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Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach, Gulf Stream, FL
Owner: Mark & Cheryl Haberman

Serving: Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach, Gulf Stream, FL

We're located at:

1600 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Suite 16, Boca Raton FL 33432

Welcome to Fish Window Cleaning of Boca Raton, Highland Beach, Delray Beach, and Gulf Stream!

Contact us at (561) 391-1661

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"Our specialty is giving you perfectly clean windows; and we are ready to serve your business or home.  Our window cleaners are trained to provide the superior customer service you expect in the workplace or the quiet environment of your home.  Window cleaning is our profession.  It’s not just a job we do, and we treat it that way."


We provide cleaning of all types of windows, even the hard to reach ones of your home.  You can rely on Fish Window Cleaning to take the utmost care of your residence as we clean your windows.  We wear fresh shoe covers as we enter your home and use cloth pads under each window as we clean it to protect your carpet and wood floors.  We work quietly and quickly as we move from room to room to cause the least disruption.  We even introduce our team to you before we start cleaning so you know exactly who will be giving your windows a spectacular shine. 


We maintain storefronts and commercial buildings, helping you to achieve a polished look to give your customers a good impression.  We provide cleanings ranging from daily to annually, tailoring our services to the needs of your business.  Regardless of your budget, we can put together a program for you.  We’ve led the industry with a premiere safety program to ensure the protection of our customers, YOUR customers, and our cleaners. We also provide you with the peace of mind that uniformed, bonded, and insured window cleaners will be maintaining the appearance of your business.  

Why have we grown to be the largest window cleaning company in the world?  We offer:

  • Hassle free service
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction
  • Trained and uniformed professionals 
  • Premier safety program
  • State of Florida Office of Supplier Diversity Certified Woman-Owned Business
  • Customized cleaning schedules
  • No contracts to sign
  • We care
  • We show up
We provide the specialized cleaning services you need:
  • Window Cleaning
  • Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Awning Cleaning
  • Chandelier Cleaning
  • Ceiling Fan Dusting
  • Screen Enclosure Cleaning
  • Shower Enclosure Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Skylight Cleaning
  • High Dusting
  • Light Bulb Changing
  • Smoke Detector Battery Changing

Serving: Boca Raton, FL, Highland Beach, FL, Delray Beach, FL and Gulf Stream, FL

Serving these zip codes: 33428, 33431, 33432, 33433, 33434, 33444, 33483, 33486, 33487, 33445, 33498, 33496, 33484, 33446

Let us come by and give you a free on-site estimate.  It would be our pleasure to add you to our list of satisfied customers.  Contact us today at (561) 391-1661.

