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We clean awnings too!

Awnings add both color and dimension to any store front as well as provide shade, and convert otherwise hot and sunny areas into comfortable usable spaces. As useful as awnings are, you should not overlook properly maintaining them.
Awnings require regular cleanings and can become stained and discolored without them. Cloth awnings should be cleaned with a low pressure system and proper chemicals quarterly or semiannually at a minimum to remove dirt, mildew, and bird droppings. Pressure washing is never acceptable for any awning cleaning, as it can stretch the fabric, put excessive stress on seems, and even rip the fabric itself. Pressure washing will also void most warrantees that come with the awnings.

From the factory, most cloth awnings come with a protective seal coating which repels water as well as most of the dirt which comes in contact with it. Unfortunately this protective coating has a limited shelf life that diminishes more quickly with poor environment such as overhead vegetation, heavy mineral off run, and acid rain erosion. After cleaning the awnings, we can reapply fresh sealant which will protect and help bring out the color of your awnings, and lasts up to a year.
Keep in mind, once you have let awnings go to a certain point, you will never get them back to looking as good as they used to.
Vinyl awnings, while more resilient than cloth awnings should be cleaned as well to remove accumulated dirt and bird droppings.