Arlington, MA, Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville, Belmont, Watertown, Chestnut Hill
Owner: Andrew Winig

Serving: Arlington, MA, Cambridge, Brookline, Somerville, Belmont, Watertown, Chestnut Hill

We're located at:

26 Dudley St, Arlington MA 02476

Residential Customer Testimonials

“Great service - thank you!”
   - James B.
“Our cleaners were efficient, quiet, courteous, and did a very good job. I would definitely use this service again.”
   - Virginia D.
“They were great, thank you”
   - Mark B.
“Super nice Very effective teamwork Also, they were very kind to an elderly person who was staying with us. We Really appreciated that.”
   - Judith R.
“It is amazing what I can see out of my newly cleaned windows! Phil - Please pass my compliments on to Steve, Steve and Frank for the work well done yesterday at 17 xxxx Street. It is a pleasure to look out of these windows, despite the rain. The Fish crew was polite, on time, and willing to explain to me what they were doing and why, which I appreciated.”
   - Elinore C
“Just a brief note of appreciation for the degree of competence and professionalism that your employees, George and Norberto, recently displayed when they took on the arduous task of washing my windows. The care and attention that these two men brought to the job was remarkable given that it was probably the hottest day in August, so far! I would recommend your service and your company unreservedly to anyone.”
   - Joseph McCarthy
“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Erin & Justin are delighted - said the windows look "FANTASTIC!" and they truly appreciate your helping get this done - our photo shoot is tomorrow and even if it is pouring at least the windows will be crystal clear!!!! Thanks so much... YOU ROCK!”
   - Tamela Roche, Realtor
“I just want to thank you for the amazing job your guys did here today at Drake. John and [Bobby] were professional, courteous, did an exceptional job, and were just all around wonderful. Everyone is thrilled with them and the work they did!”
   - Mariann
“I have never had such a nice, hardworking crew do such a good job! The windows sparkle and I am very pleased.”
   - Orian G.

Commercial Customer Testimonials

“You have the best and most professional people I've had clean my store. Please come every week.”
   - Fred
“Your window cleaner is wonderful. He is personable and reliable and he does a great job.”
“[The window cleaning service] is quick and easy and I don't have to think about it. It's one of the few things in my business that just magically happens.”