“I had an excellent experience working with Fish Window Cleaning. Reliable and consistent. I called them with an emergency in a job site and in 45 minutes they were already working on my project. Their customer service exceeded my expectations. OUTSTANDING SERVICE FOR AN EXCELLENT PRICE!!!!“ - Custom Cleaning Management Services
“Kim - Our windows look amazing - Thanks so much! Your staff members are wonderful and detailed and most appreciated. Our gorgeous view looks even better than ever. Thanks again.“ - Chris Pearce
“Thanks for the super job your staff did at my home earlier this week. They really took the time to make sure everything was perfect! I don't remember both names of the gentlemen that were here--one fellow was named Roosevelt--so check your records to make sure they know that I really appreciate their work...“ - Bud Fleisher
“Thanks, the boys did a good job.“ - Melanie Berger
“Thank you for a nice job.“ - John Faber
“Caitlin and Samuel did a great job. Windows look great!“ - Ellen Ryan
“I am calling to give compliments on the work I had done by your company.“ - Jackie Herrenson
“We opened Glimpse Eyewear in October. Kim herself was there the day before we opened to make certain that our windows sparkled! Fish Window Cleaning has been taking care of our windows weekly ever since! The staff is always professional and polite!“ - Karen Pagano, Glimpse
“I have had the great pleasure of meeting Kim several years ago at a networking function through the Boca Chamber of Commerce. Upon first meeting her, I knew instantly that she was someone I wanted to allign myself with. She is passionate about being an entrepreneur and has a positive outlook that is simply contagious. Many of the clients that I work with demand great results...“ - Nick Casamassimo, Personal Home Management
“Great Job! I am very pleased with the services and I would recommend to others.“ - Tonia Rosa
“Thank you so much! Everything was nice and clean when we arrived :)“ - R. Burns
“Excellent job --“ - Gene T.
“Great job! Thank you!“ - Linda Austin
“Samuel and Kyle did a terrific job. Very efficient and courteous.“ - P. Gould
“Great job!“ - Wayne Burack, Director of Facilities, Lynn University
“Your guys are so efficient and they don't miss a beat. They work so well, I have never seen that. . . . You get what you pay for. Your guys are excellent.“ - Paula at Gigi's Attic
“The fellas came out here to do the windows today. I just want to tell you they did an excellent job. And I am very pleased with the work they did. We will reuse your services and also recommend you highly.“ - Lou Olah
“Very Efficient and Professional! Great Results!“ - Frank Stumpo
“You have really blown me away with your level of customer service. Thank you“ - Keli Chatterton
“You all were awesome to deal with ! thanks !! Other services need to take a page out of your book … !!!!“ - A. Mincarelli
“Rebert did an amazing job.“ - Mary Casamassimo, Personal Home Management
“I wanted to tell you I am looking forward to having your company service my windows.“ - Robin Mannes
“It is wonderful I found someone to clean our windows. And I can afford to have it done again sometime.“ - Helga Kurpiers
“Thank you for the compliments! I am most flattered and appreciate your kindness. However, I am most undeserving of the accolade. I am elevated in your eyes only because you allow me to in such a position. I appreciate very much the kind cooperation and support I have received from you and your team as well as the professionalism that is evident in the handling of each assignment...“ - Trevor Spalding, Avid Floor Maintenance
“They did a great job, Kim.“ - Grove Opticians
“Hi Kim, Just wanted to say that I was very pleased with the men you sent out and with the work they did. They were very nice and even recleaned one window that I questioned. My neighbor Pat K. was pleased as well. I hope you will tell the owner of your company. Employees who do good work should be acknowledged...“ - C. Boone
“They did a great job on the chandeliers. TY.“ - Personal Home Management
“Great job! Thanks, saved me time.“ - Anne Gannon
“You guys cleaned our windows last week and I just wanted to say what a great job and you will have repeat customers from me and my friends.“ - Ben Beres
“The guys did a great job.“ - Mark Rixon
“Your cleaner was just here and I wanted to report he did a really nice job.“ - RLC Architects, PA
