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Power Window Washers: The Pros & Cons, and What's a Better Alternative
Posted on Tuesday, November 1st 2022


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When it’s time to wash your windows, usually you’ll be looking for the easiest way to do the best job, and that might have you considering using a power washer. Being able to spray instead of scrub definitely seems like an easier option, but you could end up with broken windows or additional damage no matter how careful you are about the power washing process.

We cannot recommend any arguments in favor of power washing windows, but here are some misconceptions you may have come across from sources promoting power washing windows as a valid option.

Mis-stated pros of power window washers

When you read advice that promotes power washing windows, it is likely going to be from someone who does not work in the window washing industry. Reputable professional window cleaners will not recommend power washing no matter how experienced you are with this equipment. Here are some “pros” to be cautious of when it comes to power washing windows.
  1. You may save time. Being able to spray instead of scrub certainly sounds quicker. However, you will most assuredly end up with streaking.
  2. You may save money. Buying a power washer for a few hundred dollars and then only having to replenish the cleaner may seem like a money-saving option. However, your costs can quickly rise with damage to panes, seals and trim around your windows. It will make you wish you used the bucket and cloth or called a professional service.
  3. You can spray everything. While cleaning your windows, you can also spray your siding, brick, gutters and anything else that needs a good washing. Being mindful of air conditioning units, electric meters and such, you can clean your windows and your home in one shot. You may be able to spray everything, but you shouldn’t. Especially windows.
Power washers are great for concrete and other non-delicate items. They should never be used on glass and certainly not as a time or money-saving option.

Cons of power window washers

Most professional window cleaning services and experts in the handyman and home improvement industry will not recommend cleaning your windows with a power washer. It’s one of those DIY projects that can have more possible errors than positive outcomes for these reasons:
  1. Damage happens easily. It doesn’t take much to cause window, framing or siding damage with a power washer. When you force water into a vulnerable area at a high speed, cracks in the seals and underneath the siding can result. While your home and windows can endure stormy weather, the power washing force is very directed and can easily cause more harm.
  2. Damage is costly. Repairing or replacing a broken window, frames or siding from residential window cleaning is likely going to be more expensive than hiring a window cleaning service for a year! These are not inexpensive repairs to make on a home, and it can be a preventative measure to guard against this risk rather than expose yourself to it.
  3. Safety issues. Being on a ladder to reach higher windows is always something to be mindful of when it comes to home improvement work. Being on a ladder with a power washer can increase the safety concern, especially with the force of the water being sprayed and the angle you are using. The sudden force can easily cause a fall.
  4. Speciality windows. If you have windows that are glazed or double-pane, you should really avoid power washing. These are more fragile than your traditional windows cased in aluminium or vinyl. Also, if you have wooden window frames, you should not power wash your windows.

A better, safer option

Cleaning windows with a squeegee, cloths and a bucket is going to be the better, safer option when it comes to this household chore. Power window washers just carry too much risk. The cost of the damage that may result from using a power washer will have you shaking your head that you considered it in the first place. Keep your power washer for concrete and other rugged materials and leave the windows to the pros.

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