Owner: Christopher Straka

Serving: Burlington, WI, Lake Geneva, Waterford, Elkhorn, Paddock Lake, Delavan, Twin Lakes, Salem, Trevor, Genoa City, Williams Bay, Kansasville, Wind Lake, Fontana-on-Geneva Lake

We're located at:

28501 Wilmot Road #4-10, Trevor WI 53179

Residential Customer Testimonials

“Anthony did a great job! We will request him next time.”
   - Trudy C.
“My windows are beautiful. So clean!! I will definitely have FISH back!”
   - Jackie O.
“Your crew was amazing. They were so professional, friendly, and very efficient. They did a wonderful job, and the windows just shine. I would recommend them to everyone. I'm moving to Florida and just found out that you are nationwide, so I'll be looking for FISH there when I get settled. No more window cleaning for me - I'll be using FISH from now on. Thank you.”
   - Patricia L.
“They are great. They put attention to detail to all their jobs.”
   - Lynn T.
“Anthony represents your company well: nice guy, great job!”
   - Charles E.
“Don did great job.”
   - John T.
“The windows look fantastic and actually shine in the sun. Very professional cleaner. The price is very reasonable.”
   - Noreen R.
“Exceptionally quick service!”
   - Steve Y.
“The team did a very good job cleaning the gutters.”
   - Peter L.
“Anthony did a great job. He was very kind and respectful, professional and competent. Thank you!!”
   - Y.K.
“Ron was terrific. He did a great cleaning job and his own clean up afterwards for us was perfect. Definitely will recommend to anyone looking for awning or window cleaning.”
   - Tom B.
“The cleaner was polite, professional, efficient, and caring. He did a GREAT job and put a smile on my face. I have already recommended FISH to a neighbor and friend.”
   - Allan P.
“Anthony is excellent. Want him back in spring. Giving your info to our old neighbors.”
   - Mike C.
“Fantastic job, and we highly recommend.”
   - Tom B.
“Brandy was very professional and did a great window cleaning job.”
   - Chris B.
“Anthony was great. Very courteous, polite and efficient. The windows and screens look great!”
   - Robert L.
“Anthony was very efficient and professional.”
   - Linda S.
“Anthony was thorough and professional. He did a great job and listened to what I asked him to do. Sooo much better than the last business I dealt with. I will be a repeat customer!”
   - Patti P.
“Chloe was great and very professional.”
   - Virginia M.
“We were extremely pleased with Anthony's professionalism and his work. We've had other window cleaners, and our windows never looked this good.”
   - Patricia R.
“The windows look great.”
   - Leslie M.
“So impressed with the friendliness of the cleaner. Respectful! Thanks.”
   - Barbara C.
“Great guy, very personable.”
   - Ed A.
“Definitely will use again.”
   - Maryanne N.
“Fabulous service and very nice technician.”
   - Suzy B.
“Don and Rod were great.”
   - Kurt V.
“Very friendly cleaners. One of them had cleaned the windows here last year. Very professional job and very clean windows.”
   - Chris B.
“[The cleaner] did a great job. Respected all my plantings.”
   - Maryanne N.
“A very professional team and high quality work.”
   - Mike L.
“I have used FISH for years and will use them again!!”
   - Dean T.
“The windows look great. The guys were VERY nice and worked quickly.”
   - Carabeth M.
“I was very pleased with the two gentlemen that came to my home and did an excellent job of cleaning my windows. I can see out clearly now. I felt very comfortable having these men in my home. Thanks for the great job!!!”
   - Nancy F.
“Well done. Rod is an excellent representative of your firm.”
   - Bert C.
“Great team! Thanks for coming out!”
   - Ann E.
“John and Don did an excellent job.”
   - Brian O.
“Anthony did an outstanding job. He was very professional. Windows and screens look awesome.”
   - Lisa Q.
“Great guys, thorough and quick!”
   - Steve Y.
“Excellent employee.”
   - Mike J.
“Happy with Rod's work! Will definitely call again.”
   - Virginia M.
“Rod did a fine job. You can send him back any time.”
   - Bert C.
“Jerrod did a super fine job! He was courteous, efficient, and professional. My windows look fabulous! A friend stopped by and said, "it looks like you have no windows!" Thank you. I will call again in fall and will recommend FISH to my friends!”
   - Sue D.
“They did a great job! Friendly and courteous too.”
   - Reggie T.
“We are so happy, the two cleaners that did our home were very professional and hard working. Pleasant to talk to and a wonderful job. We will definitely use your service again!”
   - Rita R.
“Satisfied. Using FISH for the five years I've live in this home.”
   - Peter M.
“They did a fine and professional job. What would have taken me a week they were finished in two hours.”
   - David K.
“They did a fantastic job, our windows look great!”
   - Monica P.
“Great job! My windows are sparkling!”
   - George K.
“Very personable.”
   - John M.
“The cleaners were awesome. Efficient, professional, kind, and did such a great job. My windows and screens are pristine!!!!!”
   - Carabeth M.
“FISH did a fast and thorough job for an amazing price!”
   - Jessica H.
“An outstanding service at a very fair price. Thank you.”
   - John M.
“Thank you for being so prompt.”
   - Karen D.
“Our cleaner did an excellent job. He was very professional and friendly. When entering our house to clean two windows that were unreachable from the outside, he put on shoe protectors and had a mask on. We appreciated his respect for us and our house. We will use FISH again.”
   - Chris B.
“I was really happy with the team and the work they did. Very nice people. I will definitely call again. Thank you!”
   - Diana P.
“We were very pleased with the quality of work, ease of work and professionalism. We would like to see this team return in the fall. Thank you.”
   - Mary Ann S.
“Very kind friendly,courteous and especially thorough”
   - Judith H.
“Fast service and good work would definitely recommend.”
   - Denise G.
“Thanks so much to Chris at FISH for fitting us in to the busy schedule. I am a return customer and have always been thrilled with the service I receive at both of our homes. Today Don and Rod visited. Just did an amazing job and both very nice men. Thanks guys for sparkly windows! Such wonderful service and very affordable too!”
   - Patricia
“I just came home to the most beautifully clean windows, thanks to Don and John at Fish Window Cleaning in Trevor. We moved into our current home two months ago and I knew the windows were dirty but I didn't realize how bad they were. The difference is incredible! My six year old insists they took the glass out. The price was very reasonable, too. We will definitely be using this franchise again!”
   - Eileen
“Fish Window Cleaning did a fantastic job and on extremely short notice. I posted the RFP on Thumbtack and was contacted immediately. They passed by while I was at work and left us a quote and were able to squeeze us in a couple days later, the job was done! They were careful and worked around our window coverings, as well as our freshly painted deck ... it's a shame that we are moving away because we'd definitely hire them again and again.”
   - Sabrina