“Every time your cleaners come, they are always so pleasant and helpful. I like the personalities of who you hire.“ - Joan Schwartz
“I walked in the office and Lisa is so nice. Why aren't more people like her?“ - Betsy S.
“Your cleaners are great, handsome, loyal, and hard workers.“ - T. Quinlan
“The guys were very sweet and very professional. I am very pleased. I will call you again and spread the world.“ - J. Dunnege
“Nice job guys!“ - H & H Endeavors
“Teresa was sweet, thorough, and really helped us out.“ - H & H Endeavors
“Teresa is a hard worker. She is good. Better than the guys.“ - Subway 47319
“Your guys are so polite. I like polite people. I get scared not knowing who is coming in my house. I am going to use you guys again.“ - J. Reissig
“That young man did a marvelous job! I hope he is available next time I get my home cleaned.“ - R. Alvarado
“I am very satisfied. Your guys did a great job. I will recommend you if anybody asks.“ - Burt Sussman
“The cleaners are a great representation of your business.“ - Dr. Gorenberg
“I want to tell you how great Teresa is. She is always upbeat and nice. We like her here.“ - Boca Smile Center
“Nice job, as always.“ - RLC Architects PA
“Kim . . . your guys did a good job. They were professional and courteous. Life is better with clean windows.“ - C. D.
“I want the man who came last time [Rebert] to come again. He is so nice and polite and he does a great job.“ - C. Richardson
“The owner was very happy with the job and the tracks are so much better than they were.“ - Gail Frank Designs
“Teresa was really lovely. I like to share that.“ - Cohen & Sheinker
“I really love the work you guys do.“ - F. Stempo
“The cleaners were very nice and thorough. They were careful on the inside too.“ - J. Zion
“Great job, Great crew!“ - C. Ramsey
“The windows look GREAT!“ - Sylvan Learning Center
“I will be calling you when I am ready. I am so very pleased with the way my windows were cleaned. There are some hard to reach places I wanted done and Laventure was great about doing it.“ - Penny Morey
“Great Job.“ - Personal Home Management
“Excellent job.“ - Personal Home Management
“The girl is awesome. She is great.“ - Chipotle
“Teresa is FABULOUS and I wish we could have her here all the time.“ - Best Wishes of Boca East
“Your receptionist is really, really nice. Wow! I didn't expect that.“ - I. Z.
“The cleaners always smile and wave and let me know when they are done. They are very respectful and professional at all times.“ - The Learning Center Preschool
“Lisa, you are excellent. I am sure the cleaners are as wonderful as you.“ - W. Waterman
“Thank you, Lisa, for billing and keeping the records straight. We owe you. Thank you. Thank you.“ - Casimir Bistro
“I am at the house and I want to say you did a great job. You guys are so nice and so professional.“ - W. Waterman
“I am at the house and I want to say you did a great job. You guys are so nice and so professional.“ - W. Waterman
“Lisa, you are such a lovely lady. Thank you for always working with me. You are sweet.“ - Jody Jack and Company
“We wanted to let you know Teresa pays attention to detail and did a super job! We look forward to seeing her on the job.“ - Leighton Design Group
“I love the guys. They did a great job. Can they clean again in a few months?“ - J. Ressig
“Lisa is very good.“ - Mobile Buusiness Ads
“Those guys are exceptional!“ - F. Mark
“Great Job“ - M. Casamassimo
“Another great job!“ - Personal Home Management
“I work for a national facility maintenance company. I deal with store managers all the time. They always say the job is not done. I KNOW I can count on you to get the job done and get us the paperwork immediately so I can remind them what day you were there, what work you did, and who signed the approval form.“ - Global Facility Maintenance
“Hi, Kim. I wanted to report the kid who did our windows today did a great job. Real polite. He is young with curly hair. [Devin]“ - Petite Connection
“GREAT job :)“ - Fins, Furs, N Feathers
“The guys did a great job... Now I can see out my windows !!! Thank you“ - S. Handley
“Good afternoon, I heard you did a great job with the windows! Thank you!“ - UmbrellaONE
“Great job, Devin! :)“ - Fins, Furs, N Feathers
“Antoine is a hard worker, he is such a gem. He is doing what other cleaners cannot do.“ - T. Quinlan
