish Window Cleaning has been providing residential and commercial customers with a high-quality window cleaning service. In our experience, customers who are new to window cleaning, or looking to compare services, have common questions on what to expect from a professional service provider. Here is an overview of how prices for cleaning windows are determined and what you should expect when you hire a window cleaning service.

How prices for cleaning windows are determined

Depending on the job, companies can charge by the hour, by the window, or by square footage. When you inquire with a professional window cleaning service, you can ask how they choose to quote. Generally speaking, factors that go into a window cleaning estimate include:

Window size

The size of the window is a key factor in setting the prices for cleaning windows. The national average is $5 per window for a single-pane window that is three feet by six feet for both indoor and outdoor windows. Picture windows are larger, and multi-pane windows can also be a factor in the cost. Floor-to-ceiling windows will also be priced higher.


For windows that are more difficult to reach, the price can be slightly higher. This is because more work is involved to clean the window safely and appropriately.

Type of window

As mentioned earlier, the average price per window is based on a single-pane window, however, it is not uncommon for properties to have different types of windows, which can increase the price. For example, cleaning a double-pane window or a double-hung window with two sashes may be priced higher. Average pricing is based on average windows, and specialty windows do require more work.

How dirty the windows are

Windows get dirty — we recognize that. But sometimes, if windows have not been cleaned in a while because they are difficult to access or the cleaning process hasn't been kept to a regular schedule, more dirt can accumulate than usual. Extremely dirty windows can cost more to clean due to the build-up of grime, and in many cases, they require a second cleaning. The good news is that once they undergo this cleaning, they will be easier to maintain in the future.

Additional services a professional can provide

There are some compatible services that go along with window cleaning. Some professional companies provide these services at an additional fee. Here are some examples:
  • -  Interior shutters, blinds, and curtain cleaning
  • -  Exterior shutters
  • -  Screen cleaning
  • -  Gutters and awnings
  • -  Light fixtures and chandeliers
  • -  Paint and stain removal
One important additional service is the cleaning of sills and tracks. Often mineral deposits, dirt, and bugs can end up in the sills and tracks of the windows. This can not only make windows unappealing but also more difficult to open. A build-up of dirt is also a great hiding place for bugs, which can cause further damage down the road.

First time hiring a professional service?

We have talked with many people who engaged our professional window cleaning services for the first time. Their concern is usually with the value of hiring a service when they can do the work on their own. The best way we can show them the value of using our service is to encourage them to try us out and see for themselves. There is a difference with a professional service, and seeing it is the best proof we can offer.

There is also the value of being able to put your time into other things, including the ability to alleviate your chore list. Professional window cleaning is a great task to outsource because the results last for a long time, making it a cost-effective service to use.

Commercial clients: Take note

Commercial window cleaning services can be priced differently for various reasons, including the add-on services that are more frequently found in commercial settings. Be sure to inquire about a professional window cleaning company's experience with commercial work and the types of services they provide.

For example, Fish Window Cleaning has a strong commercial business with buildings up to three stories in size. We also offer year-round scheduling and a customized cleaning program for commercial clients, which includes property management agencies. As a commercial client, you can have different needs than a residential homeowner, so be sure to ask about the service provisions specific to commercial needs.

Working With Fish Window Cleaning

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