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Commercial Window Washing: How Prices Can Vary & Why
Posted on Wednesday, October 4th 2023


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Clean windows can make a big impression on customers and employees alike. For customers, clean windows make a storefront look more inviting, and for retail outlets with merchandise, it can be a great selling tool. For employees, being able to work in more natural light can have health benefits.

Commercial window washing can be a challenging job to do well to maintain a streak-free clean, which is where professional window cleaning companies come into the picture. If you’re looking to hire a professional company like Fish Window Cleaning®, here are some things to consider before you request an estimate.

Factors That Impact Commercial Window Washing Prices

Several factors go into pricing a commercial window washing job. Knowing these details when you contact a professional window cleaning service will be helpful when determining the cost that is specific to your business.
  • - Building size: Know the building size and number of stories that have windows.
  • - Window count: If you know the number of windows and their sizes, that will be helpful in producing a quote.
  • - Unique windows: Be sure to note any specialized windows or glass doors as they may require a different type of              cleaning.
  • - Interior cleaning: Decide if you want the company to provide interior window cleaning services as well.
  • - Additional services: Some window cleaning companies will offer additional commercial window cleaning services you may wish to include.
  • - Frequency: Decide if you want the windows washed annually, bi-weekly, or monthly. This will depend on several                factors that can impact how dirty your windows can get.
Another factor that can impact the pricing of a commercial window washing service is if special equipment is required. This may include a mobility platform or aerial work platform and may also require more than one person to be on the job at a time. The company can advise you on this.

Fish Window Cleaning for Commercial Clients

At Fish Window Cleaning, our commercial services specialize in cleaning ground-level storefronts, one to three-story office buildings, restaurants, banks, churches, and schools. Our full-service list includes:
  • - Interior and exterior commercial window cleaning
  • - Mirror cleaning
  • - Skylight cleaning
  • - Chandelier cleaning
  • - Ceiling fan cleaning
  • - Gutter cleaning
  • - Awning cleaning
We provide custom cleaning programs, reliable year-round scheduling, detailed invoicing, and various billing options to ensure a hassle-free experience. FISH also offers a national accounts program. All our window cleaners are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Home Advisor suggests that commercial window cleaning costs can range from $5 to $15 per window, depending on the cleaning services being provided. Fish Window Cleaning offers free quotes for commercial cleaning work so you know exactly what your costs will be.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Window Washing Company

Professional window cleaning services can be part of your maintenance plan. Some of the reasons our clients hire us include:
  • - Time savings: Our cleaners are experts in commercial window washing, meaning you can spend time focusing on your    business.
  • - Necessary equipment: We bring all the equipment to do the window cleaning work and our cleaners are trained to do    this work safely.
  • - Reliable services: When business gets busy, you can direct your efforts to serving customers while knowing that your      windows will be cleaned on schedule.
  • - Great results: As a professional window cleaning company, we know how to make windows sparkle and shine and that    makes a great impression on your customers.
  • - Damage prevention: Our window cleaners can evaluate your windows and bring preventative maintenance                        suggestions to your attention, or address any damaged areas immediately. This can prevent a larger expense down the    road.
Even if you have staff involved in maintaining your building and providing janitorial work, window washing can complement those services. Windows are not only cleaned but inspected for any maintenance needs.

Contact Fish Window Cleaning Today

Certain elements of business operations are best left to people who are experts in providing that service. Window cleaning is one of those duties. Commercial buildings often have more dirt and grime on their windows due to their location, and there really is no comparison to having a professional company address your window cleaning needs.

Request a free estimate from Fish Window Cleaning today and elevate your business with professional window cleaning services.

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