“Devin and Anthony were on time, polite, and courteous. They did a good job!“ - L. Cohen
“Anthony can come any time!“ - K. Wells
“Great job, again.“ - Personal Home Management
“Great job, again.“ - Personal Home Management
“Very happy--Love the clean windows. Nice young man.“ - M. Camacho
“I went over to the townhouse a few days ago and I just wanted to say that the windows and sliders look amazing!“ - N. Casamassimo
“I just called to tell you that the windows look wonderful. Devin did a great job.“ - D. Sullivan
“I just called to tell you that the windows look wonderful. Devin did a great job.“ - D. Sullivan
“Great job.“ - Steve Charlse Building Design
“I was at the property on Tuesday, and the windows look great.“ - Fairman and Associates
“Thrilled!“ - The Wick Theater
“I am very impressed with Lisa“ - T. Moran
“Devin did a very thorough job.“ - Pure Barre
“Lisa and Kim are surprisingly nice.“ - D. Lausier
“Thx's, Guys, great job“ - H & H Endeavors
“Kim, Thank you for getting this done so fast--they look great--I can see the outside!“ - B. Bodzo
“They did a great job and were very professional.“ - Dunay, Miskel, Backman, and Blattner, P.A.
“I just wanted to tell you you sent over such a nice boy. Thank you. He did much more than I expected. He cleaned the screens and put them back. We thought we would have to do that.“ - H. Toomey
“Most people call to complain and I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to work with you. Doug especially went above and beyond to do a good job. Thank you.“ - M. Berman
“I just called to say that the guys you sent out were very good. They were personable and neat. They did a good job.“ - R. Hoffner
“I have to tell you, Laventure and Josh were just SO nice. Very, very nice. I couldn't get any other cleaners to return my calls and they went right out to the car and got a card for me.“ - Tropic Harbor Association
“You sent over the nicest young man, Daniel, to estimate my house and I want to book it and have him back.“ - C. Strosberg
“The guys did a great job. That Anthony is unbelievable. He is a crackerjack. I am very satisfied with the service and will be recommending you.“ - F. Weisberg
“The guys did an excellent job!“ - V. Burkland
“Doug and Harold were the most professional and thorough window cleaners I have ever had. I would not hesitate to recommend Fish window cleaning to anyone. They cleaned inside and out including the screens and my windows have never looked so sparkling clean. Thank you“ - C. Strosberg
“I just wanted to call to let you know the gentlemen you sent were just here and I am so pleased. It was a very good experience. Chris and Laventure were fast, efficient, and did a great job. I recommended you to my neighbor, I am sure she will call you.“ - R. Leinwand
“Your staff was here yesterday and they were very professional.“ - S. Sandler
“A young lady and gentleman came today to clean the windows in the house and they did a fantastic job. Just wanted to let you know.“ - I. Bennett
“We want Anthony! He does a great job.“ - E. Maerki
“Doug and Reggie just completed the windows. I wanted to give them an excellent report. My windows look perfectly clear, like there is no glass there. I was very pleased with the 2 of them. Very polite. And they did a great job. Thank you for sending them to me. They are a great team.“ - S. Drob
“I want Izzy to clean our windows all the time!“ - Cream
“Crew did a excellent job ! Nice guys as well ..thanks“ - W. Burack
“You're awesome! It's really good to work with you.“ - L. Sutt
“Excellent job. You have a happy customer. I have never had such clean windows before.“ - A. Doyle
“Laventure, I wrote down his name so I wouldn't forget it, was excellent. He was in and out in no time. I was very happy with him. He was neat. He had on those little booties when I opened the door. He was polite and very, very nice. He said he has been with you for over 3 years. Laventure is a keeper, Kim.“ - D. Hurley
“I'm happy. I am very pleased with the service. You are on my very good list.“ - S. Kielmanowicz
“Great job!“ - L. Spenser
“I want to thank you for such good service. They really did a nice job.“ - H. Silberlicht
“I am so happy with the job. Doug was so sweet. My husband and I really like him a lot.“ - L. Spenser
“Good job.“ - Looking Sharp
“The guy that came to the house, Doug, was very nice.“ - R. Bell