Commercial Customer Testimonials

“Anthony was attentive, as well as very accommodating to the staff and agents. If needed, he would move to a different area so a certain area of the office could be used on short notice. Thank you for your professionalism and super clean windows! Our agents are ALWAYS in awe of how dirty they really were after they were cleaned. See you in the spring!”
   - Amanda R.
“Great crew!!!”
   - Carole H.
   - Giovanna M.
“Great service. Highly recommend.”
   - Whispering Woods
“Quick response when I emailed asking for a quote. Windows look fantastic!!! Thank you.”
   - Ashley E.
“Great job - Scherrer Construction uses Fish Window Cleaning for new construction and remodel projects. It's important to have trusted subcontractors at the end of the job, as there is a lot of stress at the tail end of a project to get things wrapped up for handover. Fish Window Cleaning is easy to work with and accommodates our tight schedules. They do a wonderful job. We would recommend Fish Window Cleaning, absolutely.”
   - Amanda P.
“Our cleaner professional did a thorough cleaning inside and out and knew to go over the windows twice since they were not cleaned for months. We are very satisfied with her work performance.”
   - Holly B.
“Work was done in a professional manner. The cleaners were respectful of our business in that they treated our property well and also minimized disturbances while cleaning inside. Great work. We will continue to do business with Fish Window Cleaning.”
   - Neal K.
“Great work!”
   - Steve R.