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How to Count Windows for Cleaning & Get a Clearer Estimate
Posted on Tuesday, June 15th 2021

How to Count Windows for Cleaning & Get a Clearer Estimate

The window cleaning process can be a tricky one, for several reasons. Home and business owners are often unfamiliar with the specifics, such as how often to clean windows or what materials and tools to use. That’s why they so often turn to window cleaning professionals to handle the job.

But even when bringing in the experts, customers may be unfamiliar with the information that is necessary to provide to the cleaning company so it can offer an accurate estimate of the work.

Not only does that prepare the window cleaners to bring the right equipment, but it also sets clear expectations for the customer for pricing and timing. So what kind of information do you need to provide? One key element sounds simple but isn’t as straightforward as you might expect — how many windows need to be cleaned?

Get an In-Person, On-Site Estimate

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Of course, this process can all be simplified by bringing the professionals to your home or office for an in-person estimate in the first place. They have the expertise in counting windows as well as the equipment and staffing the job calls for.

Counting your own windows can be tricky and likely lead to an inaccurate quote. No one likes to be surprised with a bill that’s much higher than anticipated. Relying on the professionals to provide you with an accurate bid is always the best option.

Not All Windows Are the Same

The reason this can be confusing for customers is that there are several different shapes, sizes, and types of windows; they may be reachable from ground-level or may require a ladder or lift. Those differences could affect the window count and estimate. Some windows have multiple panes of glass, while some have specific designs. Some are arched windows in the entryway above a door, while some are part of the door itself.

So how do you know how to count windows for cleaning? Let’s break it down.

What Counts as One Window?

Depending on the size, you can sometimes assume that windows with a single pane of glass are one window. Casement windows are a common example. Those arch windows and door windows we previously mentioned are both likely considered to be single windows as well. Windows with cut-ups are more complex. These are often considered one window, but it would be important to note for the cleaning company since each pane would be cleaned individually.

Wall of Windows in Home

What Counts as Multiple Windows?

There are several types of windows that a home or business owner might assume are one window but are actually multiple. For example, French doors, sidelights, or, as previously mentioned, windows with cut-ups. Bay windows are another common type that invites confusion. While you see it as a single bay window, there are three windows that make up a bay window.

What is the Best Process for Counting?

Once you become familiar with the kinds of windows you have in your home or office building, it is important to count windows for cleaning companies clearly and correctly. The process for doing so seems simple, but it is important to provide as much information as possible.

First, be sure to go in order and write down your count as you go. It could be helpful to start at a front or back door and work your way around in one direction. When you start, be sure to keep those determinations for what counts as one window or multiple. Another key is to be as detailed as possible about the type of windows you have. Do you have French doors? Do you have storm windows or stained glass? Are the windows on the first, second, or third story? These specifics will allow the company to better understand the job and provide a better estimate.

Fish Window Cleaning always provides free on-site estimates to ensure our quotes are accurate and meet our customers' expectations. If you have a window cleaning task that calls for the pros, contact your local window cleaning experts today!

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