“The cleaners did an excellent job. I am very pleased.“ - J. Plotkin
“It was a pleasure to hear your lovely message. It was a sweet reminder.“ - M. Fisher
“Kim, Hi, I wanted to thank you for your time this morning and for sharing with me some excellent ideas as I move through my job search- your kindness really touched me today and its nice to know that people are willing to help each other out in this day and age. Appreciate your time again and have a wonderful day:0) LJ“ - LJ
“GREAT job!“ - Spodak Dental Group
“You cleaned my home about a month ago and I just wanted to say great job. Great job. A+. I want to thank you so much for the great job your guys did and for the referrals.“ - C. Wender
“I just wanted to call to tell you that Doug did a great job.“ - C. Andre
“The cleaners did a wonderful job, they were delightful. I am very happy with the service and will tell my neighbors when they come down.“ - A. Mosalm
“They did a very good job. Thank you.“ - B. Hepgur
“I want the guy [Anthony] back that I had last time. He is a student. He was very good.“ - C. Oster
“My sister said to use you guys. She was very happy with Anthony.“ - M. Fisher
“Your cleaner did a wonderful job. Anthony is a fine young man. My neighbors saw him working and I told them, "Fish is the place to go."“ - K. Harntnett
“Laventure did a fantastic job.“ - R. Bennett
“Hi Mrs. Canavan. I want to thank you for the great job your crew did yesterday at our house in Delray! We are really impressed and will be sure to recommend your firm! Thank you very much!“ - B. Antic
“The guy you sent was a doll. He was really, really nice.“ - P. Goodnow
“CK did an excellent job. He is very polite, very courteous and he gets right on with the job. His is a very nice young man.“ - E. Riggs
“Anthony is an extremely nice young man. Your cleaners are very, very nice and did a fine job.“ - L. Horn
“Very nice job on the windows today thank you.“ - Lynn University
“You did such a great job!“ - D. Tahali
“I so appreciate that you try to create happiness for all. This is how everyone should be.“ - M. Kaiser
“Best crew yet! CK came to the door simply to let me know they were there. That was nice. I could prepare for them before they came inside.“ - D. West
“Great job right from the moment I opened the door. There was NO TRACE that cleaners had been in my home--EXCEPT I had clean windows. Marvelous!“ - K. Canavan
“Very good job.“ - S. Nilsen
“I just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the guys who cleaned yesterday.“ - A. Rothman
“They did a really great job.“ - Marion Fazio State Farm
“They were awesome.“ - Magnolia Veterinary Clinic
“Good crew!“ - S. Church
“These guys did a super duper job. I didn't even know who to call until I saw Doug. We have been looking for somebody for a while. These guys were really thorough especially on the outside where all the dirt is. They were very nice and respectful gentlemen. Thank you.“ - S. Ritsos
“Doug and Izzy are really awesome guys. Doug always has a smile on his face and is so polite. They have great attitudes. You guys are the best. Please contact me again for my next clean, no need to go anywhere else.“ - P. Paolino
“This guy Doug is a winner. I am not used to this kind of responsibility in South Florida. He dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's as if it was his own house.“ - P. Paolino
“The young guys were just here. They were so hardworking! They even got off the stains from the sprinkler. Easy. In/Out. Clean. Very Happy.“ - C. Shutan
“Doug just cleaned our windows. FABULOUS! Oh my goodness! We had another company. Oh what a difference! UNBELIEVABLE! I am so happy. Doug is a really nice man.“ - Paper Chase
“Thank you. They did a fantastic job.“ - Schmidt Family Foundation
“I just wanted to let you know that Doug just left and he was FANTASTIC. He gave a great quote. We had him clean right away, and he had to find the water to do it. He was professional, polite, and he never pressured. He just told me the options and I could decide. This was an excellent experience.“ - Illustrated Properties
“Izzy and John were GREAT!!!“ - B. Gunning
“Give Izzy a raise!“ - B. Gunning
“Izzy makes me smile!“ - hoy p'loy nail emporium
“The cleaners did a great job. I gave them both $20 tips. I will call again in 6 months for them to come back.“ - A. Braithwaite
“EXCELLENT JOB!“ - N. Waldman
