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The Dangers of Gutter and Window Cleaning: 6 Reasons to Outsource the Job
Posted on Wednesday, January 20th 2021

The Dangers of Gutter and Window Cleaning: 6 Reasons to Outsource the Job

These days, we’re all looking to find ways to cut costs. Whether cord-cutting to save on cable bills or turning to “do-it-yourself” jobs rather than calling professionals to visit your home, it all comes down to the impact on your wallet.

Gutter and window cleaning often fall into that category.

These are essential chores when it comes to home maintenance and curb appeal, and while it is possible to fold either task into your DIY to-do list, it is important to consider the risks involved in bypassing professional help.

Fish Window Cleaner on LadderHeights

Okay, so maybe you don’t live in a skyscraper. But that doesn’t mean the heights involved in gutter and window cleaning are eliminated! Falling from the roof of a one- or two-story house is still a recipe for injury. In a situation where dizziness or vertigo are possible for some, any injury or fall is magnified when dealing with the heights involved in these tasks.

Inexperience on Ladders

While the heights involved with gutter and window cleaning are an obvious risk, they are heightened by the inexperience many DIYers bring to the job. The likelihood of falling from a ladder rises when being used by non-professionals, who may not notice that their ladder is poorly secured or standing on uneven ground.

Overhead Power Lines

When working near the top of houses, there is the possibility for DIYers to come into proximity to electrical wires and power lines. There could be issues from either the roof when standing or reaching, or even from the ground when moving tall ladders.

Broken Gutters or Sharp Objects

Depending on the state of gutters, there could be debris present, or the gutters themselves could be broken. Many DIYers tend to lean on or grab gutters for stability, which in addition to possibly damaging the gutters, could increase chances those DIYers fall or injure themselves on something sharp.

Gutters Filled with DebrisMold or Other… Undesirable Things

In addition to sharp edges or objects, the hazards of cleaning gutters may extend further. Over time, the buildup of water from leaf and debris blockages could result in mold. Additionally, animals may nest or leave droppings in the area, causing the possible presence of harmful bacteria. Though it can be hard to spot before making the trip up the ladder, you could be exposing yourself to diseases without taking the right precautions.

Wrong Equipment or Safety Gear

Many of the above risks can be exaggerated, or even caused, by the tendency for DIYers to rent unfamiliar equipment or buy the wrong safety gear — if using any at all. From ensuring ladders are in good condition to using the correct equipment or cleaning solution to outfitting yourself with the right kind of gloves, there are several factors to readying yourself for gutter and window cleaning.

The professionals at Fish Window Cleaning can take the guesswork out of what can be pretty stressful and dangerous tasks. Hiring professionals to help you knock a few items off the to-do list may be more affordable than you think! Contact your local gutter and window cleaning pros at or at 1-877-707-FISH (3474).

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