Owner: Phill & Heidi Barufkin

Serving: Raleigh, Wake Forest, & Rolesville, NC

We're located at:

5811 Mchines Pl #113, Raleigh NC 27616

Residential Customer Testimonials

“Very professional and kind.”
   - Susan M.
“Excellent service. We used them for a house in Pittsboro and now in North hills. They're coming back to wash the house in May when the yellow pollen is done.”
   - Larry H.
“They did an excellent job & were super kind & friendly!”
   - Lee L.
“Both Michael and Brent were very courteous and hard workers. Michael pointed out some things on the windows that I should look into - very helpful.”
   - Mari M.
“Austin and the girl that helped him were very polite and did an excellent job.”
   - Virginia O.
“Fish Window Cleaning did a very good job and I would recommend them.”
   - Ricky Chua
“Overall Fish Window Cleaning was fair and honest and I would recommend them.”
   - Jennifer Tollison
“Oh, yes. I would recommend Fish Window Cleaning. I recommended them to my daughter and now she uses them, too. They are really good.”
   - Diane Tauber
“A's all the way around. Fish Window Cleaning is great!”
   - Brian Day
“Fish Window Cleaning are good people and I have already recommended them to several people.”
   - Billy Poole
“I needed an early appointment and Fish Window Cleaning was able to arrange that. I liked that I didn't have to wait to get the work done. They were able to accommodate me.”
   - Kelly Breeze
“I will definitely use Fish Window Cleaning again next year. I like that they are a local company, that means a lot to me.”
   - Otto Hagan
“Yes, I would certainly recommend Fish Window Cleaning, they did a very nice job.”
   - Marguerita Green

Commercial Customer Testimonials

“Awesome job, please come back.”
   - Calvin J.
“We just wanted to let you know that Tom did a very good job this morning at Morning Times and Raleigh Times. They had great attention to detail and were very friendly. We look forward to seeing them again.”
   - Joe F.
“Tyler is awesome: very professional and particular. He cleans like he owns the space. Great work!”
   - Clint C.
“Greg is always so nice and cheerful when he comes in. He does a wonderful job!”
   - Becky B.
“Great service!”
   - Donna P.
“Great job! Professional, on time, friendly staff.”
   - Chris T.