“DID BEST JOB!“ - Mail N More Postal Store
“great job!! quick service!“ - Spodak Dental Group
“I didn't realize that you were that fabulous! You all are great! Thank you.“ - E. Maerki
“This is refreshing! Thank you for doing what you say you are going to do.“ - L. Wolff
“We had Doug for the first time today, and he was SO thorough and paid so much attention to detail- our windows have never looked better!“ - A. Boothe
“I love you. You gave me a GOOD JOB!“ - M. Frydman
“You sent over the most well-mannered young men I have ever been around. They said "please" and "thank you" so easily. I am used to just being answered with a grunt, if I am lucky. Thank you!“ - Personal Home Management
“Michael is charming! Exactly the kind of person I am comfortable allowing in my home.“ - D. West
“Doug came to my home to do a free estimate. He was courteous and friendly. He cleaned my windows the same day. I was very pleased with the quality of his work. I would recommend Fish window Cleaning.“ - J. Allen
“We had Alberto cleaning the windows for the first time today and he was so great! Very polite and did a wonderful job on the windows and mirrors.“ - Pure Barre
“Great job.“ - Liberty Tax
“Amazing job! Thank you so much Kim and your team!“ - T. Mazer
“Do I need to repeat myself?? OK!! What a fantastic job! Thanks Kim!“ - T. Mazer
“You are the same person as the voice mail message. You are so upbeat, you make me want to do business with you. A lot of people should take a cue from that.“ - K. Beck
“I come in contact with A LOT of people. There are not a lot of nice ones out there. Mike is a sweetheart. I just want you to know he is very good at customer service.“ - Dr. John G Westine, MD
“Michael did a VERY good job.“ - K. Toth
“The guys did a great job!“ - R. Bennett
“Izzy did an amazing job! Thank you!“ - Starbucks
“GREAT JOB!!“ - Spodak Dental Group
“Beverly is really very sweet.“ - J. Anhalt
“Awesome, awesome, just awesome. Your guys are so nice and amazing.“ - J. Anhalt
“I would love to see you as president of Comcast. Or better yet 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. You are really a doll. You took a bad situation and turned it right around. I am very appreciative. Thank you.“ - J. Anhalt
“We love Eddie and would like to request Eddie the next time we have service.“ - Muse A Hair Salon
“The guys did a wonderful job. Even fed them. Very happy with the guys and the job they did.“ - D. Steuerman
“Your young man did a great job today.“ - K. Wells
“The gentleman did a very nice job, very thorough.“ - J. LaSalle
“Izzy does a great job. His is always so sweet and does an excellent job. He goes above and beyond to make us happy.“ - West Boca Veterinary Center
“These guys are great! Thanks!“ - L. Zackon
“Awesome job as usual!“ - L. Carlet
“The cleaners did an excellent job and they were very friendly.“ - M. Bouchard
“Eddie was so nice and polite. He was terrific. He took his time and was clean and neat. Great kid.“ - E. Maerki
“We had Izzy clean. He does a great job and is very nice. He should come by more often!“ - Goodwill Boca Boutique & Donation Center
“Brian Bober did a great job!“ - F. Weisberg
“I just called to say what a charming young man Stephen is and what and excellent job he did.“ - W. Mitchell
“Our CFO of the company was so impressed with your billing. I told him you were an Honest Woman. He probably will be reaching out to you personally and our other offices. Just wanted to share. Have a Great Friday and Weekend!“ - Legacy Bank
“Great job as usual!“ - L. Carlet
“The guys were very pleasant and nice to work with. Did a great job!“ - E. Natrillo
“Hi Kim: Your guys did a fantastic job at our house today. I want to get us on your schedule on a recurring basis. What time frame do you recommend for a house on the Intracoastal? Thank you.“ - LF Style
“Very impressed with the cleaners and the job they did. They did a great job!“ - J.C
“Glad Izzy is back!“ - Fins, Furs n Feathers
“Very nice job.“ - J. Allen
“Kim, thank you for getting the windows done so quickly. You are amazing. We really do appreciate it.“ - Personal Home Management
“Cleaners were so nice and efficient. Very polite. Very pleased.“ - E. Duberstein
“Your guys were were today and they did a really nice job, especially Daniel. What a gentleman! What a treat to meet a young man like that! Both cleaners were very good. They were so clean; they cleaned up after themselves nicely.“ - A. Braithwaite
