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Construction Clean-Up Services

Fish Window Cleaning Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Two-phased approach:
  • First Phase Complete Construction Cleaning ("Rough Clean")
  • Second Phase Pre-Opening "Touch Up" Cleaning ("Final Clean")
First Phase Complete Construction Cleaning usually includes:
  • Removing heavy debris from glass - paint overspray, caulk, and silicone
  • Thoroughly cleaning the glass once the debris is removed
  • Wiping window and door frames around the glass
  • Pressure washing building areas including the structure, sidewalks, and concrete pads
  • Cleaning any high vents, returns, and light fixtures
Second Phase Pre-Opening "Touch Up" Cleaning includes:
  • Routine window cleaning - cleaning glass and wiping sills
  • Final walk through with customer to ensure job is complete
Other services can also be added:
  • Parking lots
  • Janitorial services
  • Awnings
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