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Office Window Cleaning: 10 Questions to Ask a Service Company
Posted on Wednesday, January 10th 2024


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Office Window Cleaning: 10 Questions to Ask a Service Company

Shiny, streak-free windows in your office or commercial building have a value beyond aesthetics. Not only does it make a good impression on customers to have clean windows, but it can elevate the work experience for your employees as well.

Office Window Cleaning as a Tax Deduction

Office window cleaning can either be done by yourself or by hiring a professional service. The benefit of hiring a professional service is that you can deduct the cost as an expense towards your business. According to the IRS, routine maintenance that keeps your property in normal efficient operating condition, but that doesn’t materially increase the value of your property or substantially prolong its life, is deductible. Check with your tax accountant to see if window cleaning falls under the category of an expense that is deductible within the year.

It is important to note that the value of your own labor is not deductible. What this means is that by hiring a professional service, window cleaning is a cost of doing business, but doing the office window cleaning yourself means you are putting your time into this task without reimbursement.

Questions to Ask for Office Building Window Cleaning

To help you make the best decision on hiring a professional office window cleaning service, here are some questions to ask:
  1. Do you have a limit on the size of the building for which you provide commercial window cleaning services?
  2. Are you insured and licensed to provide window cleaning services?
  3. What frequency of cleaning do you recommend?
  4. What kind of cleaning products do you use, and are they eco-friendly?
  5. Do you offer additional services (i.e. indoor and outdoor)?
  6. Do you provide a pledge of satisfaction?
  7. How long will it take to complete the job?
  8. Can you provide references from previous clients?
  9. Do you offer a free estimate?
  10. When are you available to do the cleaning?
These questions will give you a good starting point in comparing professional services. You can also ask a fellow business colleague (with clean windows) who they would refer as well.

Cleaning Frequency

There is no easy answer to how often you should clean your commercial windows. When you contact the companies on your list of commercial window cleaning services, you can ask their opinion. This is what we recommend at Fish Window Cleaners®:
  • - Set up a schedule. If you wait until you notice the windows need to be cleaned, they will likely be very dirty. If you set up a schedule, you can delegate that task to the window cleaner, and put your time to more pressing items.
  • - Ask about emergency cleaning. Apart from your schedule, emergency window cleaning situations can arise where your windows need to be cleaned. This might be following a storm, or if another incident caused the windows to be dirtied. Ask your window cleaning service how promptly they can be on-site for these situations.
  • - Consider inside services. While you may have a janitorial staff in your commercial building, they may not do some of the interior cleaning services that can easily be provided by a window cleaning company. If you have hard-to-reach cleaning areas, the window cleaning service may be less expensive to task with these jobs as well.
At Fish Window Cleaning, we can reference similar types of businesses to help you choose a cleaning frequency appropriate for your commercial building. We can also make recommendations moving forward to ensure the level of service meets your expectations.

About Fish Window Cleaners®

At FISH, we specialize in cleaning ground-level storefronts, one to three-story office buildings, restaurants, banks, schools, and churches as part of our commercial cleaning program. We also have a national accounts program for commercial customers with properties across the U.S. All of our cleaning programs are customized for the client and include detailed invoicing. You can rely on us to provide a quality, hassle-free service.

Cleaning Services We Provide

These are the cleaning services we provide for commercial customers:
  • - Exterior commercial window cleaning
  • - Interior commercial window cleaning
  • - Mirror cleaning
  • - Ceiling fan cleaning
  • - Skylight cleaning
  • - Chandelier cleaning
We also invite inquiries for cleaning if an item is in your building but not on our list.

Business Services We Provide

When it comes to business services for commercial customers, we offer:
  • - Reliable year-round scheduling
  • - Customized cleaning programs
  • - Various billing options
  • - Uniformed and safety-trained professionals
  • - A licensed, bonded, and insured service

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Reach out to us for a free estimate for window cleaning at your commercial property. We will provide a prompt and thorough estimate and work with you on scheduling and any accommodations required.

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