“Great job!“ - C. Spodak
“Very nice.“ - S. Tennison
“Danny is the sweetest! He really worked hard.“ - Cohen Fashion Optical
“They did a great job!“ - M. Allen
“Danny and Michael did a great job. I have them an extra tip. I will ask for them the next time!“ - G. Borczyk
“Danny was great! He took his time and made sure the windows were spotless. Send him again next time.“ - Paper Chase
“Danny represents your company well.“ - C. Denahan
“Your guys did a great job on the windows.“ - L. Blasi
“Everybody was very professional. The windows are so clean my parents are afraid they will walk into them! We can't say enough good things. We will be calling again!“ - C. Denahan
“The lady who answers the phone, Beverly, has a lovely accent!“ - J. Barmby
“The cleaners were very professional. I am pleased with the work.“ - C. Huergo
“The guys did a wonderful job.“ - A. Martinez
“Hermann was GREAT! He absolutely saved the day. You should give Hermann an extra tip. I gave him one.“ - F. Weisberg
“I just wanted to let you know the cleaners did a fantastic job. They were kind and very thorough. Thank you.“ - K. Murdock
“They did a great job on my windows! They look awesome!“ - B. Johnson
“Jeff was just here. He's a sweetheart! He is so cute!“ - Deborah James
“Please mark on my account that I really like Jeff and Sarah. They did a really good job.“ - Z. Greenberg
“Doug did a really great job.“ - J. McLaughlin
“Jeff did a really great job.“ - J. McLaughlin
“Did Great Job!“ - Boca Box Company
“The guys did a FANTASTIC job. They really did. I am very pleased. Jeff is a complete perfectionist. It is rare these days to get someone who is a perfectionist. Send Jeff and Wayne again.“ - M. Allen
“You guys are top notch. You do a great job.“ - Toscans North
“Great job on the windows! We can see again!“ - Artist Guild Gallery
“The windows look beautiful we are so pleased.“ - Artist Guild Gallery
“The windows look great by the way! Thank you.“ - ACL Cleaning Systems
“Good Job!“ - T. Aboud
“The cleaners are doing a nice job!“ - J. Rosenzweig
“Do you know how we found out about you? You were referred by a friend and the person who referred us said EVERYBODY uses you.“ - M. Hali
“The cleaners did a very nice job on the chandeliers. Thank you for recommending Jorge. I am very pleased. I will be calling again.“ - S. Packer
“I wanted to tell you I am very pleased. The cleaners you sent were very professional and did a great job. They were pleasant to work with.“ - R. Hoffner
“The cleaners were wonderful, very thorough and very pleasant.“ - S. Tabakin
“Always a great job at a fair price!“ - CJM Communities
“The guys were wonderful and did a fantastic job. See you in 2019!“ - T. Carpino
“The guys did a REALLY GOOD job! I gave them a $40 tip. Thanks!“ - S. Goodwin for W. Binnie
“I was talking with my girlfriend and she is happy to hear about you. It is hard to get the on-top-of-it kind of attitude that you give. So we need to share this information when we can!“ - N. Newman
“The guys did a great job!“ - Sally J Interiors
“The cleaner did a great, careful job.“ - L. Minster
“Very happy and thank you - will be calling again.“ - Marjorie A.
“Great job!“ - Tom M.
“Excellent job, Mark. Windows look beautiful. I will use them again for sure. Very professional. Highest recommendation.“ - Hassim A.
“Very polite and professional workers.“ - Barbara P.
“Great job. Nice guy. Super happy!“ - Joe C.

Customer Pledge of Satisfaction

We pledge to provide the highest value in window cleaning service. We will deliver superior service to every customer, every time.

We know the level of service we provide enhances the quality image of our customers. Clean windows can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home, and it can be an essential element in the appearance of your business. Whether at work or at home, you can rest assured that your windows will be cleaned by an insured and bonded professional window cleaner.

We can also clean your gutters, mirrors, ceiling fans, and more. When you choose FISH, you won’t have to deal with the headache of those hard to reach spots or 3rd story windows. You will also have the benefit of custom scheduling plans, and we accept all major credit cards. Let the nation’s leader in window cleaning brighten your world today!