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CONGRATULATIONS! You have taken the first step to a GREAT JOB!!!

If you would spend 3 to 5 minutes reading this, most of your questions will be answered. 

Fish Window Cleaning is the largest window cleaning company in the world.

We became the largest by taking a great idea and duplicating it throughout the country. Each operation is franchised so it is locally owned, which means there are no corporate bean counters telling you how to do your job. We don't work in the evenings or most weekends because our owners have families, and just like you, they choose to spend more time with their families than working. 

Because of the work that you have done in the past, you can be successful at window cleaning. As you drive from job to job, you will be meeting and dealing with different people every day. Your knowledge of finding locations and demeanor with people will be your greatest assets as a window cleaner. There is no stress and our normal workweek runs from Monday through Friday, starting from 7:00 to 8:00 AM and ending between 3:00 to 4:00 PM. The salary is commissioned, so you get to earn as much as you can clean, and everybody has dirty glass.

If you want a great job, you need to possess the following qualifications:
  • Own a dependable and respectable vehicle with proper insurance
  • Have a valid driver's license
  • Be able to work independently 
  • Have a respectable appearance
  • Be accountable and dependable 
Some of the benefits of working here at FISH are:
  1. Reasonable hours to enjoy family and personal time
  2. No direct management because in the field, you are on your own
  3. We provide uniforms after you purchase your first one so that you'll know what to wear to work every day
  4. Professional atmosphere
  5. Best and most respected company in the industry
  6. Friendly competition
  7. Rewards and recognition for a job well done
  8. Earnings potential of $12 - $30 per hour after training
  9. Concern for employee well-being with weekly safety meetings
  10. Performance bonuses and mileage compensation
  11. Advancement in the company
  12. Sales commissions for referrals
You will have a paid two-week training program ($12.00 per hour) that progresses you into making the type of salary that you want to make. It also pays a bonus and additional incentives. You can earn $12 - $30 an hour after training.

If this sounds good to you, click on this link to fill out an online application: https://www.wantagreatjob.com/?lid=1180 

Please do not email or call us directly. You must fill out an application at the link above to be considered for the position.

After you apply, you will receive a call to schedule an interview.

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