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Do NOT Pressure Wash Windows. Here's Why
Posted on Wednesday, May 15th 2024


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Do Not Pressure Wash Windows: Here's Why

Window cleaning is a part of regular home and office maintenance. Like most chores, it’s natural to want to find a quick way to accomplish them so you can spend your time doing more of what you really want to do. That can lead some people to pressure wash windows as opposed to hand washing, and that can lead to bad outcomes.

At Fish Window Cleaning, we have been making windows sparkling clean since 1978. As part of our work, we also provide an inspection of windows and frames, as part of preventative maintenance for the property owner. Some of the issues we spot have come from high-pressure water.

Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Don’t Mix

An article in Family Handyman mentions 13 things you shouldn’t pressure wash, and one of them is windows. Before we get into why you shouldn’t pressure wash windows, consider some of the other things you shouldn’t pressure wash, and why:
  • - Wood siding: In addition to the damage that can result from a high-pressure wash, water can also get under the exterior surfaces and damage insulation and electrical wiring that may be present. There is also a consideration of mold development when fibrous areas, such as insulation, become damp.

  • - Asphalt shingles: Shingles take the brunt of weather-related situations, but pressure washing them can be equally as damaging by stripping the shingle granules. In addition, pressure washers often have a kick-back when activated, and this can cause imbalance, which can be a safety concern if you’re on a ladder.

  • - Old mortar: You might think mortar would not be subject to high-pressure water damage, but it certainly can be, especially if the mortar is crumbling. Again, water can get into crevices that can be grounds for mold growth.

  • - Painted surfaces: High-pressure washing can remove paint from furniture, decks and other painted surfaces.
  • - Vehicles: It might seem like a cheaper way to wash the car, but pressurized water can cause damage to the body and paint on your vehicle, further promoting opportunities for rust to develop.
As you can see, the force of pressurized water can cause a lot of damage, and that leads the reasons why you shouldn’t pressure wash windows. In addition to the window pane itself, the window frame and supporting infrastructure of the home can be easily damaged as well.

Like most situations, prevention costs less than repair. Leave window cleaning to the professionals, like Fish Window Cleaning, and protect your investment longer.

Advice From the Industry Pros

With 270 franchises, our window cleaning teams have seen a lot of damaged windows from people trying to make the job of window cleaning easier and faster. Specialty windows have been cracked, siding and mortar have been broken and window casings and frames have had to be replaced.

The worst part of choosing to pressure wash windows is that you cannot guarantee a streak-free shine. Windows have to be washed in a certain way and dried to avoid streaks, and if you’re pressure washing them, you’re missing some of the key components that go into that perfectly clean look.

Get The Guarantee

Two things that come with a Fish Window Cleaning service are a free estimate and a pledge of satisfaction. Call your nearest Fish Window Cleaning location for the estimate, and we guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied with the service.

Plus, take advantage of the other services we provide. They include:
  1. Interior cleaning: interior windows, chandeliers, mirrors, sills, ceiling fans and screens.
  2. Exterior cleaning: storm windows, outdoor light fixtures, skylights, gutters and awnings.
Not only can we provide you with a streak-free shine, but when you hire us you also don’t have to scale the ladder to clean hard-to-reach areas. Our window cleaners are insured and well-trained in safety best practices.

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